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Best Apps with Coding Courses to Learn Online. Android and iOS, iPhone or iPad Apps to Learn Coding for Free from Basic to Pro.

Programming or Coding has become a major player to grab a job opportunity. A basic C, C++, Java, Python or MySQL can give you an upper hand when competing for a job. A single IT skill can have an impact on your resume to a great extent. There are a number of online courses available where you can study coding on the mobile app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Coding along with fun can boost your skills to a great extent.

Everybody should learn to program a computer (Coding) because it teaches you how to think. But we all know that learning coding or to learn to code is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of vision, dedicated time, focus, and also patience to learn and create your first piece of code (app).

Also, learning to code can be as intimidating as cooking for the first time, you might feel excited, conscious, and confused at the same time, as there are many sources available on the internet to learn from. But, learning to code from the apps is the best option available, as it saves a lot of time and provides the highest engagement rate. So, this is why here at Digitbin, we are providing you with the list of Best free and paid Apps to Learn Coding, to kickstart your coding career.

Coding is the essence of creative and logical thinking, and this is the most required natural skill to have in this present world. – Steve Jobs

Why Apps to Learn Coding?

Although books are not the bad option to opt for, in fact, it’s the traditional way. But these days people prefer to learn on the go, and carrying a coding book all the time might freak-out a few people. Also, apps provide the user with the highest engagement rate. So, apps are the new smartest way to learn new things. Also, closely pay attention to the apps we are mentioning here, as we are providing you with both the free and paid versions of great coding apps.

Best Apps to Learn Coding

Here are the Best Code Courses to Learn Coding Online to Kickstart your Programming Career 

1. Solo Learn

The most popular coding app available on both iOS and Android devices. It offers a wide range of courses in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Swift, C, MySQL and much more. It also has a web app that enables users to learn to code from anywhere at any time in the world.

Apart from this, to increase engagement, the Solo Learn app offers many interactive hints and motivational ways to help the learner to exceed in case he is stuck in any step. For instance, it offers skills points and achievement bar, to help learners level up their skills and progress, and also keep track of it. Also, if you are extremely competitive, you can compete with the other learners from different parts of the world.

Now talking about its price, then it’s free to use, but not totally. You can begin with the free trial period, and then after it expires, you have to pay $6.99 a month to subscribe to it. This sums up to $47.99 a year. This subscribed or pro version of the app appears with no advertisement and also provides additional features like setting learning goals and viewing personalized insights.

Download Solo Learn | Android or iOS

2. Grasshopper

The next great app on our list is Grasshopper, and It’s also available for both Android and iOS devices. The only downside is, unlike other apps, grasshopper teaches you how to code in JavaScript only. For some, it’s not a downside at all, as JavaScript is relatively easy to learn and nowadays used in a wide variety of applications.

This app offers a wide variety of JavaScript puzzles that users have to solve to progress, which is a nice initiative. It keeps them busy, engaged, and also focused and determined at the same time to grow more in this learning process.

The app is easy to use and allows to arrange blocks in a logical order to create code. This helps to achieve real-time progress and unlock other achievements as you become more proficient in coding. You start with very basic learning fundamentals and then gradually move towards more advanced learning concepts and language features. Talking about its price, then this app is absolutely free for now with no in-app purchases. We hope it stays free always.

Download Grasshopper | Android or iOS

3. Encode

Encode provides the user with Python, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming lessons making it a good choice for someone deeply interested in web development. Similar to other coding apps, encode offers many different programming challenges that a user has to solve to progress, hence contributing to user engagement. The app also has an offline mode making it possible for the user to continue learning, even if with no internet connectivity.

So, besides all these features, by simply including a shortcut bar with symbols, encode also makes coding easier. This saves a lot of time of the user, as the user doesn’t have to search for different bracket symbols separately. Although the app is a few years old it is worth a try offering a good coding experience.

Now, talking about its price, then the app is free to download but with a $4.99 in-app purchase for its premium version. So, if this sounds ok to you, you can surely purchase it from respective app stores.

Download Encode | Android or iOS 

4. Enki

The next amazing app on our list is Enki. It is a widely popular coding app across the globe, with the highest engagement rate. The Enki app provides the user with a personalized track that allows them to improve their programming skills. Also, they can easily track their progress in learning Python, Linux, Html, CSS, Java, and much more. Enki has a bunch of daily workouts concept. This means that it provides the user with daily exercises to level up their coding skills. The UI is simple and easy to understand and hence contribute to the user’s interest and engagement.

