7 Best Eco-Friendly Living Apps for Android

Here is the List of Some of the Best Free Eco-Friendly Living Apps for Android with No Plastic and Pollution Free Home.

More people have started using eco-friendly resources in order to conserve energy and preserve the environment. In many ways, it also saves a lot of money. However, it isn’t easy to go green and live sustainably as things aren’t always getting easier, but there are bundle of apps that can assist you to live a Eco-Friendly life at your home premises.

As technology is advancing with time, more greener innovations are being launched for living an eco-friendly life. On the other hand, smartphones have now become a part of our daily lives, and you can use your smartphone to make eco-friendly decisions.

Read this article to find out about the best free Android apps for eco-friendly living.

1. JouleBugJouleBug

JouleBug is one of the best apps available on this list for making your everyday habits more sustainable. You can discover how you and others around you could use resources without actually using them. The app will give you points for performing tasks like cycling instead of driving or using reusable bags while shopping.

The app is designed in a way to organize sustainability tips into actions that buzz in the app when you do them in real life. You can also follow your friends and motivate them by sharing what you did to make a difference in the field. Join local communities that help you track your impact career stats for more sustainable news, limited-edition actions, and badges using the app.

JouleBug offers more localized content on how to find sustainable initiatives and learn more about each action using stats and videos. You can also easily discover various new actions by browsing through categories and adding photos to any buzz.

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2. Eco Life HacksEco Life Hacks

Eco Life Hacks is the best app to evaluate your carbon footprint and reduce it using its 100% eco-friendly life hacks. The app offers you various simple ecological tips that help you save and even earn money. There are around 300 life hacks available on the app that will help you lead an eco-friendly life.

You can learn different tips and tricks to reduce your carbon footprint using video tutorials available to stream through the app. Also, you can take part in ecological meetups, conferences, and talks and learn about zero-waste products and how you can get rid of non-biodegradable waste.

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3. CiclogreenCirclogreen

Ciclogreen offers social commitments in order to reduce pollution and motivate people towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The app aims to reduce the impact of climate change on the environment by offering its users free premiums every time they use sustainable transport. You can collect cycle points by traveling using alternative transport and exchange them for discounts and gifts from its rewards catalog.

Using the application to walk, run or cycle through the city could be your best motivator to reduce your carbon footprint, win rewards and stay fit. And if sometimes you don’t feel like doing some physical exercisesYou also have the option to pool a car or use public transport to win premiums.

All you need to do is open the app and select the type of activity you will be doing or what sustainable vehicle you are planning to use. Start the activity by pressing the play button and collect cycle points by completing your sustainable trips. After you have finished your trips, press stop and save your activity in your profile.

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4. Clean EarthClean Earth

The Clean Earth Project is an app specifically designed to track and monitor the amount of carbon you reduce to save the planet. The app aims to encourage people to become eco-friendly by providing a progress report based on their actions and initiatives to reduce waste. It also helps create eco-friendly habits until they become a lifestyle for you.

You can also check how many disposable items you have avoided and how much greenhouse gas emissions you have reduced by using environmentally friendly items. The app makes you choose more sustainable alternatives and make them your daily habit to save the planet.

The app offers a customized approach to identifying more efficient ways of waste management. You can understand the detailed processes regarding recycling and disposal solutions in detail using the video lectures available on the app. Download the app if you also want to make a difference.

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5. GreenDayGreenDay

GreenDay is an online marketplace that offers the largest and most unique selection of eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced items from conscious and responsible merchants. It’s the biggest online eco-friendly marketplace where people learn healthy lifestyle tips and participate in sustainably related activities and games. This is a smarter way to purchase eco-friendly goods offered by this app.

You can shop for yourself, your friends, and your family and buy them something that has meaning and helps reduce carbon footprints. The app allows you to purchase and earn rewards by browsing through meaningful products and enjoying savings upon checkout. The app also features a playground with a distinct combination of fun entertainment and educational options, including virtual workshops and games.

You can also join the eco-conscious community through GreenDay. Upon joining the community, you will learn tips to better health and wellness, experiences with sustainable living, fun stuff, healthy recipes, etc.

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6. The Planet AppThe Planet App

The Planet App allows you to live more sustainably and protect the planet. Using this app, you can learn carbon-conscious habits and receive daily tips on reducing your carbon footprint. The app allows you to take action against climate change and learn to live a sustainable lifestyle.

The app lets you know about your CO2 emission stats in four different categories: lifestyle, food, home, and transport. Daily tips are also offered by the app to help you maintain your habits and check the air quality in your area. You can also track your daily achievements and join the community to save the planet.

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7. Climate GameClimate Game

The climate game is designed in a way that helps people understand their day-to-day carbon footprint. The app could be very useful on your journey towards sustainability. You can also track and reduce your everyday carbon footprint by learning valuable lessons from this game.

The game offers players the power to influence climate change events and learn about how they affect the cities and towns. You can also collect points for tracking and analyzing your progress to identify the categories in which you need improvement. The game allows you to create a vibrant ecosystem and collect biodiversity rewards for sustainable choices.

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These were the best free apps for eco-friendly living. Every app among these has unique qualities. Do let us know which of the abovementioned apps you will try.

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