Top Best Demonoid Alternatives to get Torrent Files

Best Demonoid Alternative Torrent Sites to Search for Your Favorite File in Seconds, with this Working New Torrent Sites.

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and one of the stringiest trackers at that. Apart from being a BitTorrent tracker, it is also a website where files can be shared. These files that are shared usually consist of legal ones where vital matter can be imported or exported. Legal discussions can be scheduled here in maintained discussion rooms. This function is imperative for individuals who are dedicated to government businesses.

Apart from conducting discussions on this platform, Demonoid has been equipped with maintaining a searchable index for the tracker. It is absolutely crucial to keep the index of the tracker because of the legality aspect. Demonoid does not tolerate the illegal sharing of files and inappropriate content (pornographic content), or any kind of legal breaches. For this reason, maintaining the credibility of the index of the tracker is a fundamental function.

Since this tracker features the RSS, it is inevitable that there will be a few political breeches. Anything crude against the government that is shared via these files and the daily discussions that take place on the website needs to be tracked and taken down.

Due to these legal and political dilemmas, the site has seen various instances where its content or itself has been taken down. Additionally, the uncertainty of using this website also comes from the reports of Deimos, the founder of Demonoid, passing away in 2018. Since then, this website has been discouraged from being used. For this purpose, there are several alternative sites to Demonoid which can be used. In this article, we have covered 20 of these alternative sites, so you don’t have a problem continuing your web related activities.

The Pirate Bay
Sumo Torrent

Best Sites Like Demonoid Torrents

Here is a list of best alternatives to Demonoid that could fulfill its requirement.

These sites offer you with the best possible service that you will love to have on your go:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a torrent website contributed by the users. It has a considerable index full of digital stuff related to entertainment, software, and more. It allows users to explore, download, and even contribute to the community. You can easily find a bunch of games, movies, music, books, and so much extra. It features a separate browse function, which lets you look for all broad categories and sub-categories.

Pirate Bay is further considered as the leading platform for providing the free torrent file and magnet links. The giant search engine facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing when introduced to any BitTorrent Client. However, the only downfall of the website is, it doesn’t provide users with meta links. So, in case a user tries to download any torrent, they are forced to download it directly.

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2. IsoHunt


isoHunt is a web-based index of torrent files with a massive collection of data, covering all major categories. Not only searching and downloading, but you can also upload your own torrent files here. There are no restrictions on how much you surf or download; it is an entirely open platform. Perhaps, isoHunt counts among the most popular BitTorrent Search Engine.

Apart from that, isoHunt provides a unique system to create torrent files and then share it with others. This feature is indeed found to be very useful, and therefore it made its way to become the torrent providers of a universal level.


3. Torrent Rover

Torrent Rover is another excellent place to find some free torrent files. It comes with a pretty simple user-interface that makes searches even more comfortable. You can effortlessly search for torrents from the main window, no matter whatever you are looking for. Unlike other services, you can switch between the advanced and straightforward view here.

Torrent Rover is designed, keeping in mind about a risk-free unified interface to do searches. It is among the leading torrent downloader services that offer you endless lists of music, movies, games, software, etc. However, it only helps you find and download the torrent file and no other linked contents. Moreover, with extended configurations and sets of plugins, you can now search, manage, and download torrents seamlessly.


4. BTJunkie

BT Junkie is a refined website for searching torrent files online. The website uses a web crawler that helps search for more results from other torrent sources. It is similar to all other torrent search engines but provides you with more options. With around 4million torrents, BT Junkie has a considerably larger index. Moreover, it is regularly updated with 4,200 new torrents.

It asks for no registration, so; the process seems very straightforward. Simply visit the site, search whatever you want, and hit enter. It will showcase all results relating to your keyword.  Additionally, BT Junkie indexes both public as well as private trackers along with an automated web crawler. So, do a quick search for all your favorite movies, music, games, etc. and you will have your content in no time. What else could you ask for?


5. Yify Torrents

Yify Movies

Yify Torrents, also known as YTS, is a trendy torrent downloader. It has a massive index of millions of torrent movie files. The Yify contents are well-known for their HD quality videos available in considerably smaller file sizes. This unique character of the Yify materials drove more and more traffic.

Since the YTS only delivers you with movies, you shouldn’t consider it for games or other stuff. The unique thing about Yify is, it provides you with the latest releases in high-quality resolution. So, if you are a movie-watcher, you must give it a try.


