Spotify launches a new ‘Premium Mini’ subscription plan, offers service at as low as Rs.7 per day 

Spotify launched new cheaper plans called the Premium Mini. The music company, hit Indian markets last year, looks to attract more customers with cheaper plans

Spotify launched a new subscription pack called the Premium Mini. The music streaming company, which came to Indian markets last year, has launched a new plan to attract more customers. The company has reduced the price of its subscription plans massively.

Spotify has altered its daily plans, and it starts at Rs.7 per day. Yes, you read it right! Not only will the daily plan cost Rs. 7 per day, but the weekly plan will cost Rs. 25 too. So, the daily plan has undergone a 50% (approximately) reduction in price, while the weekly plan has undergone a 35% reduction.

The premium plan provides ad-free music, so no annoying ads for anyone! It also gives the user complete access to the vast music collection on the app. The Premium Mini and the Premium Individual share a few common features, so Spotify is offering a good deal. The only difference is that the Premium Individual plan is available at Rs. 119 per month.

There are a few constraints in this plan though. The Premium plan is only for mobile and tablets. The streaming bit rate is sadly limited to 160kbps in the new Premium Mini, while it is 320 kbps in the Premium Individual plans. Also, the users can only download thirty songs on a device. However, the Premium Individual plan does not limit the service to one device and allows the download of ten thousand songs between five devices. Therefore, if a user wants more features, then they should opt for other Spotify plans. The Spotify Individual, Spotify Family, or the Spotify Duo might work better for some.

The changes in the plans come after Spotify decided to change the price of its yearly plan. It announced last month that the annual subscription would be available for Rs. 999. The reduced price on the annual plan is only applicable until 31st December 2020. The company says that the Premium Mini plan can be extended for three months, after which the downloaded songs will be cleared from the library if the user does not top up their plan. will The lucrative discounts on these plans will help Spotify extend its user base in India. Only a year old in India, Spotify competes with other music streaming apps like Saavn and Gaana.

The Premium Mini and other discounted plans are now live on the app and website. Users can snag a subscription for themselves or their friends and family to listen to music without disturbance.

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