So, in our opinion, if you want to stay motivated and keep moving on with your learning to code journey, then there is nothing better than Enki. This app has everything that you need to become a successful programmer. Talking about its price, then it’s free. But, you can, of course, shift to its premium version, for more useful features and smooth experience.

Download Enki | Android or iOS

5. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is chosen as the Editor’s choice in Google’s play store and that too for good reason. It provides users with a wide variety of programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, Html, and CSS.

It is one of the most interactive coding apps with moderate engagement rate. Thousands of people across the globe use this app and earn an e-certificate after the completion of each course. You can later OfCourse showcase your hard-earned e-certificate in your resume or on the linked profile if you want.

Talking about the app, then it’s based on the research conducted on the learning curve of people. It maximizes their learning capabilities and engages them on a daily basis. So, this is the reason why this Programming Hub app has a moderate engagement rate.

Download Programming Hub | Android or iOS

6. Codeacademy Go

The next great app on our list is Codeacademy Go. As the name suggests the app is widely popular and loved by millions of people around the world. But, in our opinion, it would be more beneficial or appropriate for someone who is already a Code academy user. This is because the app takes all the courses and challenges from the website and then present them in the app format. So, it’ll be easier for someone who is already a code academy user.

Apart from this, the app does everything that it says. This means it delivers everything that it already promises the user, and that’s not a bad thing. Although, the app is entirely free and doesn’t charge any single penny. But this doesn’t apply to the other Codeacademy’s services as a whole. However, at least it’s nice to have a free app without paying any single penny on it.

Download Codeacadmey Go | Android or iOS

7. Hopscotch

Many people believe that Hopscotch is meant for kids, as it’s mentioned in the iOS app store by the name “Hopscotch: Coding for Kids.” This is not true, don’t let this name fool you, also as if it’s children friendly, it’s a great app for adults as well.

By viewing the FAQ section on the hopscotch website, you’ll find that the app is suitable for all adults too, only developers say that the app is originally designed for people in the age group of 7 to 18 years. Besides this, there’s nothing serious. According to us, anybody from any age group can use this app it’s that effective.

The only downside is, the app is limited to the iOS platform only. This means no android user will be able to use this app or take its advantages. However, the website hints that soon their users will be able to see its Android version, but as usual there is no ETA so far. Talking about is the price, then it’s free. Although users can subscribe to its premium version with $7.99 a month, which is according to us is justified considering its return value.

Download Hopscotch | iOS

8. Codemurai

Codemurai is another popular coding app that offers thousands of bite-sized coding lessons created by industry experts in the field of web development, Game development, and mobile app development.

It offers a wide range of coding lessons based on languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Angular 2, and MongoDB. Not only these, but the list also continues with popular names such as Node, React, Typescript, and much more.

The UI is simple and easy to understand. Maybe, this is the reason why it has a very engaging rate. In this app, you’ll learn languages in a fun way by engaging in coding challenges and playing coding-oriented games or puzzles. So, in our opinion, codemurai is also worth giving a try.

Download Codemurai | Android or iOS

9. Mimo

It is also a widely popular programming app that allows you to develop skills in programming games, developing websites, or even can become a hacker. The App asks for just five minutes to teach you the basics in fun and easy way possible. This is because of the personalized mechanism offered by Mimo to track your interests and provides you with the personalized track to teach you the necessary skills.

The app offers a wide range of lessons on programming languages such as C, C++, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Swift, and many other popular and renowned programming languages. So, ultimately based on your preferences and interests you can explore the benefits of Mimo without any hassle.

Download Mimo | Android or iOS

10. Programming Hero

To master programming, there is nothing better than a programming hero. This Android-only app has taken over the mastery program and interests of learners all across the globe.

The only huge emphasis of this app is to make coding fun, and according to our analysis, this app achieved it very well. Similar to other apps, it helps you learn to code while building your own game at the same time. It offers a unique approach to learn to code offering a basic situation to explain code, e.g ‘Basketball game to explain Data Structures’. 

The app is still in Beta Stage but offers a number of innovative ways to teach you program. The app obviously offers a wide range of programming languages lessons waiting to be explored by its users. So, this app is also worth giving a shot.

Download Programming Hero | Android 

Conclusion: So, this was all regarding the best Apps to learn to code. If you find it useful, then do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear that. Also, if you are already using one of these apps or other apps, then please share your experiences below.

If you've any thoughts on Learn Coding | Best Apps for Programing Courses, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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