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  1. Shekhar says:

    My jio fi is not opening what to do

    • Nikhil says:

      Reset the device

      • Ishan says:

        bt how? There is no hole to reset

  2. Thomas says:

    I tried resetting my device as I enabled mac filter and couldn’t connect myself. Now after resetting also I can connect. It says password wrong.

    • Albert says:

      Please use the default password which is found on the bottom of the packaged box or you can remove the battery and below it you can find too.

  3. Jigar says:

    Hello sir, I have follow same process but still network still low and red blinking

    • Jigar says:

      Do I need to visit reliance store as device just bought before 5 days

      • Albert says:

        No need. Call their toll free number for quick assistance 1800 889 9999

      • dileep says:

        try it with INSERTING SIM

  4. Kandarp says:

    My jiofi shows no 4g connection I am fk pis off now with that thing pls help

  5. praful kumar says:

    I bought a new Jio fi of rupees 2000 and a sim of rupees 410(prime + 309 ) and I’m facing a network speed problem . The speed is very slow like the free users

  6. Sanjeev Singh Punia says:

    Sir my jio wifi device is working with one sim but when I change to other sim it signal red and blinking. Please tell me how to fix it?

  7. Raj says:

    Jiofi is having full network but on pressing the WPS button it is showing that wifi is disabled

  8. Aayushi says:

    My jiofi is not opening.

  9. jit says:

    When i’m putt the battery in my jiofi all lights like wifi network connection and also start buttons are open without my clicking.
    And after some time this are switch off.and some time letter they are automatically open but not give any response.

    I’m doing reset jiofi but not solve this problem

    Pls give me solution.

  10. harish says:

    i am not able to connect jiofi with my pc or laptop using usb cable

  11. Manish says:

    Jiofi wifi is not detecting in my Laptop and Mobile…when I press wps button on Jiofi its showing message wifi Disable
    How to enable wifi in jiofi

  12. shubham saxena says:

    when i connect jiofi 2 to my laptop and open google chrome net run good but after 20 – 30 min jiofi 2 stop working correctly and net automatically disconnet plz help

    • Nikhil says:

      There might be some issues with the software. Perform factory reset or update the software.

  13. Shreya says:

    My jio wifi even after pressing the button for a while it is not working what to do and when i put it for charging the light starts blinking

  14. Shubham Saxena says:

    I already press factory reset button but it cannot resolve my problem and how to update jiofi 2 software

  15. Shubham Saxena says:

    Plz tell fast

  16. Ashik says:

    hi. i use my jiofi on both my pc and laptop through usb cable. latley it is not connecting with pc. but connecting to laptop. i clicked on trouble shooting on network button it say the wire not connectod properly.

    but if the problm is on wire i could not use it on laptop ryt?

    the issue is only on pc. i tried with diff cable. i Deactivated fire wall and antiviruses still not getting.
    i restarted the jiofi but still no use.
    i have a mts netsetter that is ok working on both. but no net offer
    i need jio to be properly work on my c through usb.

    • Nits says:

      Check if you have disabled your PC’s mac address

  17. Saket says:

    My device is not open and not show charging not do anything

  18. Shah says:

    Hi,My jio fi moderm s working well but I need to stop working(never net connect to all devices) for several days bcoz my frnd always take away from me what to do…

  19. Kumar.MM says:

    Sir my jio router power not on …Next I will connect in charge but not change not pink LED …So help tips

  20. parshant says:

    jiofi connected but no internet access on my andriod….plz help

  21. pujitha says:

    Sir my jio device is not getting charged and its not showing any is not working after it fell down from a small height less than 2 feet.what should I do .does it comes under warranty coverage

  22. Debjeet says:

    my jiofi 2 has heating problem. bought just 5 days ago.. should i contact service center or it heating is normal?

  23. Prashantt says:

    jio fi device charging light starts blinking after connecting charger.

  24. Cherian says:

    My Jio dongle is not turning on when I try try turning only the charge blinks.

  25. Anup Sharma says:

    My jiofi is tht display one.. its showing no wifi.. thrs a cross comming on d wifi.. wht can b d issue..

  26. Deepak kumar sahoo says:

    Red light is alwz turns on in my router from two days..what to do??plz suggest

  27. Junaid says:

    My jiofi 2 just blinks charging light for 3 time and not starts and not able to reboot too please help

    • Devi says:

      Did you get solution for this, same problem in my device

  28. Abhijit says:

    Jio Fi router is turning off after 2/3 minutes. With Reset, turns ON and again goes off after 2 minutes. This is happening with battery and without battery. Where could be the problem?

