15 Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android

Best Free Anime Streaming Apps for Android to Watch Best of Japanese Shows, Series, and Movies on your Android Mobile.

Anime content is especially loved for its unpredictable and imaginative concepts and excellent storylines. Today, there has been a massive increase in the number of anime fans worldwide. They create a variety of content, and the most impressive part is the diversity in their characters, which drives everyone’s attention regardless of age. However, most anime fans still lack a reliable platform for anime streaming.

Thousands of Anime Movies and Shows are produced in Japan every year, many of which place a place in people’s hearts. People eagerly wait for the release of new episodes. Watching Anime is great leisure for millions of people worldwide. With the Apps below, you can watch all the popular manga, including Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Death Note, Pokemon, and other ongoing shows

If you can also relate to this issue, there here is what you need for seamless, uninterrupted online anime streaming. Below we have listed some of the best Anime apps that will provide you with the best-ever experience. While some of them come for free, some include a paid subscription plan as well. So, you can make your wisest choice depending on your requirements.

Best Anime Streaming Apps

Here are the Best Free Anime Streaming Apps to Watch Japanese Animation on your Mobile

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is considered one of the top-notch platforms for watching Anime. The App is entirely dedicated to Anime streaming only and contains a tremendous index of anime movies and shows. You can find all your favorite shows like One Punch Man and Death Note. Besides, it is also popular enough for its simulcasting feature and has a separate section for Manga lovers as well.

Download Crunchyroll

2. CloudStream


CloudStream is the best HD movie downloader APK available on the web. It does not host any content on the App and has no control over what media is put up or taken down. CloudStream 3 functions like a search engine, such as Google, and indexes the Anime from available resources. You need to install repositories that help download Anime that crawls, aggregates and displays links in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

How to Use Cloudstream to Download Movies?

  • Download Cloudstream APK on Android.
  • Install the App and click on the Settings Tab.
  • Now click on Extensions.
    Click on Extensions Cloudstream
  • Tap on + Add Repository.
    Tap on + Add Repository
  • Open Cloudstream Repo and either install the repository or copy the repo link for your choice. (English, Non-English, Anime, etc.)
    copy the repository link
  • Add the Repo to your Cloudstream, click Download, and the App will download all plugins.
  • Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the library to load in the background.
  • Search for the movie and download for free in HD.

Download CouldStream

3. AniYomi

AniYomi is a full-featured player and reader based on Tachiyomi (a manga-based comic app). It allows you to discover and watch anime, cartoons, series, and more on Android devices. The app offers over 200 Anime extensions that you need to download and add to your AniYomi app.

Aniyomi Anime Extension

Once done you can search and access the free content to watch Anime movies and shows. You can even download the Anime for offline viewing.

Download AniYomi

4. Tubi

Tubi TV Anime Free

Tubi basically provides versatile services to users. It is not entirely dedicated to featuring anime content only. Hence, you can also watch movies from different genres, TV shows, etc. Anime is a part of it, it still has a large library of excellent anime content and offers uninterrupted online streaming via the App.

Download Tubi

5. AnyMe

If you are an Anime fan, then AnyMe is the App for you. AnyMe is a free Anime Streaming Platform and can be dubbed as the Netflix of Anime. You get all the Japanese Animation in one place. Get access to thousands of episodes, movies, and anime OVAs, directly on your Android smartphone. A simple-to-use app that provides Anime in Subbed, English, and Spanish Dub. The site loads streams from global resources.

You can either directly play the video in the App, and if not supported, than the App lets you stream the video in any video player like MX Player. Best Anime App if you wish to stream Dubbed and Subbed Anime for Free.

Features of AnyMe

  • All Anime Shows at One Place
  • Dubbed and Subbed Anime Videos
  • Free with No Ads
  • Internal and External Video Support

Download AnyMe

6. Funimation

Funimation is a brilliant choice, especially for watching the latest anime episodes. The App has a great collection of content, and you can even hang on with the earlier episodes of your favorite shows. It is pretty easy to navigate and search for your favorite ones. Besides, Funimation also provides the content in Hindi dubbed and subbed versions too.

Download Funimation

7. ConTV

A legal and legitimate App to watch movies and TV shows on Android. The App is the best place to stream and download Anime, TV shows, movies, documentaries, comedy, and more programs. The quality of the streams is decent and, at times, changes dramatically, so it is not recommended to be cast on the big screen.

The App has a very smooth and clean interface. As the App is free, it is supported by Ads that are not irritating. But the only thing that could act as a setback is poor video quality compared to its freemium competitors Snagflims and Sony Crackle.

Download ConTV | Free

8. Anilab

Anilab is a free anime streaming application that can be easily accessed on both Android and iOS operating systems. This app allows users to watch and download a wide range of anime series without any restrictions.

Users are not required to provide any personal information to use the app, making it easy for them to access their favorite shows. With thousands of titles available and regular updates, Anilab provides a diverse selection of content for anime lovers.

Anilab provides a distinctive feature that allows users to watch English dubbed anime with English subtitles concurrently, akin to Netflix.

Download Anilab

9. VRV Anime Streaming App

VRV is a comparatively new name that has become popular recently. Anime lovers have become huge fans of this App, mostly because of its quality collection of content and the features it provides. The anime content is available in 720p and 1080p resolution, which gives you an extremely satisfying experience. The VRV app has over twenty thousand hours of content, and more content is being updated occasionally.

Download VRV Anime 

10. HULU Anime

Hulu Anime Site

Hulu is another rising name in the list of best Anime streaming apps. It offers an overall good streaming experience and comes with a free and a pro version. The freemium version includes almost everything except you must deal with annoying ads. The premium version, on the other hand, comes cheaper and removes all ads to provide you with the best ever experience.

Download HULU

11. Animega

Another selective app for exclusive Anime streaming by Animega. inc. The App has a massive database of high-quality anime content, including all the latest episodes as well. You can even stream anime music and several other fan-made videos too. It allows you to search your favorites through various categories, each holding a bunch of anime series.

Download Animega

14. AnimeDLR

If the slow online streaming makes you uncomfortable, Anime DLR is your expert solution. The App is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted super-fast streaming. It is a free service known for its fast streaming and amazing sound quality. Besides, you can watch your favorites in high resolution since it provides 720p and 1020p quality streaming. The homepage is always filled with the latest episodes of various animes, and it features a well-organized database, too.

Download AnimeDLR

15. Netflix

netflix downloader apk android

Netflix is probably the most used media streaming App all over the world. It basically features contents of all types and has a separate section for animes. It has a pretty good collection of quality anime content, although the quantity of content is still debatable. But the good news is Netflix now includes more anime content in its database more often.

Download Netflix

From Editor’s Desk

A good and reliable anime streaming app is hard to find, especially when you are living outside Japan. Although many apps are still in the paid category, most of the free ones don’t avail of satisfying service. These 15 best anime apps will offer a pacifying experience without much complication. Let us know which one is your favorite, and how you discern it from the others.

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