Best WhatsApp Web Room Games

Best Free Games to Play on Messenger Rooms or WhatsApp Web Room with your Friends and Family on Group Video Chat and Enjoy the Crazy Fun

In the backdrop of the pandemic, our need for face-to-face communications is being fulfilled by online video chat applications, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and newly introduced Messenger Rooms by Facebook. Zoom and Teams are the first junctions of conference meetings, online class, and for families to stay close. And for buddies to catch up—we get Facebook’s friendly-theme packed Messenger Rooms.

The pandemic has brought a major culture-shift in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean we have lost games. Playing games on video calls might stand very strange for many people, but with Messenger Room’s friendly-interface, it gets very well suited to a significant number of excellent and exciting games. I’ve devised this list of exciting games to play on Messenger Rooms, after trying them out with my mates. I hope you would enjoy playing them too.

Best Games to Play on Messenger Rooms

Here are the Best Games your Can Play With your Friends and Family on Messenger Rooms and WhatsApp Rooms.

1. Rock Paper Anything 

Rock paper anything

Take this classic childhood game of Rock, Paper, Scissor to the next version. Rock Paper, Anything, involves shaping your hand into another random object and putting the argument against the object your friend formed. Put some logic that your object would win the battle. While other players can be the judge and eliminate the weak object.

Furthermore, to make the game more intriguing, you can organize a mini-tournament amid your friends, where the person with the most wins will face each other in the grand finale.

2. Scattergories


Scattergories is a fun game to play with all your Roomers. To play, simply head to the free game generator and send the link of the game to each of your friends. Rules go by, there are one letter and five categories. You have 60 seconds to come up with a word that fits in each category and starts with the chosen letter. The more unique your answer is compared to your friends’ answers, the more points you get.

3. Charades 

Charades is probably a game most played in parties and functions. However, it is also well-suited for long video chat. The only thing game requires hardcore acting, or if you can explain something without saying it, you are good. The concept of the game is that one person tries to define a word; in the meantime, he is not allowed to write, draw, pronounce with lips, or use sign language.

The only tools he has is, gestures, facial expressions, showing the word in a whole point, dancing, grimness, and If someone is getting close; node yes or no. The players struggle to guess what their teammate is trying to say, and the game can go on until they think the word. Or by mutual agreement, teams can decide a time limit for guessing.

4. Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a classic word game where you need to place the phone to your head and a word will be displayed on the phone which your friends need to explain so that you guess the word. It sounds simple but it will be more fun when you play the game with a bunch of your friends. There are a number of categories to choose from for the genre of the words.

5. What If

The game is played especially between couples to bond with each other. However, friends can also play and enjoy it. In the game, one person has to create an interesting scenario or situation and ask what another person will do if stuck in it. It can be a pretty exciting game if you try to be more creative.

For example, you can create situations such as, “What if you wake in [famous celebrity name]-‘s body?” “What will you do if you are the only person on earth?” Or “What if aliens from lower civilization abduct you and ask you to teach them one thing from your civilization, that’s the only chance you can go back safe, what will you do?”  You can think of many.

6. Bingo


Popular Arcade game which can be played simply over a group video call. You can either try a Virtual Bingo Caller to call the number for you. Just create your bingo card by using any online machine or manually by setting rules with friends and done yu ae good to go.

7. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is also a very popular game that is played among friends, family, and couples. Each player can choose from Truth or Dare at will. Truth is sometimes risky and asks you to be completely honest. However, Dare can be alluring too. If you choose the truth, you have to answer the question with complete honesty. If you choose to Dare, then you have to complete the demanded task.

Truth or Dare can be an exciting game that can generate laughs and joy among family and friends. Furthermore,  It is only interesting If you choose Dare and Truth equally, not just Dare to avoid the truth and vice versa. Otherwise, the game can be tedious.

8. Guess The Song

Players take turns singing a melody of a song, and the contestant has to guess the song lyrics and singer name. You can also find the soundtrack/background music of a particular song on the internet and play it. Guess The Song can be played between two teams. The game is fun to play with your college music band or with your friend, who is passionate about music as you are. For every correct answer, you attain one point, the team with the highest score wins.

9. I Have Never Ever

This is another hot game, and you might have seen couples or friends playing in movies. The players take turns stating what they have never done. When the one says to her “I have never ever,” the other participants in whose life such incidents have happened will have a sip from their glass of wine, water, juice, anything.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions, and you can go from simple “I have never ever been to Paris” too embarrassing “I have never ever pee under the shower.” The game starts with soft-touch, but at halfway, you will see people yelling and laughing. Hey? Really? Did you Do It? It is fun. If you want to put the win-lose concept in the game, you can count the points; alternatively, one who takes the most sip is the winner/ one with an empty glass.

10. 21 Questions 

This game can be a great opportunity to know a new friend or a long time friend from a completely different perspective. You can know nearly anything about them. Of course, only If you ask good questions that force them to reveal a bit more about their personality (you can do this if you are pre-prepared for the game).

The game can begin in the Messenger Room and is more fun if it can be played between two friends, or among four. The rules are pretty simple for this game. Players alternatively ask questions to each other. Questions can be about anything: triggering, personal, provoking, moreover the questions that allow a detailed response is promoted.

