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  1. john David Burks, Jr. says:

    I’ve been trying to get past the 2 step verification for 3 days. The recover account page keeps looping around to tell me I didn’t provide enough information, when there weren’t any questions offered for me to answer. Problems making all of this more difficult are : my phone has a severely cracked screen, everything on it is undiscernible, Google has never recognized my desktop pc (no matter how many times I respond to their security notification with, “yes, it’s me”. Topping it all off , I can’t get into my recovery email now either , since all of this started. My desktop PC was a shared PC, my wife and I, but she’s deceased now, but all of her accounts are still on here. I’m not ready to delete her from the computer yet, she’s only been gone since 02/20/23. Does anyone know how to bypass 2 step verification, without access to the phone, nor any access to any email at all? This B.S. has got me locked out of Facebook as well.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      If you could fix your cracked Android phone, then you can request security codes.

  2. Bharatbhai says:

    gmail account recovery

  3. Sreehari YouTube Tips says:

    Google account recover

  4. Rankey says:

    My number lose

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