Best Video Editor Softwares for Windows [10/8.1/8/7]

Best Video Editor Apps for Windows 10,8.1,8 & 7 PC. Edit your favourite videos and enhance them before sharing with your friends or posting on social sites.

Video Editors are imperative if you are a content creator no matter if you work for a firm or you run your own business. We live in a world where motion conveys a better message. The time has come where demographics say – YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world! After “Google,” YouTube has the most queries and viewership, and this led to the increasing demand for video cameras (DSLRs), lights, video editing software, and much more. Also, this evolution from Blogging to Vlogging (a Youtuber that posts videos daily) urged many content creators to fall for this. At Present, millions of content creators create videos on a daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly basis, depending on the requirement.

Hence, this rigorous demand for video content surged the need for equipment, software, and every possible resource to cater to their viewers. Among them, the demand for video editing software and app is also as high as other resources. So, at ‘DigitBin,’ we decided to provide you with the list of Best Video Editor Apps, particularly for the Windows platform, to help creators enhance their video-editing game.

Best Video Editor Apps for PC

Here is the list of Best Video Editor Software Apps for the Windows 10,8,8.1,7 Platform to Create Dazzling Videos.

1. Blender

Blender Video Editor for YouTube

Blender is an open-source free to use heavy-on-features video editing software with all tools making it a must-have app for Video Edits. With Blender, you can perform Modelling, 3D & Animation, VFX, Sculpting, Grease Pencil, Simulation & Rendering and Video Editing. If you are looking to produce a truly professional video for free, Blender is a solid option. On the video editing side, there are a ton of features, including transitions, mosaics, speed control, filters, adjustment layers, Audio Mixing & Dubbing, Keyframes and more.

For many, “Blender” can be the best free video editor ever for Windows. It is also available for other Operating Systems such as Mac and Linux. Originally it was designed to be used as a 3D animation suite, but now, many professionals use this as their favourite video editor.

Also, apart from this, Blender is open-source software. Open-source software tends to offer their services and features for free. So, this adds up in the popularity and reach of this software. Many people adored it! They downloaded this software contributing to its million-downloads mark. And also, the additional reasons for their downloads (features) are mentioned below for you. So do check them out.

Blender Features

  • Live preview
  • Audio mixing
  • Speed control
  • Free to us (No purchase needed)
  • No Watermark
  • Chroma vectorscope
  • Numerous filters
  • Keyframes, and much more.

So if all of this appeals to you, you can download the Blender App.

Download Blender

2. Adobe Premiere Pro


The very well-known “Adobe Premiere Pro” marks the second position on our list with its unbeatable popularity and power.  Many Big Youtubers, Film-makers, and Cinematographers use this video editing software to edit their video content. And this significantly depicts its popularity and capabilities.

According to them, “The video editor is one of the Best in the industry, and ‘Adobe’ did a fantastic job in it.”  They say, “the UI is simple and easy to use”. Also, it offers a tremendous number of features, which is loved by millions around the globe

Adobe Premiere Features

  • Multi-cam editing,
  • 3D editing,
  • Numerous visual effects,
  • And Faster video rendering.

The only downside is the Price. Yes, Price!  This software is expensive.

However, it is available on a trial basis. So, if you are a beginner and want to have your hands on this one, you can surely go for its trial version at first.  Later, if you saw yourself mastering on it, you can easily convert your trial version into the premium one, by paying for it.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro

3. Windows Moviemaker

If we’re talking about Windows, then there’s a huge possibility that you already own a pre-installed (free) video editor app called “Windows Moviemaker.” Windows Moviemaker is one of the oldest, yet very popular and basic video editor app by Microsoft.  During the early days of YouTube, content creators (Newbies in the vlogging or video making) tend to use this software a lot. Even today, many YouTubers who produce informational content, use this video editing software.

It has a clean interface, is lite in memory, and, of course, offers basic features such as title customization, timeline narration, extensive audio track selection, transition overlays for smooth video transitions, and much more.  So, it’s the Best Option for those who are looking to start their YouTube channel or having any other purpose of Video making as a beginner.

