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188 Responses

  1. PuniT DadhaniyA says:

    You say no need to HOTSTAR for watching STAR CHANNEL in your jio tv mod app but i don’t able to watch STAR CHANNEL.. PLZ giving reply of my query..

  2. Sanjay says:

    Hi Nikhil

    Thanks for your great info. Is there any update on it? Is there any better option to browse channels. It will be better if all the channels list will be seen horizontally instead of vertical listing one by one.


  3. RD says:

    Hi, Thanks for the app.
    But there are following issues,

    1. Star network apps are not getting open.
    2. Zee network channels get open but don’t play any thing.

    Please if there is any patch available, let us know please.

    I am using jio TV app on Android TV.


    • Nikhil says:

      Glad it Helped 🙂 Zee Has Withdrawn all its Channels from Jio Network. And About Star, there are some technical issues which may be resolved as time will pass.

      • Sandesh says:

        Hi Nikhil
        I downloaded Mod Jio apk I am going to install on Android TV outside India, Hope it works

  4. SK says:

    Hi RD, could you tell me which android box are you using? Also, my Jio play app gives me error every time I open it. Could you give the version you are using?

    • RD says:

      I am using Jio TV app on my Sony Bravia Android 4K TV.

  5. SK says:

    RD, sorry for asking too many questions but I sure am interested in how you got it working. Could you provide info :
    1. Android version on your Sony Bravia TV
    2. Which WiFi are you connected to (jio or non jio)
    3. If non jio, are your phone with Jio SIM and the Sony TV on the same non jio wifi network??

    I will tell you what I am doing,
    1. India vpn
    2. A friends jio id/password
    3. non jio wifi
    4. phone with jio SIM is not connected to this non jio wifi

    Thanks in advance

  6. Neha says:

    Dear admin I’m from Kuwait can i use this app ..i tried whenever i log in my jio id it’s shown update or exit how can i solve this plz reply me asps

  7. Aarif says:

    it is asking for update

  8. mw says:


    can u pls share a link of the app for firestick users pls…the current links open in a mobile format on tv..

  9. JAyesh says:

    jio TV MOD

  10. Sadaram says:


  11. Ashish says:

    App Editor option is not working with new version 5.5.5. After modifying also getting popup update or exit. Please help

  12. Alphonse says:

    My fire stick shows this jio TV app is not compatible with your device
    Can you please help me with that

  13. Arun kumar says:

    In my android smart tv i installed jio tv app but it asking google play services to play jio tv but my tv not supporting to install google play services. I tried a lot but not working. Please give solution

  14. Srikanth says:


    Searching jio tv app for Sony PS4
    Can you help me with that

  15. top says:

    Nice thing!!

  16. Jiwan Kumar says:

    Hello I am living I UK. I cannot get Jio or Hot star working. Anyone help me to get these apps working in UK. Thanks.

  17. Raj says:

    Is it work without net?

  18. Kalyan Navgire says:

    Hi I have changed its version but it didn’t work never run only show jiotv loading so give me suggestions I will be run it on my mi tv .

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