  29. Rama says:

    My JioFi was fell down. And it was not working. Having Red light blink issues. And that has been resolved wit above post. Now device reset and factory reset both are done.. Sometimes network is fine. Sometimes popr network (not wokring). Is ot network problem or device problem. Can you please help.. Modem was workinh well before…

  30. manisha says:

    please help. there is a red blinking sign on my jiofi device since last week. the customer care number is not reachably by my bsnl sim and the complaint number takes me to the bsnl complaint call. there is no reset button either. the model is JMR540. have visited the retail store but the guy is unabe to help. i bought the device just two weeks back and i am a bit stressed as i see rs 2000 going into drain. do help if you can

  31. niitn says:

    as u said all done… yet youtube buffers and is really bad connectivit.. if i insert this jio sim in some other phone … works super… its troubling a lot.

    • Nikhil says:

      Might be some issues with the JioFi. Contact Jio Support.

  32. sunny says:

    My issues battery light blinking no internet access

  33. prahlad kumar says:

    I was bought a jiofi3 at 2000 price but after 2 month it was dead then I was given to the the jio care but they not give return to me after many days

  34. prahlad says:

    I was bought a jiofi3 at 2000 price but after 2 months it was dead then I was given to the the jio care in madhubani bihar but they not give return to me after many days

  35. saurabh says:

    Sir I have done hard reset even on computer i have done factory reset bit still my jio fi2 showing red light first I used to never get such problem but not I always need to restart or keep my jio fi2 full network

  36. cholan says:

    Hi. I am able to use the data from my jiofi device but the calls and video calls from the jio4gvoice app are not working. But the voice and video calls are working from whatsapp as it uses data. Let me know what should I do. Thanks.

  37. surya says:

    hi my laptop gain the good internet speed wia jiofi hotspot but my android phone not gain the speed even browsing or whatsapp msg and online games.

  38. Dilu says:

    After resetting jiofi3 how much time it will take to function properly as my jiofi is still not working only red light are glowing…in all indicator…plzzz tell me what to do now….as soon as possible..

    • Amal says:

      Me too having same problem. Have you found any solution.

  39. Sandeep says:

    My jifi is red signle why not working why

  40. Subrat says:

    My jiofi was stopped working with red stable signal of store costemer care update the my question is how can i upgrade my jiofi whiach is not working.

  41. Meher says:

    My jio modem is showing red signal. Please tell me what does I do.
    Awaiting your reply

  42. Amir gul says:

    I am using a 3g device when I connect with jiofi only internet connection works but 4g voice shows still not connecting although internet connection works just fine but I m not able to make calls how can I overcome this problem THANK YOU

    • Nikhil says:

      Under settings make sure you have granted all the permissions to Jio4G voice.

  43. BIMAL says:

    I use jiofy with my computer.But the internet speed is very slow like I have finished 1 GB.When I I reset The device the speed gets normal but then after 5 or 6 minutes it’s speed suddenly slows down again. MERA KISMAT ME HI NAHI HAI SHAYAD 4G CHALAANA:( .My money is getting wasted.

  44. Steven de Souza says:

    I have a jiofi which now runs without it’s Battery. However my problem lie here: How do I make my jiofi start up on its own when the power goes off?
    I keep my jiofi on the roof of my house to get it’s signal. It’s difficult to go to the roof to restart the device. Kindly help. I hate the on off switch… Wish the device always stayed on automatically after a power failure… Kindly help if you can.

  45. SUGU says:


  46. rohit says:

    My Jio fi is getting problems to switch on . while I connected with charger its getting hot no light blink.

  47. Raheesa says:

    Im not getting any network for mi jio fi….its really disgusting…we put recharge…n still no gud netwrk!!! Waste of money

  48. diwakar says:

    hi nikil ,

    thanks for the blog and support it helps a lot. i have got new jiofi 4 modem router and it has current version of firmware as : Amtel_JMR1140_R12.07 , can we upgrade the firmware and use the modem for other networks ? if so can u please guide me .


  49. Shikha says:

    My jiofi is showing no internet access detected,wont reconnect automatically..what to do

  50. AX ASHISH says:

    Sir I can’t find my reset button on my jiofi

  51. Amitabh Nigam says:

    My jiofy was dormant for a few days. Today I charged it but now after pressing power button , all four lights are blinking in different colours but the wifi signal is not received, as was indicated by power blinking in green earlier. What should I do?

  52. pyush says:

    my jiofi connect my cameras and charging 24hrs but automatically 2and3 hours after switch off why.

