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  1. Madhusudan Pathak says:

    I’m using full version in my google pixel 2 , when I press media option in KM only camera photo and video are visible but I can’t see other folders like whatsapp, download , etc

  2. Giggly says:

    How many times I follow this instructions but still error

  3. Sai says:


  4. Arun says:

    Super app

  5. Niraj says:

    in my KM croma key and other latest feature are not available, what I should do?

  6. Builtbyjuz says:

    Been using the app for almost a year, and made over 30 videos with it as premium subscriber, but now after working on latest video it comes up error occurred while exporting, using iPhone, tried closing app and restarting but same issue

  7. Anio says:

    i am facing an error mentioned bellow
    (export_video_dec_init_fail) what i can do? Please Help!

    • Admin says:

      try any older version of the app.

  8. Naidu says:

    My store is not working …
    please check your network connection -200 error

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