Download Mod JioTV Apk – No Need of Jio SIM and Watch Star Channels Without Hotstar

Download the Mod JioTV Play Apk for your Android and enjoy the Channels without Jio SIM Card with apk file, watch Star without Hotstar.

Download the Modded apk or Cracked apk file for JioTV play and enjoy the JioTV Live TV & Sports App on your Android device without any Jio SIM. You can also watch Star Channels on JioTV without Hotstar app.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. along with its SIM and Network services also launched a bundle of useful apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store like JioPlay TV, JioCimena, JioMusic etc. And these apps are exclusively available for Jio SIM card users and run only on Jio network.

JioTV is one of the most downloaded Live TV app on Android. JioTV offers. JioTv offers 400+ channels including 60+ HD channels spread across 10 genres and 15 languages.

It is one stop destination if you wish to watch Indian programmings on your smartphone. But with this Mod apk, you can enjoy the JioTV app without Jio SIM.

With the Mod Apk you can watch the JioTV Play without the ID & Password just downloading the Modded Apk file which does not require you to even download the MyJio App nor does it require you to enter the Jio ID and Password.

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How to Download JioTV Mod Apk on Android?

  1. Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.
  2. Download the Mod JioTV Apk on your Android.
  3. Uninstall the JioTV app if you have already installed any.
  4. Locate the File in the storage of the device.
  5. Tap on the app and install the Mod Apk.
  6. Enjoy the Modified JioTV on your 2G/3G device without Jio SIM

[Updated] Download Link (If it says Recommended Update hit ‘Cancel’ and enjoy)

Download Link 2

Hit Cancel Button and Enjoy Live TV

Hit Cancel Button and Enjoy Live TV

Downlaod Link 3

Note: In some devices, the app may ask for an update I request you to watch the following Video & read this post on Use Older Versions of Android Apps Without Updating

What if you Face Some Issues?

If you have some problems on running the JioTV Play app then,

  • Download MyJio App.
  • If you get a pop-up message that the App is available for Jio SIM users only. Then just simply clear all recent tabs and again try to play the Jio App.
  • make few attempts, you will be successful in playing the JioTV app on your smartphone.

Tip – If you have a Jio 4G data, you can just simply play a channel for a couple of seconds and then switch to any other network.

Note & Conclusion: I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance if required. Do share the post and enjoy

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133 Responses

  1. Rahul says:

    need help to remove mandatory update for jio live tv. it is not working for me.
    appreciate if you could assist. i live overseas and using it on android tv box.

  2. Jai says:

    Wow… Thanks bro.. you are the man! Is there any way to hack jio cinema also?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Error while opening jio mod app. Pls fix

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used with wi Fi does not work

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am using the app I my Amazon Kindle fire hd 7 . The error is net work error we could not reach are back end systems please try after sometime

  6. Shishir says:

    Thanks a lot

  7. Meet Patel says:

    Please bro. I need jio Cinema mod version. Means it should work without jio Sim sane like jio tv cracked by u. Thanks bro. Please help. Send the link in ur reply. Once again thank you.

  8. Hamid says:

    Hi for me its asking to login with user id
    I am from Kuwait using samsung S8plus help me if you can

  9. Sonia says:

    Thanks did, it’s very helpful for me.

  10. Meet Patel says:

    It’s shows “son of satyamurthy” movie whenever I open any channel. Plz fix this… Overall u r genius. Great app modding by u but also waiting for jio Cinema link update.

  11. Dinesh Gudipalli II says:

    Dude it’s asking jio id or jio number what to do now?

    Help me out

  12. Qazi says:

    Not working for me asking jio id password

  13. chrome says:

    This trick is not working anymore from today. Any new trick to avoid update?

  14. siva says:

    Hii bro..Even using that apk editor ..The app is not opening ..

  15. Himanshu Singhal says:

    Not working for me, in my mobile and firestick botb

  16. shyam says:

    Update link

  17. shyam says:

    It ask for update

  18. Karthi says:

    Today i am faci ng update error. Upto Yesterday working fine

  19. King Maker says:

    Now it is not working. It is asking for to update the app even after changing the version via apk editor.

