Best Free Kisscartoon Alternative Sites

Looking for Alternatives of KissCartoon. Then here are some of the Best Kisscartoon Alternative Sites to Watch your Favourite cartoons and Anime.

There are times when people feel bore to follow their daily routines. The daily schedule of waking up in the morning, getting ready for the office, and coming back home to sum the day by washing dishes seem to be too serious for some people. Thanks to the existence of cartoons. People love watching them as a reason of fantastic escapism. But how will you watch cartoons now? The answer is KissCartoon. KissCartoon is an online streaming media website that specializes in serving the cartoons.

The platform has more than 5,000 cartoons including Family Guy, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones, Batman, Scooby-Doo, etc. All the content available there is for free. The website itself is supported by ads. But there are many sources claiming its shutdown in 2017 due to copyright issues, and also it has been observed that a lot of people were searching for its alternatives. So here, we have compiled a list of best KissCartoon alternatives for your convenience.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Here are the Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Feed your Hunger of Cartoons

1. KissAnime

As the name suggests, KissAnime is a Japanese anime site catering as a sister site of KissCartoon. The computerized animation presents the best of Japanese animation with colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and beautiful themes. The site has a fantastic layout and offers a wide variety of animes. The speed is fast enough. It is available in almost every country and is accessible on every platform. Rest, everything is good.

Key features of KissAnime

  • Available for free
  • High-definition quality videos
  • Massive collection of animes


2. CartoonExtra

Extra word in this name really justifies its offerings. CartoonExtra offers a sizeable collection of movies and comics with a polished design. The website has the popular cartoons in its collection including, Adventure Time, SquarePants, Regular Show, and much more. Speed is fast. Also, the platform has a built-in video player presenting high-quality video content.

Key Features of CartoonExtra

  • It’s Free
  • Reasonably Fast
  • Offers a huge database



This platform makes cartoon’s search fairly simple. The website has a simple design and offers a wide range of cartoons. Popular cartoons like The Simpsons, Haikyuu, Justice League, The Jetsons, and Transformers series are part of its database. It also has the always updating index, appealing to thousands around the globe. So, in our view, a good alternative to the KissCartoon website.

Key features of

  • Free
  • Satisfactory fast
  • Simple UI


4. AnimeToon

AnimeToon is specifically for cartoons and anime lovers. You can watch all the popular cartoons naming Ben10, Tom and Jerry, Pokémon, American Dad, and much more. For many, this website seems to be the revisit to their childhood memories. AnimeToon is also among the most-engaging cartoon providers on this planet.

Key features of AnimeToon

  • Free to use
  • Satisfies all age groups
  • Availability of a wide range of cartoons



Cartoonson is the #1 priority for those who love celebrated content. By this we mean, from shows like Baby Loony Toons, Justice League, and Ice Age are the part of Cartoonson. The UI of the website is simple and easy to use. Speed is fair. The site is regularly updated with new content, and that’s a plus.

Key features of

  • Free
  • Good Speed
  • Astonishing UI


6. Nyaa

Nyaa is the ultimate BitTorrent tracker with all the Japanese software, movies, and video games. The website has good speed, but we recommend some patience. UI is okayish. The website can be operated from anywhere in the world, and it’s the first preference for those who have an obsession with Japanese animation.

Key features of Nyaa

  • Fast in speed
  • Reliable BitTorrent provider
  • Best for Japanese anime


7. WatchSeries

WatchSeries doesn’t specialize in any particular genre. The site has everything from Game of Thrones to The Big Bang Theory. UI is good. The website content is being regularly updated. Also, it has a massive library to flood its users with amazing and high-quality content.

Key features of WatchSeries

  • Free to use
  • No ads
  • Huge library index


8. KimCartoon

KimCartoon is among the most-polished cartoons offering websites on the list. It doesn’t only offers all the popular cartoons, but also equipped with a fantastic layout to adore. Speed is blazing fast. Tom and Jerry, Scooby-doo, and Bob the builder are the cartoons available here.

Key Features of KimCartoon

  • Freely accessible
  • Fast in speed
  • A good library


9. AnimeStory

AnimeStory, by its name, clearly depicts its offerings, and that’s Japanese-animation. The animation is available in a dubbed format with subtitles. The site has a beautiful UI, amazing speed, and a wide library to impress. One best thing about the site is, users can make a request. And that request is listened by admins and they, in most cases, make prompt action.

Key features of AnimeStory

  • Free
  • Fast
  • Reliable


10. Toonova

Unlike any other normal cartoon provider, Toonova provides multiple mirrors for most episodes. The site has a great user-interface offering full movies, popular series, and daily episodes. The speed is nice. Most of the cartoon lovers visit this site daily to enjoy the high-quality content.

Key features of Toonova

  • Free
  • Amazing UI
  • Offers movies too


11. is a similar website to the one we have mentioned above. The site is usually considered to be a good alternative to KissCartoon. Cartoons like Ninja Turtles, Scooby-do, and Transformers are among the most-watched cartoons on this website. The speed is fast.

Key features of

  • Fast
  • Free to use
  • Widely visited


12. 9Anime

9Anime is for those who are a die-hard anime fan. It has all the latest and greatest animes, binge-watched worldwide. The site has an engaging UI, and a satisfactory speed to enhance the experience. Also, it is the most preferred anime site in Japan.

Key features of 9Anime:

  • Free
  • Amazingly fast
  • Good reputation


13. comprises the large library of animes loved and adored by many globally. The site has an appealing UI, and a speed worth experiencing. It offers high-quality videos and a user can search his/her favorite anime by name on the website. Rest, explore more, and let us know below.

Key features of

  • Free
  • Great speed
  • Highly recommended for anime lovers


14. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is among the highly preferred anime sites on the internet. The site has a huge fanbase and a user-interface to be loved. It has sizeable content with high-quality video streaming support. Daily, millions of users visit this website, and it is also considered as the best source of entertainment in the cartoons offering category.

Key features of Crunchyroll

  • It’s free to use
  • No ads
  • Great reputation

Visit Crunchyroll

15. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is a one spot for entertainment, relaxation, and fun. The site has everything for cartoons and anime lovers. All the popular cartoons from American Dad to Archer, the site has all. UI is nice. Speed is fast enough. At last, the site has an in-built video player, provides high-quality video content, and is accessible on any platform.

Key features of CartoonCrazy

  • Free
  • Nice UI
  • Decent reputation


Conclusion: So these were some of the best KissCartoon alternatives. If you find this article useful, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear that.

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