How to Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Connecting to Windows 11 WiFi?

Unable to Connect Android or iPhone Hotspot to Windows 11 WiFI. Here are the Best Methods to Fix Windows 11 Not Connecting to Mobile Hotspot

Trying to Connect Android or iPhone Hotspot to your Windows 11 Computer but not able to then, today in this post I will talk about some of the best solutions to fix if Android or iOS Hotspot is Not Connecting WiFI onWindows 11.

The issue may be from both Windows 11 or from mobile. So, it is important to check on both the Windows 11 PC and Android or iPhone mobile to see if anything is causing disruption in connecting Windows PC to iOS mobile.

[Fixed] Windows 11 WiFi Not Working or Showing Limited Access

Fix 1. Use Flight Mode in Windows 11

Flight Mode Windows 11

Flight mode acts as a mini power switch OFF. Turning Off and On Windows 11, Flight Mode will disable the network radio and then enable it giving the WiFi network a fresh instance to connect.

Fix 2. Reset Network

If the mobile hotspot is not able to connect to any Wi-Fi network then it is good to reset the WiFi network to default and then connect again to the mobile hotspot.

  1. Use the Windows+I shortcut to open the Settings page.
  2. Then select Network & Internet from the left menu bar and go to the Advanced network settings.
    advanced network settings windows 11
  3. Scroll to the More Settings section and click on Network Reset.
    network reset option windows 11
  4. Finally, click on Reset Now > Yes in the confirmation dialog box that appears.
    reset network windows 11
  5. Windows will revert the network settings to their default state, and this, in turn, should fix the Wi-Fi Network issue as well.

Fix 3. Change Hotspot Band on Mobile

Older devices generally use the 2.4 GHz band, while modern mobiles come with both 5 GHz and 2+ GHz. 5GHz might be a great idea to speed up the mobile hotspot, but it lacks the range, also the connected device(s) must have the supports for this frequency. White 2.4 GHz transfers data slightly slow, it has a good range and supports almost all devices.

Guide: Mobile Hotspot connected but No Internet Android

Try switching the band and check if the internet is working. To do so;

  • Go to Android Setting.
  • Here click on the Hotspot and Tethering option.


  • Now open the Hotspot option and change the AP band


Fix 4. Fix Hotspot Issue on iPhone Mobile

Often users who use hotspots of their iPhones to enable other devices to use the internet face such issues. If you are trying to connect the iOS hotspot to Windows 11 then the following solutions will help you fix the issue.

Guide: iPhone Hotspot Not Working: How To Fix

  • Restart the iPhone
  • Update the Network Provider
  • Enable Allow Other Devices to Join
  • Fix the System Bugs by Updating the iOS Version
  • Check if the Cellular Data is Enabled
  • Reset Network Settings
  • The Connecting Device Should Be Closer to the Hotspot Device

Fix 5. Update Network Drivers

With an upgrade to Windows 11, the drivers are also updated, but this may not happen in some instances. If you are using old or outdated network drivers, then are bound to be some network-related issues. Therefore you should consider updating these drivers to their newest build right away.

  1. Press the “Start” key.
  2. Search “Device Manager” and open it.
    Search “Device Manager” and open it
  3. Click on the drop-down button beside “Network Adapters”.
    Click on the drop-down button beside “Network Adapters”
  4. Click to select the network adapter and right-mouse click to view more options, and then choose “Update driver” to continue.
    choose “Update driver” to continue
  5. Click on “Search automatically for drivers” to continue.
    Search automatically for drivers

Once the installation is complete, restart your PC. When it boots up, check whether the WiFi is connecting to a mobile hotspot error on your Windows 11 PC has been fixed or not.

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