  20. pradip says:

    I appreciate Grate Job, only problem is I cannot see the star channel logo. kindly fix it

  21. ajay says:

    Hey new version was released can you update the link, if you can tell how you are doing it, it will be helpful

  22. yesss says:

    am not getting cancell button when it gives that recommend update message.

  23. yesss says:

    am not getting cancell button when it gives that recommended update pop up mesaage. Am on android 7.0 .. beacuse of that update pop up am not able to use it now. any help?

  24. Vishal says:

    Nikhil it’s again asking for mandatory update

  25. shyam says:

    Every time ask for update
    Yesterday mod jio block

  26. Faraz says:

    Not working asking update both on android TV and Samsung Galaxy A5 ..previuosly it was working fine on both

  27. Faraz says:

    Mod Apk version also changed to 5.1.2..still not working on android tv box and galaxy a5

  28. Rahul says:

    from today the app is asking for the update any solution ?
    till yesterday it was working fine , but today it is asking for the update

  29. Mani says:

    This was working till yesterday (5.1.1) version and now suddenly started saying update is available. I even tried changing the version number to 5.1.2 using ApkEditor. Still the issue persists. Can you please tell me if there is a way to get it working again?
    Trying in KitKat 4.4.4 based Android TV.

  30. Avi says:

    I am trying installing apk editor but showing same message again. My device is mecool m8spro android tv box

  31. anonymous says:

    And its over !!! They released new update !!! You have to update ..there is no cancel button ..
    My Android TV was so alive with this application 🙁

  32. Rahul says:

    Have you update the app ? can’t able to use the alternative too.

  33. Mayank Patel says:

    I have found a way to how to use again old apk so here it is

    1)Download jioplay 4.0.71

    2)then install it and open it with apkeditor
    And make changes like this
    Version name = 5.1.2
    Version code = 16
    Install location = PREFER EXTERNAL

    And save it now as we did before removed installed one and install this modified apk and you will be enjpying your tv woth old jioplay…..

      • Atanu Dasgupta says:

        Its really working… Thanks buddy… I would really be obliged if you can provide a similar working solution for getting around the buffering issue while playing JIO Play… I have a Airtel 100 Mbps VFibre connection so speed is not the issue here as I am facing the same issue on my phone with Jio sim and Jio connection…. It seems to be a streaming issue at the server end…Have also tried using VPN but it does not help..

    • Anonymous says:

      And its working !!! thanks Mayank Patel

  34. JK says:

    Not able to bypass login screen Android 7 even with new Aug mod apk..not working for me

  35. Atanu Dasgupta says:

    Its really working !! Hats off to Mayank Patel…….

  36. Atanu Dasgupta says:

    Mayank Patel : I would really be obliged if you can provide a similar working solution for getting around the buffering issue while playing JIO Play… I have a Airtel 100 Mbps VFibre connection so speed is not the issue here as I am facing the same issue on my phone with Jio sim and Jio connection…. It seems to be a streaming issue at the server end…Have also tried using VPN but it does not help..

  37. ram says:

    Thanks. But it still does not show latest additions like ten 2,3 HD and true sports. Pls add a provision for inclusion of new channels when ji adds them

  38. Rahul says:

    Can you also help to mod jio cinema. present apk file is not working.

  39. Shiva says:

    Thanks brother working again….. 🙏👍👌

  40. Meet Patel says:

    Mayank bhai. Aap great go. Plz keep helping us bro. We need guys like you. A big thanx to u mr. Mayank Patel……

  41. Akash Dodeja says:

    Not able to download file from media fire

  42. shyam says:

    Thanks. Nikhil bhai
    working perfectly Aug updated

  43. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for Aug Update. JioTV App installed in Mobile phone from Playstore shows new channels. Is it possible to include those too? Tamil – Sun Group HD Channels

  44. deepak says:

    select hd 1 and 2 and star sports 4 are not working plz help ?

