How to Fix USTVGO.TV Not Working on Browser?

Is USTVGO.TV Not Loading Live TV on your Chrome Browser, Android TV, Firestick Etc. Here are the Best Methods to Fix USTVGO Not Working Issue.

USTVGO TV is a Live TV Streaming Site that allows you to stream 90+ live TV channels from the US. The site is clean, loads the Live TV quickly, and importantly do not bombard the user with Ads or Pop-ups. The authority of the site can be established by the fact that the site gets over 20+ million visitors per month.

The site offers over 80+ premium live tv channels like Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV and other popular channels.

If you are facing issues with playing videos on the USTVGO TV website on your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Browser, or on your Android TV or Firestick TV, then below are some of the best solutions to fix USTVGO not loading or not opening issues for your desktop Browser.

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Fix 1. The Servers May Be Down

This is the most obvious reason for the USTVGO not loading live tv on the browser. As a large amount of media is loaded live, the servers may sometimes crash due to the burden of huge bandwidth demand, especially during any popular event like Live Sports. Check on the community forums like Reddit or Twitter to find out if you along are facing this issue or it’s a global outage.

If the servers are down, then the USTVGO will fix the issue, and the TV should normally run again. But if you along are not able to open the site or stream Live TV, then I recommend you follow the below-mentioned fixes to solve the problem.

Fix 2. Disable VPN or Proxy

USTVGO works on an independent server, and the developer has restricted specific Live TV Channels. The user needs NordVPN to run the restricted streaming. For general use, if you are using any VPN or Proxy other than NordVPN, then the streams may not work in most of the cases as the developer has set a parameter to load the live tv only when its servers detect IP Proxies from NordVPN. Therefore, using any proxy other than Nord will block the stream, and you may be greeted with an interruption error.

Fix 3. Clear Cache of Browser

Clearing the cache of the Chrome browser will disperse off the junk files, thus clearing up a lot of memory and fixing any glitch caused by data build-up.

  1. In Chrome browser type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the URL Box.
  2. Clear Browsing Data dialog box will show up.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab.
  4. Cookies, other site data, and cached images & files will have a checkmark by default. If not, manually select these two options. If you wish, you can also select Browsing history.
  5. There is no need to select the Password/Sign-in Data; otherwise, the passwords you have saved to Chrome will be removed.
    Clear Google Chrome Cache
  6. Select the Time Range, and once done, click on Clear Data.

Fix 4. Remove Browser Extensions

Extensions are good, and they help improve browsing. They perform actions on the page either after the page is loaded or during the time of page load. The extension injects some code or block codes that might prevent the USTVGO from streaming the video. Therefore, it is good to disable the addon and reload the page to see, if the Channels are working.

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Then in the address bar, type Chrome://Extensions to view all the extensions installed on Chrome.
  3. Each extension will have an option Remove beside it.
    Remove Chrome Extension
  4. Click on Remove for those extensions which you do not use.

Fix 5. Try Incognito Mode

A browser regularly collects cache and data for the sites to enhance the user experience by loading the frequently visited websites quickly. Sometimes, this may cause the live streaming to not load as cache buildup, or some chrome setting might have blocked the website from loading the required media code for loading the website.

Incognito browsing doesn't help you from your ISP protection

It is best to open the Incognito mode or Private Tab on your browser and try to play the video. If the video is working fine in incognito, then it’s most probably is the issue with your browser cache and data buildup.

Fix 6. Try Alternative Browser

The issue maybe with the browser itself. You can check the streaming using any alternative browser option available on your device. Opera seems to be a legit alternative, while others like Microsoft Edge and Brave browser can make things a bit easier.

Fix 7. Try USTVGO Alternative

If the issue still persists then, you can try some USTVGO alternatives available online. There is also a mirror site of the site named USTV247 TV.

Here is the Best Free USTVGO Live TV Sites Alternative to Streaming TV Channels from the USA.

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  1. Phillip Brown says:

    You may know a little bit about this USTV.TV buffering issue but defiantly not enough to write an article about the topic, this was almost as bad as those who go to technical support forums and search for those novices who have an issue of some sort and you will provide them with your nugget of knowledge “Did you Try turning it on?”, then I imagine you rush into the the bathroom , smiling into the mirror and pat yourself on the back. The whole article scores a a Grade of “D” to a “D-” but answer #2 gives you a score of “F”. Do you even use USTVGO.TV? If you did you should know that you HAVE to have a VPN , not only that but a specific VPN which was and still is( I believe) NORD VPN. Without it you are really confined to only certain public view friendly channels.

    • Nikhil says:

      I think you have blind-eyed on hate with USTVGO, the article is never about streaming VPN restricted Live TV, but is related if the site or the Live TV is showing an error having any problem.

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