6. TorrentKing

Yet another search engine dedicated to movie searches. In fact, it is among the leading platforms to search for movie torrent files. Torrent King allows you to search for movies and offers free downloads. In addition, the index seems to be so large that you can expect movies of any genre or category.

Torrent King provides several custom filters for you to do easy searches. You can describe what exactly you are looking for, by putting specific filters. Some of the highlighted features of the service include simple UI, multiple categories, night mode, and free content. Perhaps, Torrent king is probably the best place to look for movie torrent files.


7. 1337X | Torrent Search Engine

1337X is a web-based platform where you can find an entire directory of torrents. Not only torrent file but also magnet links along with peer-to-peer file sharing, you get everything in one place. You can either stream any torrent file online or download it permanently. Moreover, it was considered to be the 3rd most popular website to provide free torrents in 2018.

The magnet links further allow visitors to download any particular torrent file using a torrent client or other download manager. Interestingly, 1337X offers all valid torrent files regarding every broad topic like software, music, movies, anime, and so on. On top of that, 1337X focuses on better ways of doing searches rather than just holding on to the same old search bar.


8. Invite Scene

Invite Scene is most probably the finest platform where you can buy, sell, trade, or look for free torrents. It is a complete package of solutions that comes with exclusive features and tools, satisfying all your requirements. However, you have to sign up with your email and other essential credentials to leverage its services.

After you successfully log in to your account, you can now access all its features and services. It has a lot to explore, including a private messenger of yours. Furthermore, the interface looks pretty impressive with the dark theme in addition to gradient texts. Compared to the others on the list, Invite Scene is way better. It protects your privacy, and the elite members even help your join the secret culbs and communities.


9. LimeTorrents

limetorrents alternative

Lime Torrents can be a better option when it comes to movies, games, TV shows, and more. This one is a verified site with a super simple user interface and advanced search feature. You can make even easier searches via the top torrents and trending torrent categories.

Unlike others, it is a completely independent search engine that does not host content from other sources. Instead, Lime Torrent provides you with their own content or those contributed by users. As a result, you can expect more compelling and adult free content. If you are interested in being a contributor, you can always create an account and share your torrent files on the server.


10. Torrentz

Torrentz is the biggest torrent search engine available on the internet. It has over billions of collection of torrents from a wide range of sources. Of course, it is not an independent platform, and that actually its strongest point. It comes with the most straightforward user interface consisting of just a search bar.

You can search for anything you want via keywords. It will display endless results from different sources. Additionally, you can even make contributions by uploading your torrent files and sharing with others. Besides, it lets you save your torrent’s list online so that you can download them afterward.


11. Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent is worth mentioning because of the quality of the content it provides. It is now a recognized torrent server that offers all valid torrent files to its visitors. The site is earned quick popularity for providing top-rated leeches and seeds. Sumo Torrent is very close to making into the list of 1000 most visited web pages on the web.

Moreover, it also acts like a downloader, which further helps you download any torrent files to your PC. The best part, it repairs all defected torrents via auto repair system before you download them. However, the quantity might be a significant issue, but it comes nowhere near when it comes to quality. The fact that SUMOtorrent provides the most top-rated and compelling content which drives more traffic to the website.


12. Torrenthounds

Torrenthound is one of the most widely-used torrent providers on the internet. With a considerable index consisting of thousands and thousands of torrents, you will never run out of option again. It receives regular updates that allow users to explore new stuff every day.

Get any movies, music, games, software, eBook with easy search through torrenthounds. Moreover, it comes with its own torrent client, which is free to download. This means you can now download any torrent files using the torrenthound client rather than using any other.  This unique thing makes it to be a universal level torrent provider.


13. Nyaa

Nyaa is a Japanese torrent provider recognized by BitTorrent. This torrent provider actually deals with all anime movies. So, if you are an anime lover, Nyaa is definitely something worth you. Here, you can find all types of anime movies, regardless of any category or genre.

The site even contains adult anime movies too. It is further considered to provide you with an extensive collection of anime. Apart from this, you can also find music, pictures, software, etc. However, most part of the service is filled with anime content anyway. Users can upload their own torrent files to make contributions to the server.