  45. Aditya Vishwakarma says:

    Sir both jio tv is not installing from both lingerie showing unable to parsing package solve this

  46. Himanshi says:

    Thanks buddy we love you for this.

  47. devnder kumar says:

    bro your app is very good but in this new version i m unable to see the past program please do something fast.

  48. Arif says:

    Can’t record programs and can’t rewind any channel

  49. Adeel Azam says:

    Hiiii sir…jio tv working f9. No notification show for update jio tv…but last 2 days a error show no past program available like star plus,zee tv show work properly but past 7 days program not play please resolve it..Thanku

  50. Ashwin says:

    Jio TV app works , but in newer modified app only live channels can be viewed not the 7 days recorded channel. Every channel grayed out. But works well on live watching. In new update of Jio when we do screen mirroring app says screen mirror is not available.

  51. deepak says:

    sir plz ye premier leauge ko fix kardo chalta nahi bakki saare program aate plz soon

  52. Sahil says:

    New mod requires jio Id login…

  53. Viral Panchal says:

    Hello Nikhil… Please update app for the latest jio tv apk as it includes additional new channels. And this apk also not showing previous episodes. It only shows live streaming. Hope you will update soon.

  54. Karthi says:

    Today i checked lot of time when i open andplay any live tv after 5sec automatically close with error msg”We just encountered an unexpected error! Please try again.(82000451)
    OK” please resolve this soon

  55. P.Mohankumar says:

    Thanks its working but in most HD tamilnadu channels notavailable , possible to have Jio Cinema app

  56. savad says:

    Thanks broooo.😘😘😘😘😘

  57. savad says:

    Thanks broooo.😘😘😘😘😘

  58. Rahul says:

    I keep getting this error while trying to load the channel. Please help.

  59. Deep says:

    Hi the download link 2 works but only few sw onds n in uk i got a friend loggin. Can you fix the issue.and star channels works with hotstar which is great

  60. suraj says:

    This moded Jio TV app dont allows past 7 days programs on any device.
    Please fix this .

  61. biswajit says:

    Does not play past program. Now jio tv offer 500 chanel. Plz help me. I have id and password.

  62. ashik says:

    last few days the app doesn’t work

  63. Deepak says:

    Hey Nikhil facing new problem error (0*80000042) and if I’ll play with jio data it’s run smoothly.

  64. Ishmeet says:

    Thanks for this. In the recent updates, they have blocked videos while screen casting. Can you make a modified verison of the app that does not block it.

  65. Pradeep says:

    Will this work with Bluestacks / Nox App player?

  66. Rajesh says:

    Its not working a message is being displaying
    Unable to process try again after some time

  67. Karty says:

    Hello Nikhil, i had been using Jio tv on wifi successfully up until July, after which they made jio network mandatory. I only have jio login credentials, no jio data.

    I later used the “app apk” trick to set to the latest update on Google play while i continued using the last working version (5.1.2). It was all perfect.

    However, it has stopped working all of a sudden now. It throws an error – ” unable to play the program at the moment, please try again later”

    Could you please help me fix this..? The advantage of using this version 5.1.2 and above is we get live tv as well as recorded shows.

    It would be very helpful if you can help me fix this issue.

  68. subh097 says:

    This jio tv mod apk is good but why it don’t play the past episodes of show plz make it happen as soon as possible otherwise this mod is very very good but make it play past episodes too

  69. subh097 says:

    This jio tv mod apk is good

  70. Arif says:

    Bhai can’t play past episodes and can’t pause also plz fix it soon n update it

  71. Rahul says:

    If i have 4g network with full speed then why jio tv have take no speed continuously …. Some time its loding and loading!!!

  72. Rahul says:

    If i have idea 4g network with full speed then why jio tv have take full speed continuously …. Some time its loding and loading!!!

  73. Mariano says:

    I really believe this website requirements far more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to read far more, thanks for that info.

  74. anonumous says:

    Bro only hd channels are playing…wat about starsports 1 2 3

  75. Sukanta Ruidas says:

    Add Live TV all channels

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