Share Offline Saved YouTube Videos with Other Android Devices

Share and play your offline stored YouTube videos with this simple trick below. Transfer the saved videos and watch the videos on any device.

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest search engine bigger than Yahoo, bing and other internet giants combined (except Google Search). So, for such a big search engine even a small change in its functioning such as adding a new feature will create ripples affecting millions across the globe. The same happened when the Offline feature was added to  YT App.

The Offline feature helps you to download and save the videos in your YouTube app which you can watch anytime without any internet connectivity. The problem with sharing this saved YouTube videos is it doesn’t save the video in one part but creates a chunk of files which only coalesce when played on YouTube App. Therefore, it is difficult to play videos in any other device with ease. But today I have come up with this simple but effective trick to get your youtube videos shared and play successfully on any device. With this trick, you can share your offline saved videos with anyone and enjoy videos without data.

Steps to Follow to Share and Play your Offline Stored YouTube Videos :-

Step 1. Share the Offline stored YouTube videos to the desired Android Device. To do so follow the file path given below and simply transfer the Stream file to another device.


Step 2. Once the stream file is successfully shared to other Android device then copy and paste the stream file to the same location as mentioned above.

Step 3. Now open the YouTube App and search for the same video for which you have copied the stream file.

Step 4. Here click on the offline icon and select the same quality which was selected to save the video in the main device.

Step 5. Holla! Your YouTube has just successfully transferred the saved video to other Android device (The video will be saved without any downloads required).

Step 6. Instead of saving the videos quickly, sometimes the download may start then simply re-try for more times.

Here is a video guide for same;

Conclusion: If you are still facing the problem then you need to sign-in with your Google account in other device and try the steps above.

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