Important Note – According to Microsoft’s Blog, Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download. Some of the websites offering a free version of Windows Movie Maker, are Not real, or, presenting the malicious version of the software, full of viruses or hidden malware. So Beware!

4. Lightworks

The next powerful video editor is “Lightworks.” It’s a great video editing software available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is vastly used all across the planet. Many professionals, and intermediate filmmakers – including YouTubers, use this software to edit their videos. Also, apart from this, it offers an immense number of features. But first, you must know that this software is not entirely free. It charges its premium users around $25 a month for its subscription.

Though considered a little advanced, you can create some cinematic VFX and effects for free. The Lightworks has a very simple UI with all the required tools and features. The lightworkers also house a plethora of royalty-free music and effects. You do not need to pay for any feature but the only thing you need to pay for is output format. If you are happy with 720p HD format video than you are good to go, but if you are in awe for 4K UHD format than you need to pay. The paid version also supports a number of other popular formats. On the editing front, you won’t be disappointed with the tools available.

However, the free version includes features like:

  • Support for Multicam,
  • Video trimming with High precision,
  • 720p Export video quality support for YouTube, and much more.

Features of Lightworks

  • Free to use
  • 720p Support
  • Royalty-free content
  • Number of functionalities and features
  • Suited for YouTube Edits

So, to have access to its other features, you can always opt for its premium version. Although, we don’t recommend the beginners to invest in its premium version, as it won’t be the best return of their investment.  As in our honest recommendation: first, sharp your skills, then move for the premium version.

Download Lightworks

5. Openshot

OpenShot is a simple to use open-source Video Editor software. If you are new to video editing than OpenShot is the best platform to start with. You get multiple layers of video, audio, image and text support. You can perform all the basic editing needed like, trim, animation, keyframes, Audio envelope, Time Lapse, 3D and more. An easy to use free editor for YouTube with the functionalities just enough to create a perfect YouTube Video as a creator.

“Openshot” is another very popular open-source video editor. Similar to “Blender,” Openshot now also be counted as the best free accessible video editor. Talking about its platform support, then it is well-supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, it may feel more alike iMovie due to its design and interface. But, in reality, it’s a way, different video editor. It offers the perfect blend of advanced features and a simple interface. The UI is simple and easy to use, and we believe Beginners won’t find any problem with it. Moreover, the working of Openshot is the smoothest among all.

Features of OpenShot

  • Effective title creation,
  • Unlimited tracks,
  • Unlimited layers,
  • Image overlays,
  • Watermarks,
  • Title templates, and much more.

Download Openshot

6. Shotcut

With the addition of one more marvellous open-source video editor “Shotcut,” Shotcut bags the sixth position on this list. Similar to “Blender” and “Openshot,” Shotcut is the video editor that is available for all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Apart from this, the Shotcut being an open-source video editor does not require its users to upgrade to its premium version. On the contrary, it offers all its features for free, and users can immediately take advantage of it, just after its download. Talking about its design and features, then design might not impress all, but features wash away all the clutter.

You get the support for a large number of formats so there is no need to import the content and start native editing without ay delay. When it comes to Audio you get a plethora of features and functions with filters, controls, mixing, spectrum analyses, envelope, voice controls and more. On Video front also get a number of features to make content appealing. You can trim, add layers, effects, images, audios, effects and more. Shotcut is the best software if you are looking for creating some professional YouTube Videos. Though the usage is complex and tricky, the mammoth features will make you want it.

Features of Shotcut

  • 4k High Definition video resolution support,
  • Timeline editing,
  • Faster rendering,
  • Better performance,
  • And of course, reliability.

Download Shotcut

7. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor is a pretty powerful editor software. Unlike many other maker tools which restrict users with a time limit or Watermark, the FilmoraGo gives unlimited time access without any Watermark. The App helps you create some stunning videos using clips and images. Those who are familiar with Editing tools for them it is no brainer how popular the software is for PC. You can create layers of media and impart effects. The FilmoraGo is simple to use and easy to understand the editor for creating some of the high-quality videos for YouTube. There is also an Android and iOS App which you can download.