14. BitSnoop


BitSnoop is one of the leading torrent trackers of more than 24 million torrent files. For this reason, it has an extensive database where these torrent files are exchanged. At present, in addition to the 24 million torrent files, it also operates another 300 sites every single day. The operation under BitSnoop is based on a peer-to-peer transaction, which means there are more than 100 files being exchanged in a day. The best part of BitSnoop is that it only transfers the files if they are valid.

Since all the files exchanged are valid on this site, there are no legal or political interventions. It is purely based on legal, valid information. BitSnoop makes sure that the files that have reached you have enough valid seeds for you to download it on your device. Most of these files are supported for downloading, and this is why BitSnoop is such a popular torrent site and is widely used.


15. EZTV

With this torrent site, you can help in facilitating file sharing among BitTorrent users. You need to contribute torrent files and magnet links that facilitate P2P communication. This contribution takes place through searching, downloading, and sharing these links with your peers. It is a simple peer to peer operation. This operation takes place via TV. Yes, it is a TV torrent distribution site. It is quite simple to use because of its sorted and minimalist interface, which comes with tools and necessary features. All you need is present in this toolbox.

Its interface is navigation friendly, which means that you can search for your favorite movie torrent file and download it without any limitation. And, yes, it is completely safe. EZTV makes sure that the available files shared, downloaded, and distributed are all valid ones. There is no space for any invalid file or folder. New advanced level search boxes are included where you put in the name of the movie you want to watch, and a dropbox appears with all names of movies, and you just have to choose one. The EZTV torrent does not require you to register separately for you to reap the benefits of this torrent site. It is entirely free of cost.



Founded in the year 2008, this is a popular search index and torrent website which facilitates peer to peer connection via sharing files and content to download. It popularly uses the monotonous BitTorrent protocol. It is definitely an impressive site where valid and primary Torrent files can be downloaded. RARBG does not allow invalid Torrent files to be transferred and used.

Coming to the interface of this site, it is absolutely necessary to acknowledge the simplicity and effectiveness.

Multipurpose serving, it makes it a lot easier for you to pick the file or movie you want to watch. Its search index has been effectively sharpened and perfected for this purpose. However, there is a downside to this. It contains a lot of interruptions while downloading or watching the file in the form of advertisements. However, the efficiency of the site and its free access compensates for this. It definitely saves up on a lot of time to find the correct content that you wish to view.


17. BTDigg

Decentralization and Unity are two of the essential properties that characterize BTDigg and what it is known for. It is an entirely legal system with valid files. Except for private spaces, it allows you to search anything inside and outside of torrent search. This is the decentralized aspect of BTDigg. This site has got nothing analogs as a cause of its unique properties. It traces the DHT network along with some real-time support.

Moreover, it is indefinitely facilitated to provide you with a full-text search box and provides you with the definitive results in Asian and European languages with a very active server. It is not a tracker or a storage system. BTDigg is solely equipped with collecting the file services and file names that are exchanged to maintain a track record. Crisp, efficient homepage with a search box that provides you with all the recent data files.


18. Toorgle Torrent Search Engine

The primary reason for this site’s popularity is vested in the fact that it has been powered by Google. Toorgle is an online search engine that has a search bar designed just like Google with a variety of search options, which will give you access to different files like videos, documentaries, movies, music, etc. Basically, it is almost like a replica of Google, only a Torrent version.

It searches for over 450 torrent websites to optimize your search index, so you can have a friendly user experience. You can easily add the Facebook option to the other 55,000,000 torrent indexes to optimize your search.

Obviously, only legal torrent files can make it through, and there is no space for invalid files.


19. Torrentz2

This is a simplified metasearch engine that is equipped in helping you download all types of digital content files like movies, videos, games, software, etc. The best part about this Torrent site is that it combines a lot of other search indexes to provide you with the largest database for your search from which you can choose the best one.

It offers more than 61 million torrents, and that is undoubtedly a vast number to imagine.


20. Library Genesis

As the name goes, Library Genesis, also known as Libgen, is a simple yet effective search engine torrent. It allows you to access articles and ebooks on various topics that you can download on your device. It contains millions of ebooks and articles which you can access for free under LibGen. The navigation procedure here is simple and allows you to access any kind of article and ebook that you require by browsing it.


From Editor’s Desk

These alternatives to Demonoid have been provided with the aim to diverge you from using Demonoid because of its current uncertain position. Hopefully, this guide has been successful in aiding you to find trustable alternatives to Demonoid where you can continue your usual activities without any interruptions.

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