Furthermore, a “Yes” “No” or “I don’t remember” response is not allowed. It just takes the charm out of the game if even one player is not interested. So I’d recommend counting on only those people who really see the game appealing as you do. Another rule to keep in mind is not to cross the borderline, and staying aside from sensitive topics would make the game more pleasing.

11. Only Rhyme

The game starts with a player that speaks any short word, and the opponent has to find a word rhyming with the first word, and the game goes on. If a player fails to pick out a rhyming name, he gets -1, and with -3, the player loses the game.

12. Guess the Word

Guess the word

Another exciting game that highly intellectuals like to play to have fun. It is also well suited for Messenger Room video chat. A player thinks absolutely anything, a famous person, movie name, historical event, planets, celebrities, and more. While another player has to guess by asking questions and itching inside the opponent’s mind to invade his or her thought, the questions can only be answered with monosyllables “yes or “no.”

13. Did you know that?

The winner is the one who gets 10 points first. How to get the point? You have to state an unusual fact about yourself that other people don’t know. If you say something, and the person is like I already know this about you, this won’t get you a point. The game is a perfect strategy to get to know someone, as the players will be revealing hidden truths about themselves to get points.

14. Movie Lines 

This can be a great game to discuss movies if you are a cinephile. The game begins with a player, quoting a movie line. For example, a movie dialogue can be “ Look how they massacred my boy!” Another player has to guess the movie, in 1-2 minutes. If the player does not seem to guess the movie, give another hint with a different quote from the same movie. The player who guesses the most movies wins the game.

15. Read My Lips

Another simple and well-suited game for online video chat. You can play this game with one or more people in a video conversation. One player mutters a word—without making any voice, just making his or her lips move. While other players have to guess the word. The player with the correct guess wins the game.

16. Tell five names

Tough game but so much fun If played with the right people. In the game, one player or a team has two say categories such as Animal, Book, Actor, Singer, Software. While the other team has to tell the five names related to the category, to make the game more exciting, you can set a time limit.

17. Riddles

Riddle is another fun game widely played, and you probably have played this in your childhood. It turns out It can be played with almost the same fun, in an online video chat. It is a simple game where you have to ask a riddle, and the other person has to break it within the time limit. If someone fails to answer, he/she is announced as a loser and has to complete whatever task is given by the winning party.

18. Pick One

The game can be Lil bit frustrating If you make someone choose from a very personal option. Although overall, it is a fun and exciting game. It also helps you to know another person better. The game starts with all participants having their turns of giving a person two choices. And the subject has to pick from one. For example, you can make someone choose from Friends or Lover, Home theater or Cinema, Soda or Beer, Beach Party or House Party, and much more.

19. Complete a Story

This is the most interesting way to play with your best friend. Ever notice how you are sometimes creative and create some good stuff among friends. Well, you can use that creativity here. Say any random line, from which you and your friend have to pull a story. Both of you have to take turns and say a line/word/phrase and keep adding something to the story. The game can keep going for more than two hours.

20. Come on Repeat 

If you master in listening and remembering power, you can be the ultimate winner of this game. The players take turns pronouncing words from either specified topics or any topic. Before a player says his word, he has to repeat all the words previously said by others. The one who misses a word loses a point. The one with the most points wins the game. However, to play this game like it is meant to be, you would need good headphones and mic.

21. The Laughing game

The Laughing Game

Take turns to do everything you can to make other participants in the video call laugh. If you succeed in making one participant laugh, without laughing yourself, you get one point. The more people you make laugh, the more points you get and win the game. The laughing game can be a great way to get close to your loved ones, and It surely is well-suited for video chat.

22. Quiz

Missing college? And Quizzes with friends? Well, you can play Quiz on video chat. Quizzes can be anything, from history, films, songs, or books. Take turns asking quiz questions and tally up your scores. If you want to make it easy, you can prepare for it before the game. You will find dozens of quiz questions over the web, or you can prepare some yourself.

23. Role-Playing Games

These types of games are so intriguing for fans of Dungeon And Dragons, Dice-Drivens games. A video call with your 8-9 friends on Messenger Room can be an ideal medium for your fantasy to play adventure games. I think we don’t need to say more about these games. Everyone can be creative and devise any type of exciting Role-Playing game.

24. Add A Letter

The player states a letter from the alphabet, and the next, in turn, add a letter in the beginning or, in the end, keeping a word in mind. Players need to continue adding the letter and extending the combination. The one who names the whole word or one who cannot add a letter is meaning the word loses.  Sometimes the players might cheat, for example: add a letter without having any word in mind. In this situation, you can ask the player to name the previous word, and if the player is unable to do so, he loses.

25. Three Truths and One Lie 

One of you has to state four facts about herself. The twist is that one fact is “not really a fact.” Now the person playing against you has to detect that false fact. A tip: list all facts with an even voice, so the other person finds it hard to get you.

From Editor’s Desk

In this period of quarantine, most of us are far away from friends and family. And that can be so boring. Well, with the games I have mentioned above, your boredom will vanish, and moreover, you will have something to be close to your loved ones. So whenever you get bored or miss your friends, you can add them to Messenger Room and beat the boredom playing these games. These games are very well-suited for video chatting applications like Messenger Room—where up to 50 people can join the video chat.

If you've any thoughts on Best WhatsApp Web Room Games, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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