Features of FilmoraGo

  • Preview clips in Real-time
  • Awesome template and effects
  • Inbuilt music and external music support.
  • Overlays & Filters
  • Play in reverse
  • Trim by Duration
  • Slow – Fast motion editor
  • Full functional Text & Titles
  • Mute, Rotate and merge
  • Simple UI and quick export

Download FilmoraGo (Free) 

8. Camtasia

Camtasia Features

Camtasia is a complete professional bundle of editing tool with video layers, Audio Mixing, effects, VFX, Animation, Chroma green screen and all other features which you think is needed for a making a perfect YouTube video. You can record the screen and webcam to perform the further editing options. Camtasia is a very simple tool to understand and use. Camtasia also has some very intricate functionalities specifically for enhancing the YouTube content. Though the software is paid, the number of features and customer support offered is worth a buy.

Features of Camtasia

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple video layers
  • Audio Mixing
  • VFX, Chroma and Effects

Download Camtasia (Paid)

9. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

Despite the fancy name “DaVinci Resolve,” this video editor has a lot to offer. It is arguably one of the most advanced video editors on this best video editor list. No doubts! Many Professionals, Youtubers, and intermediate filmmakers use this extraordinary piece of art. Its ease of use, power, portability, and reliability adds up in its charm, and also, the very robust support for all the platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) acts as a bonus. However, for many, this might be the overwhelming video editor at first glance, due to its interface and high-level features. But, in reality, it is widely acknowledged all over the planet.

Features of DaVinci

  • Multicam editing,
  • Colour correction,
  • Effective video slicing,
  • Video trimming,
  • And, audio mastering, etc.

Download DaVinci Resolve

10. HitFilm Express

“HitFilm Express” is among the most professional video editors on this list. It offers 180 special effects along with all the basic and advanced features. Many users love this. They use HitFilm Express to enhance their video editing skills. Talking about YouTubers and Filmmakers, then some use this as their primary video editor. It offers tutorials, making it easy to learn. However, the catch is, before downloading this software, it asks you to share a status update on your social media. Which is quite fishy and indigestible in our view. But if you have no problem with it. You can download this software.

Features of HitFlim

  • 3D video support,
  • Numerous audio and video filters,
  • Advanced level of cutting tools,
  • Layers and masking,
  • Compositing tools, and much more.

So, if you feel that you can master video editing skills, and have basic knowledge of how things work in this arena. You can surely use HitFilm express.

Download HitFilm Express

11. InVideo

When it comes to sleek design and ease of use capabilities, we believe that “InVideo” is the video editor you should consider. They say it’s a video editor for marketers, publishers, marketing agencies. But this does not mean that YouTubers do not use it. On the contrary, it is among the most used video editors by creators. The UI is simple, and after-sales service is phenomenal. Apart from this, it is a very well known ‘best value for money’ video editor in the market.

Features of InVideo

  • Precise speed adjustments,
  • Split and merge capabilities,
  • Support for full HD resolution,
  • Amazing text overlays,
  • And other features like video stabilization and collaboration, etc.

Download InVideo

12. VideoPad

Last but not least, “VideoPad” is among the best video editors for windows. If, as a beginner, you are looking for something to polish your video editing skills. Then VideoPad is the video editor you should put your hands-on, first. This video editor is attracting millions of users every year. The UI is simple and easy to operate. Many new YouTubers are using this as their first video editor. Whereas, many intermediate users, who became professional, shifted to other ones. So, in our opinion, if you are a beginner, VideoPad should be your start.

Features of Videopad

  • Availability of pre-made transitions,
  • 3D Video editing,
  • Video stabilization,
  • Sound effects library, and much more.

Download VideoPad

Conclusion: So, this was all regarding Best Video Editor Apps for Windows, if you find this useful then do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear that.

If you've any thoughts on Best Video Editor Softwares for Windows [10/8.1/8/7], then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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