How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

Looking to Use Butterfly Mood Lens on Snapchat. Here is the Simple Guide to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat.

Snapchat offers a range of fun and creative features that allow users to express themselves uniquely. These features are regularly updated, making it exciting for users to explore and try new things. And one of Snapchat’s most popular features is its filters. Recently, a new Snapchat filter are added where users could add a butterfly to themselves.

Snapchat’s “Butterfly Lenses” are an augmented reality (AR) filter that allows you to add animated butterflies to your snaps. A butterfly lens detects your face when you put it on and keeps track of your movements so that the butterflies follow you around as you move. So how do we unlock it, you may ask? Well, before we dive into the steps to unlock this filter, we must first have a small discussion about the Snapchat app and its lenses. So let’s get started.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a well-known social media site that enables users to share photos and videos with their friends and followers? One of the unique features of Snapchat is the ability to share “Snaps,” which are images or videos that disappear after a specific period (typically a few seconds) after being viewed. Users can also put together “Stories”—collections of Snaps—and share them with others. These “stories” can be viewed by all of the users’ friends for up to 24 hours.
How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat? 1Additionally, Snapchat provides a variety of entertaining and imaginative features, including Bitmojis, filters, lenses, stickers, and more, that let users personalize their Snaps and express themselves in different ways. Users can interact with one another through messaging, group chats, and the Discover section, which includes content from various media sources and influencers.

One of the most well-liked social media networks, especially among younger users, Snapchat is freely downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

What are Snapchat Lenses?

Yes, we are here to discuss how to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat, but first, let’s quickly review the Snapchat lens feature. Snapchat lenses are a special kind of augmented reality (AR) filter that gives your snaps unique effects, animations, and 3D objects. When you use a lens, the camera on your device tracks your face or other scene elements and instantly applies the desired effects. Snapchat offers a wide variety of lenses, from simple but charming filters to more complex effects that change the way you look or the environment around you. While some lenses are animated or interactive and react to your movements and actions, others are static and don’t.

Open the camera screen in the Snapchat app, then tap and hold on your face or the screen until the lenses show up at the bottom of the screen. The next step is to swipe left or right to view the available lenses and choose one to use. To activate the effect of some lenses, you might need to make a specific facial expression or turn your head in a specific direction.
Butterflies Lens

Since the platform’s initial launch in 2015, its Lens feature has consistently ranked among the most popular with users. Below is a list of the various popular Snapchat lenses that users can now access.

  • Crying Lens.
  • Cartoon Child’s Lens
  • Shook Lens.
  • Lens for Twisting the Tongue
  • Lens with a big mouth
  • Lens for Swapping the Nose
  • Lens for Evil Cheeks
  • Pear Face Lens
  • Screaming Zombie,
  • Age yourself.

What is the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat?

Butterflies Lens

Snapchat’s Butterfly Lens is an augmented reality (AR) filter that enhances your snaps with animated butterflies. When you use the Butterfly Lens, the camera on your device tracks your movements and detects your face to move the butterflies around you as you move. A butterfly lens may cause a user to see butterflies flying around them or perched on their nose or hair. A magical, dreamlike effect can be achieved by some lenses by including flower crowns, vibrant backgrounds, or other fantastical elements.

Many users of Snapchat love the butterfly filters. The animated butterflies can bring a touch of magic to a normally unexciting photo or video. The butterfly filter adds a fun and dreamy element to snaps.

Now that you know what the Snapchat butterfly lens is about, you can scroll down to learn how to unlock it.

Ways to Unlock Butterfly Lens on Snapchat

On your Snapchat account, you can find a Snapcode with a circle in the center. It might make the “World Lens” profile feature available. You can now share the lenses with your friends and let them all use them at the same time. So, before you ask for help by typing “Snapchat butterfly filter” into Google, scroll down to learn how to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat.

1. Ask a Friend to Share the Lens Link.

Butterflies Lens

  • One of the simplest ways to get access to the Snapchat Butterflies Lens is to ask friends who have already downloaded it.
  • Look up friends and coworkers in your Snapchat friend list to see who is using Lens.
  • They can easily share this lens with you because you only need the pertinent URL to unlock the filter before using it.
  • Ask your friend to open the Snapchat app, choose the Butterflies Lens, and then simply click “share.”
  • They will receive the URL, which they can copy and then forward to you via chat.
  • When you receive the URL, click it to have Snapchat instantly unlock the Butterflies Lens. After that, the lens may be put to use.

2. Scan the Snapcode for the Butterflies Lens

To share lenses and other relevant content, Snapchat uses a specific kind of QR code called a SnapCode. So, if you come across the Snap Code for the Butterflies Lens, all you have to do is scan it with the Snap Tab on the app to start the Snapchat unlock procedure.

  • Go to your phone’s app store and open Snapchat.
  • Launch Snapchat and choose “lens.”
  • To use the Butterfly Lens, simply scan the Snap Code.
  • Performing this action will unlock the lens.
  • Tap the lens once you have completed scanning the code.
  • Immediately, you’ll start to experience facial butterfly effects.

3. Look for the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

The Butterflies Lens filter can also be found within the app itself. The steps listed below can be used to search for the effect on the app itself.

  • Run the Snapchat application on your phone.
  • Check the top left corner of the Snap Tab for the search icon.
  • Type “Butterfly Lens” into your search bar and press the enter key.
    Butterflies Lens
  • There are tonnes of results available for lenses, effects, filters, etc.

4. Unlock via URL

You can access the butterfly lens on Snapchat by unlocking the URL. To unlock the URL of the butterfly lens on Snapchat, follow the instructions below.

  • Once you have the URL, you should first click the link.
    How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat? 2
  • When you do this on a smartphone, the URL will launch right away and prompt you to begin unlocking the lens.
    How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat? 3
  • On a device, however, if you perform the same action, the URL will load in your browser.
  • When you click the link, a page with the Snap code for the Butterfly Lens will appear.

5. Using Snapchat Lens Studio

Using Snapchat Lens Studio is another way to get access to the butterfly lens option. There are many lenses available in the Snapchat studio that is used by users. There are a few steps involved in unlocking the butterfly lens in Snapchat Lens Studio:
How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat? 4

  • Download Snapchat Lens Studio: Visit the Lens Studio website to download the free Snapchat Lens Studio software if you haven’t already.
  • Create a new project: To start a new project, launch Lens Studio and select “New Project.”
  • Choose a template: Pick a template, such as the “Face Paint” template, that is similar to what you want to create.
  • Add a 3D model: Select “Import from Library” from the “Objects” panel on the left side of the screen. Choose a 3D butterfly model by performing a search for “butterfly” among some of the results.
  • Edit the butterfly model: After importing the butterfly, you can modify its appearance by using Lens Studio’s tools to change its size, orientation, and behavior.
  • Add animation: Add animation to the butterfly by selecting the “Animation” panel on the left side of the screen.
  • Publish the lens: When you are finished, click the “Publish” button in the top right corner of the screen to finish publishing the lens. To submit your lens to Snapchat for review and approval, follow the on-screen instructions.

After your lens has been approved, users can use it on Snapchat by scanning the Snapcode or looking for it in the Lens Carousel.


The butterfly lens on Snapchat could finally be unlocked using the methods we provided. Applying the butterfly filter to your Snapchat photos now lets you have fun. So, use it on your photos and videos and share your experience with us.

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