How to Fix Android Not Connecting to Windows 11 Bluetooth?

Is Android Bluetooth Not Connecting to Windows 11. Here are the Best Methods to Fix Android & Windows 11 Not Connecting Via Bluetooth

Sometimes, the situation arises, when you want to connect your Android device to Windows 11 via Bluetooth in order to transfer some particular files. But in doing so, many users have reported different problems in stabilizing the connection between Android and Windows 11. It seems that Windows 11 is having a hard time recognizing the Android device that is connected via Bluetooth.

So, if you are also facing the same problem, this is the place where you need to be. Here, we are going to share different workarounds using which you can fix Android not connecting to Windows 11 Bluetooth problem. So, without any further delay, let’s get straight into the topic.

Here are different workarounds you can try to get rid of the Android not connecting to the Windows 11 Bluetooth problem.

Fix 1: Toggle Off-On the Bluetooth Connection

The very first thing you should do whenever you face the mentioned problem is to toggle the Bluetooth connection. So, go to your smartphone settings and turn off-on the Bluetooth connection. Now try again to stabilize the connection, and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Restart Device

Restarting a device is an effective way to get rid of any minor bugs and glitch that revolves around any device. So, restart both the devices, i.e., smartphone and Windows 11. PC. Once restarted, try to re-stabilize the connection between the devices, execute the problem is fixed or not.

Fix 3: Remove All Unused Devices

Removing all the paired devices is another workaround that can be helpful in the situation. Make sure you remove all the paired devices from your smartphone. If you don’t know how it’s done, fret not; here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone.
  2. Here, you will find all the devices with which your smartphone has been paired before.
    Device Name
  3. Click on the settings option present next to each device name.
  4. Select the “Unpair” option.

Repeat the process with all the paired devices. Once done, try to connect your Android device with Windows 11 via Bluetooth and check if the problem is fixed or not. If not, move on to the next workaround.

Fix 4: Delete Bluetooth Cache Memory, and Data

Similar to any application or program installed on your smartphone, it’s always recommended to keep on clearing Bluetooth cache data. It keeps the service free from any kind of bugs and glitches. So, here are the steps you need to follow to clear Bluetooth cache data on your smartphone.

  1. Head towards the Settings menu of your Android smartphone.
  2. Click on App Management > App List.
  3. Click on the three horizontal dots present at the top right corner and select “Show System.”
    Show System
  4. Tap on “Bluetooth” from the list of all the installed applications.
  5. Go to “Storage Usage.”
    Storage Usage
  6. Click on “Clear Cache.”
    Clear Cache Bluetooth

Now restart your Android smartphone, and check if the mentioned problem is fixed or not.

Fix 5: Download Latest System Update

If you are still facing the problem, the probability is very high that you haven’t updated your smartphone system for a long time. Each smartphone manufacturing company keeps releasing systems updates at regular intervals to keep the device free from different problems, including Android not connecting to Windows 11 Bluetooth.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to keep on checking whether there is any available update or not. If found, download it, as soon as possible. Nevertheless, here are the steps you need to follow to download the latest System update on your Android smartphone.

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu of your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap on the “Software Update” option.
    Software Update
  3. In the following window, you can check whether there is any available update or not.
    Available Update

If found, download it to fix the problem that you are currently facing.

Fix 6: Try Safe Mode

Safe mode is one of the best features available on an Android smartphone. It disables all the third-party apps that are triggering different problems on your device. Thus, to fix the problem you are currently facing, you can try using your smartphone in safe mode.

Different smartphones have different ways to enable safe mode. So, it wouldn’t be justice to others if we talk about enabling safe mode in a particular brand. Therefore, we leave it up to you to do the Google search, ” How to enable safe mode in “Smartphone name”?.

Once your Android smartphone is in safe mode, try to connect with Windows 11 via Bluetooth and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Fix 7: Reset Device

The chances are very low; still, if none of the above-mentioned workarounds helped you in solving the problem, the last thing you can do is reset your Android smartphone. So, here’s what you need to do to reset your Android smartphone.

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your device.
  2. Go to Additional Settings > Backup and Reset.
    Backup and Reset
  3. Click on “Erase all data (Factory reset)“.
    EAD (Factory Reset)
  4. Lastly, choose the “Erase all data” option on the following page.
    Erase all Data

That it, once your smartphone is reset, try to connect it with Windows 11. You will see that you no longer face Android not connecting to the Windows 11 Bluetooth problem.

Fix 8. Try Re-Enabling Bluetooth in Windows 11


One simple yet effective solution to fix Windows Bluetooth not connecting to Android error on your Windows 11 PC is to re-enable the Bluetooth feature. Toggling off Bluetooth and turning it back on can help fix any glitch or error that it may have encountered during the previous session.

You can disable the feature directly from the Windows Action Center or by heading over to Settings > Devices. Here, toggle off Bluetooth and toggle it back on.

How to Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Fix 9. Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter on PC

An in-built troubleshooter tool helps you fix most of the common issues related to your Windows 11 PC. We advise you to use it before hopping on and trying some of the complicated solutions in this guide.

  1. Open the Settings window either by pressing together Win+I buttons or Win+X buttons and then selecting Settings from the list of menus.
  2. In the newly opened Settings window, click System.
    System Settings
  3. On the right side, scroll down and click on Troubleshoot.
  4. Click on the Other Troubleshooter option.
    Other Troubleshooters
  5. Under the Other section, hit the Run button next to Bluetooth in the next window.
    Run Bluetooth Troubleshoot
  6. The troubleshooter will automatically start detecting problems with your Bluetooth. And if it finds any issues with it, then it will be automatically fixed.

Fix 10. Update Bluetooth Drivers PC

Windows 11 comes with pre-installed bundles of drivers, which will help you to complete the initial setup of your PC or laptop. But in case Windows is not connecting to Android via Bluetooth, then updating the driver can fix the issue.

  • Search for Device Manager via Windows 11 new search bar.

windows 11 device manager

  • Find the connected Bluetooth hardware.

update blueooth driver

  • Right-click on Bluetooth hardware and select update driver.

automaic update driver

  • Let Windows 11 search and install the latest drivers on your PC. Ensure a good internet connection to facilitate fast downloading of drivers.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to fix Android not connecting to Windows 11 Bluetooth problem. Let us know in the comments whether the problem was fixed or not. Moreover, you can also share any other workaround that you think will be helpful in the situation.

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