  53. Rajsekhar says:

    I’m unable to pair my mobile with Jiofi
    It gets connected for a second in jiofi and gets disconnected showing authentication error

  54. Akhil raj says:

    dude my problem was this……………………..
    my jiofi is connecting on my pc and one of my android device.
    and i can use internet through those
    but in one of my android os the hotspot is not displaying too……………
    guys plz help immidiately

  55. mohammed says:

    I bought jiofi just 1 week before, at the initial stage it was working properly with good speed and connectivity, but from day before yesterday the net speed is very low as well as connectivity range become to much low….

    Kindly provide good quality product to the customer, don’t lose company reputation by providing local products like jiofi moderm for 999 or 899 rupess.

    It will lose the customer because of small reasons, which will hurt the customers on their working and entertainment.

  56. Jagdeesh Naik says:

    I have JioFi 3 router and my mobile phone is Mi Max 2 (4G VoLTE). While calling through Jio4GVoice app, sometimes I get a message Unable to place call. Please connect to the JioFi SIM with which Jio4GVoice is configured. Would you like to call through phone instead? But the Internet is working fine i.e. whatsApp and other apps.

  57. Jiwan says:

    Sir, I am facing a problem with my Jiofi2 router that I am not able to connect with my mobile and other devices because it is showing tower in red color. Then when I opened my setting I saw that LTE Status Detached. What should I do to make it Attached.

  58. Ashwani says:

    Sir my jiofi is blinking red ….ND site is showing connection status detached .

  59. skanda says:

    i have an issue that my jio fi gets on but its not creating wifi and also i restarted it no improvement ony signal no wifi

  60. nakul upadhyay says:

    sir, my jiofi 3 is not turning on . when i do it charge it shows charging and get fully charged but when i turn it on it shows three times red light and just off. please help me

  61. Rahul says:

    hello sir , my jiofi2 is blinking and turning off automatically , what i do plz help me

  62. Shivakumar says:

    I have JioFi 3 device & it was working before well. but from starting of this Month June internet keeps disconnecting… i have to login to my office via VPN.. most of the time VPN fluctuates.. i went to JioFi store they have done software update but also issue persists… please suggest.

  63. hippie says:

    My jiofi shows red signal icon even if i inset the sim…the sim works very well on my phone but not on i need to reset as well??

  64. rajesh says:

    jiofi only showing blue light and slow speed

  65. Chethan says:

    I diseble the jio WiFi
    But now I am not able to connet to this It shows the red signel
    What can I do for this

  66. diya says:

    sir,my jeo wifi doesnot show any light and acts as dead .how can i repair thar

  67. Abhishek says:

    When i’m press the power button ,my jiofi all lights like wifi network connection and also glowing and got down and this happening again and again .

    Pls give me solution.

  68. harsh says:

    i am not able to connect jiofi with my pc or laptop using usb cable

  69. raju says:

    when on green signal it is showing no internet is working only on blue signal

  70. Nikita says:

    Hi Sir,
    I got a new Jio pocket wifi device but I cannot see the wifi signal on my laptop or phone.

  71. manjit singh says:

    my jiofy 6 is not network working

  72. Maqsood says:

    I have a Jio fi device in which the network is intermittently going off for long hours, but the network is fine in my area, how to fix this, plz help

  73. Jojo says:

    My Jio fi5 is hooked to 24 hours power supply and connected to cameras via wifi. The thing works well for remote monitoring. However, after a few days of continuously on it hangs and needs to be re started. That defeats the purpose of remote monitoring at distant remote location.

    I disabled its sleep mode using by logging into the router settings but still it hangs although less frequently (every 4-5 days). Is there any other fix someone has tried so that the router stays put and on longer?


    • basheer says:

      jojo, where u able to resolve this issue, how did u do it,please inform
      i also have the same issue

  74. raghuram says:

    I’m unable to connect to my jiofi device only at one particular location. I don’t know why. If i move from this area, i’m able to access my device.

  75. Kim says:

    Jiofi device showing red signal…. i tried doin the hard reset but still the problem persists…. ne help…?

  76. dillip kumar dutta says:

    after going through the process of resetting still the network bars are blinking . what is the reason behind it?

  77. dileep says:

    I Recently i bought LENOVO 530s Laptop and JioFi 6 for internet. when ic connected my Laptop to JioFi for Internet, it used to stop for every 5 minutes. PLEASE HELP ME TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE.

  78. Amarveer says:

    Is there any chance of device going offline. What does it mean ??

  79. imran says:

    Please help me
    My jio fi is not connect in my phone/leptop. I tried resetting my device but not working and couldn’t connect myself.

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