WhatsApp Account is Hacked: How to Know and What to do?

Is My WhatsApp account hacked? Know if anyone is using your WhatsApp by other device. And also learn how to protect my WhatApp from hacking.

WhatsApp claims to offer end-to-end encryption to safeguard your chats. Also, using the same WhatsApp number on two devices is impossible. However, your WhatsApp account can be spied upon using WhatsApp Web. All your chats could be read by an unauthorized person. 

WhatsApp Web is a powerful feature released which lets users send or receive a message using any device by associating their WhatsApp Account using scanning a QR Code. The WhatsApp Web lets users simulate the WhatsApp account on any device with a fixed web browser. This can be used to spy or hack your WhatsApp.

I have found several ways to know if someone is spying on WhatsApp. Today in this post I will tell you how you can find which other phone or PC is accessing your WhatsApp. Also, I will explain how to keep yourself safe from breaches or getting hacked.

How to Know if Your WhatsApp is Being used on other Devices?

Often, people take an interest in your life. To sneak into your privacy, they can access your WhatsApp chats. All they need is a few seconds of your unlocked phone and WhatsApp Web Barcode. Boom!! They can now see an exact duplicate of your WhatsApp account with all the chat and media. 

The WhatsApp on your cell phone will work normally. However, every WhatsApp you send or receive will be visible on the device of the person spying on your chats. WhatsApp Web will simulate your WhatsApp account on the unauthorized device with all the chat logs, access to media, view status, and even send messages.

How to Know if they Spy via Whatsapp Web?

In case you missed it, I want to let you know that the first evidence will appear on the cell phone itself in the form of a notification.


If you missed it then you can check the account usage by doing the following.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Tap the overflow icon.
  3. Select Linked Devices from the menu.
    Link WhatsApp Device

If one or several computers with open sessions appear which you have not given access to, then your WhatsApp account is compromised to another device. Your account is “intervened” and they are spying on you.

Notice any changes to the name, About section, or WhatsApp avatar that you never made. Any modification to these data may signify a hack resulting from a breach of your WhatsApp account.

What to do if WhatsApp is Open on Another Device?

To prevent WhatsApp from being hacked you can log out of all the sessions that are open and the person will lose access to your account immediately.

To avoid these things happening again, the most effective solution is to configure WhatsApp with App Lock. In this way, even if someone gets your phone, they can not access the WhatsApp application and connect it to a PC or other App via WhatsApp Web.

Know if WhatsApp is Open on Another Device

Another way in which persons can spy on WhatsApp is by activating the account on another device. They register your WhatsApp number in another mobile, and during their configuration, they recover all your chats or conversations saved in the application. Anyone can do this by taking their cell phone, to receive the verification code that WhatsApp sends.

If such a thing is done then on your phone then you will be greeted with the message “This phone could not be verified” because the number is registered on another device.

You can re-verify your number to regain account access.

Protect Your WhatsApp Account from getting Activated on other Devices

There is a much-sophisticated method to protect your WhatsApp from getting active on another phone. All you need to do is enable two-step verification. To do so go to,

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the 3-dot icon and select Settings.
  3. Go to Account.
    Settings WhatsApp Account
  4. Tap on Two-step verification
  5. Press the button Turn On.
    Two Step Verification

Follow the further instructions on the screen to complete setting up the two-step verification on the WhatsApp account.

When someone tries to activate your WhatsApp on another device, he will be asked for a security code that only you know. Without that code, it will be impossible for another person to register your WhatsApp on another computer.

Check if Your WhatsApp Profile Info was Changed

If some unauthorized person has access to your WhatsApp chats, they may have made changes to your contact info.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Press the 3-dot icon at the top and go to Settings.
  3. Tap on your avatar to visit your WhatsApp profile information.
    WhatsApp Account

Notice any changes to the name, About section, or WhatsApp avatar that you never made. Any modification to these data may signify a hack resulting from a breach of your WhatsApp account.

Check WhatsApp Chats for Messages Exchanged with Unknown Contacts

When someone has remote access to your chats, they may have exchanged messages with some other person who is not in your contact list.

Usually, WhatsApp chat has so many messages from your contacts, groups, and businesses you follow that it is normal to overlook any message exchanged with an unknown person.

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Scroll through the chats.

If you see a message sent to a number or contact you never added on WhatsApp, block them immediately.

How to Know if Someone Hacked WhatsApp Files?

This is a complex method to gain access to the WhatsApp chat but it is an easy trick which can put your privacy at risk. A rogue can access the chat even with a locked WhatsApp account.

They will target the WA Chat log, images, videos, and other media in the File Manager. The cybercriminal can send the files to his/her device or they can use auto-backup apps like Backup Text for WhatsApp. Also, they can directly email all your WhatsApp conversations in plain text. This is a very serious type of threat and many WhatsApp users don’t know about it.

Keep Your WhatsApp Files Safe in File Manager

Update WhatsApp on your phone regularly to stay safe from getting your WhatsApp chat hacked or getting your media files shared on WhatsApp leaked. The updates consist of security patches with backup encryption. Also, it is better to have an App lock for File Manager if you think a person may go as far as to sneak into your personal life.

Note & Conclusion:

Although WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, make sure to check the Linked Devices to see if there’s some unauthorized device connected to your phone. Remove the connected devices from your WhatsApp account that you don’t recognize.

As of now, there is no other way to hack into someone’s WhatsApp, unless the hacker has your phone with all the apps unlocked. I hope the post was helpful. Comment below for any queries or support. Provide your valuable suggestions to improve this post.

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