10 Best Deep Web Search Engine Services

Looking to Search Content in Deep Web that is Not Easily Available. Here are the Best Dark Web Search Engines to Look into Hidden Web.

While Google leads online searches, it’s important to note that the internet extends far beyond any one search engine.¬†Most of the web remains inaccessible to traditional search engines, constituting what’s known as the dark web.

To explore this hidden portion, specialized dark web search engines are required. Explore this curated selection of leading dark web search engines and discover some safe methods to access the dark web.

Additionally, consider employing a VPN to encrypt your online actions and ensure security while browsing the web.

What is a Dark Web Search Engine?

What is a Dark Web Search Engine

A dark web search engine is an online utility designed to locate websites on the unindexed section of the Internet, commonly referred to as the dark web.

Unlike conventional search engines, dark web websites are not cataloged on regular search engines, making dark web search engines important for discovering them.

While search engines play a major role in web navigation, only around 10% of all websites are indexed on standard search engines.

The remaining sites, including those within the dark web, remain undetectable through Google searches and can only be accessed via direct URL, IP address, or specialized deep web search tools.

Note: To access some of the hidden services, you may need the Tor browser.

Best Deep Web Search Engine Sites

Here are 10 specialized search engines that grant access to the concealed web. Each search engine possesses distinct characteristics and offers various functionalities.

1. Ahmia


Dark web search engines present a contradiction since dark web sites are mainly excluded from conventional search engine indexes.

However, Ahmia defies this norm as it isn’t a typical search engine. Established by security researcher Juha Nurmi, Ahmia functions as a directory of “hidden” sites that desire visibility.

It “crawls” onion sites and incorporates them into its list if their “robots.txt” file allows it, provided they are not blacklisted for abusive content.

Additionally, you have the option to submit your .onion sites for indexing.

Visit Ahmia

2. Torch

Torch Browser

Combining “Tor” and “search,” Torch is the longest-standing search engine within the Tor network. It lists various dark websites and links and has relatively fast search speeds.

Torch prioritizes online anonymity and digital identity protection.

It provides genuinely uncensored and unfiltered web search outcomes, along with a comprehensive list of search engines, while also safeguarding against web tracking.

Visit Torch

3. Candle

GitHub Dark Web

Candle stands out as a dependable dark web search engine. Its index includes more than 100,000 web pages and encompasses forums and marketplaces.

It gathers popularity among cybercriminals and individuals engaging in illicit transactions within dark web markets.

Candle’s server demonstrates rapid response times and experiences minimal downtime. Its interface closely resembles that of Google’s, and it operates like Google within the Tor network.

The search results page adopts a straightforward approach, displaying only the top ten relevant results. Both search engines employ web crawlers, which are internet bots capable of indexing online content.

Visit Candle

4. DuckDuckGo


Perhaps the most familiar name on the lineup, DuckDuckGo has been advocated for as a standard search engine for some time. Known for its privacy-centric approach, DuckDuckGo functions seamlessly across major browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

However, it’s noteworthy that DuckDuckGo serves as the default search engine for the Tor Browser as well. DuckDuckGo prides itself on not logging user activity and ensuring the privacy of search habits, regardless of whether they pertain to the dark web or not.

Visit DuckDuckGo

5. The Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki functions as a dark web counterpart to Wikipedia, presenting links to various websites within the dark web.

It serves as a centralized platform for accessing dark websites and offers information on diverse subjects, including conspiracy theories.

It’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly review the descriptions before accessing any links on The Hidden Wiki, as it includes links to websites featuring illicit content.

As a result, The Hidden Wiki has previously been the target of cyberattacks from the FBI as well as the hacker collective Anonymous.

Visit The Hidden Wiki

6. Riseup


Riseup is a dark web platform offering secure email and chat services. It ensures no communication records are retained and safeguards against cyber threats and government intrusion. However, accessing the platform requires an invitation code, meaning users must know someone already using Riseup to join.

Visit Riseup

7. Haystak


Haystak emerges as a prominent contender in the realm of dark web search engines, having billions of indexed pages of dark websites. Employing a freemium model, you have the option to opt for an ad-free browsing experience and unlock premium features for a fee.

Similar to DuckDuckGo, Haystak places a strong emphasis on privacy, safeguarding user data against tracking and profit-oriented strategies. This emphasis on privacy reinforces Haystak’s reputation as a preferred privacy-conscious option within the Tor network.

Visit Haystak

8. Dark.fail

Dark Fail

Dark.fail is a practical platform designed for monitoring the availability of various .onion websites, enabling users to determine which popular dark web destinations are accessible at any given time.

It offers verified URLs using PGP for accuracy, and it operates without tracking or JavaScript functions.

Dark.fail oversees approximately 50 websites, including many mentioned within its listings.

While this quantity may not be extensive, it covers the most prominent sites. You have the option to suggest new additions to the monitoring list.

It’s important to note that Dark.fail only tracks website uptime and does not assess their safety by scanning for malware.

Therefore, it’s advisable to employ a robust antivirus solution like Norton for real-time threat detection.

Visit Dark.fail

9. Dark Search


Dark Search is a recently developed free search engine tool designed to enhance accessibility to the dark web.

This dark web search engine features a user-friendly interface and provides complimentary access to onion links and websites.

The developer of Dark Search is presently devising a method for dark web users to access restricted forums on the dark web through onion search engine links.

Visit Dark Search

10. Onion Search

Onion Search Engine

The Onion Search Engine is a straightforward and user-friendly dark web search tool that offers ease of navigation. It provides convenience in searching by furnishing site descriptions alongside browsing results. Furthermore, it permits you to conduct searches within both the regular and onion networks.

Designed for the Tor network, it facilitates anonymous browsing, prioritizing user privacy by abstaining from the use of cookies, JavaScript, or any third-party or external code.

Visit Onion Search

Browsing Safely in the Dark Web

Follow the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from downloading files from the dark web, as they may contain malware.
  • Keep your VPN activated while browsing to safeguard your data and conceal your IP address and location.
  • Avoid using personal information such as email, name, address, or social security number, as they could be exploited.
  • Exercise caution when making purchases, and only buy from reputable sources using cryptocurrencies.
  • Employ antivirus software to shield yourself against malware in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Wrap Up

The dark web may suggest a sense of mystery and apprehension, but many .onion sites are both safe to explore and intriguing. This article highlights some of the most noteworthy dark web websites.

However, it’s important to prioritize safety while navigating the dark web, as it lacks the familiarity of the surface web and presents potential risks.

Obtaining a reliable antivirus solution equipped with real-time protection and dark web monitoring is key to safeguarding your online activities.

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