How to Fix DJI Mini 2 Won’t Turn On [Updated 2023]

DJI Mini 2 Not Working and Looking for Troubleshooting Tips. Here is the Comprehensive Guide to Fix DJI Mini 2 Won’t Turn On.

Drones have undoubtedly taken over the complete control of aerial photography and videography. And talking about drones, DJI shares a big part in the market. All DJI drones have something unique, and their overall specifications make them idle for capturing amazing photos and videos. Likewise, coming to the DJI Mini 2 is a highly reliable product. Plus, with its compact size and durable performance, DJI Mini 2 quickly made its place into the heart. While it became the favorite for most users, some also came across its power issues as well. Although there are no other major problems with this drone, the increasing power issues have become a great deal for its users.

Well, by power issues, we mean the DJI Mini 2 simply won’t turn on. No matter how many times you hit that power button, it shows no effect on the device. And surely, it is one of the most annoying things to come across when you have a bunch of pictures to click, and the device simply won’t start. And to solve this issue and help you turn on the drone, we have come up with the most practical solutions. So, make sure to check out all the tricks to find the right fix to your problem.

Top Ways to Fix DJI Mini 2 Not Working

The DJI Mini 2 not turning on has been a very common issue lately, as many users have come up with the same issue. The good thing, however, is it might be caused due to a few factors only. In this troubleshooting guide, we have shared all the possible causes and the answers to them as well. Keep checking out until you come up with yours.

1. Turning On Properly

Turnin On Properly

Now, it might sound very weird, but most new users often make this mistake with their DJI Mini 2. Turning on this drone is basically a two-step process. Therefore, if you press the power button only once, it doesn’t actually turn on the device. Instead, pressing it once simply shows you the battery levels through LEDs.

However, to properly turn it on, press the power button to show the battery level, press it again, and hold it for 3 seconds until you feel the motors vibrate.

2. Connect the Drone to the Remote Control

Although the drone itself is a standalone device and can start itself even when the remote control is not ready, it is always a good habit to cross-check things. Simply turn on the RC and then try switching on the DJI Mini 2. Well, this is just a random trick but it has worked for some lucky customers until now. And who knows if you are the next?

3. Check For Remaining Battery Charge

How to Fix DJI Mini 2 Won’t Turn On [Updated 2023] 1

Whether you are using the DJI Mini 2 back after already using it for some time or if it is your first time, the battery can be one of the root causes behind such issues. If you are using it for the first time after unboxing, you should know that the batteries are partially charged in these devices.

Moreover, to keep the products safe, the companies hibernate the battery for longer usage. Hence, you won’t be able to turn on your device. To bring it to life, there are very minimal ways. Either charge it fully or wake up from hibernation. Now, you can wake it up from hibernation by simply putting it into charge again.

Check For Remaining Battery Charge

Besides, if you are using it hours after your last use, check for the battery charge. To check if your drone has enough charge, turn the drone. Press the power button and look at what the LEDs indicate. If it shows low on charge, put it back to charge and wait until fully charged.

4. Change the Battery

Change the Battery

If your DJI Mini 2 has come with multiple batteries, rather than being stuck to this problem, consider changing your drone’s battery. Simply put on another battery and check if that works. However, if that too fails to solve the problem, move on to our next solution.

5. Check for Hardware Damage

Check for Hardware Damage

Another reason why you must be having power issues with your DJI Mini 2 is if your drone has some hardware damage. Encountering a few crashes while flying drones is nothing rare. However, if they result in some damage to the mainboard, you might come up with such issues a lot.

Additionally, if you are flying your drone in rain or highly moist regions, this might also damage the internals of your drone. Remember that the electric motors of your drones are exposed; therefore, if you fly them in wet conditions, the water drops or moisture may find its way to the internal circuits or battery and create a short.

In such cases, the best way to deal is to get the expert’s help. You can contact the DJI support team and explain your problem in detail to get some genuine help from their side.

Final Words

DJI drones are one of the best drones available in the market. Plus, the DJI Mini 2 is one of the best variants available due to its compactness and easy features. However, problems like these are quite common with any electronic device, and DJI Mini 2 is no exception.

Therefore, if your DJI Mini 2 is not turning on or having difficulties powering up, you can go on with the above-mentioned methods. They are highly-promised solutions that are very likely to fix your issue. And if you have already tried them and found your answer, make a comment below about which method really worked out for you. Also, let us know if you have more queries about DJI drones, we will reach out to you shortly.

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