Fix JioFi Device Not Working and Bugs

Fix the problems & issues of JioFi device not working like Automatic Reboot, system error, forget the password, network issues, heating etc.

JioFi Mi-Fi Wifi router is a portable hotspot introduced by Jio Infocomm LTD. In the box, you have a charger and USB cable. Apart from using as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the JioFi also offers HD voice and video calls with the help of JioJoin app in Wi-Fi connected smartphones.

If you are facing the problem with your JioFi and it’s upgraded version like JioFi 2 or 3 then today I have come up with all potential solution and it’s fixes. The common issues with JioFi like Automatic Reboot, system error, forget the password, network issues, heating etc. There is a simple solution to hard reset the JioFi and solve all these JioFi issues.

How to Hard Reset the JioFi Device?

Hard reset is the process which resets all the device settings back to default thus factory resetting Mi-Fi data.

Reset JioFi to Factory Default Settings

Reset JioFi to Factory Default Settings

Step 1. Do not remove the battery. Keep the JioFi ON.

Step 2. Remove the back cover.

Step 3. Now look for ‘Reset’ text on the side of WPS button.

Step 4. Use any pin or SIM ejector and press the button inside. (Do not use any sharp object)

Step 5. Press the button for at least 30 seconds.

Step 6. Your JioFi will start blinking and reboot automatically.

Step 7. Connect the JioFi to your browser. And access the Jio services. You need to set up the JioFi configuration again as resetting will delete all the saved settings and data.

Note: For some JioFI devices the reset button may be present above the battery in form of small hole.

How to Fix Red Blinking Signal Issue on JioFi?

I also had the same signal issue on JioFi 3 device.Please follow steps to resolve the red signal blinking issue.

You can perform it after Factory Setting reset.

  • Connect your JioFi to the computer and open a browser like Chrome.
  • Enter the URL http://jiofi.local.html
  • Login with Login ID and password
  • Click User Management tab
  • Click “Restore” to let device restore

Improve JioFi battery backup and Solve any Heating Issue

Under Settings in Admin Control 

  • For Wi-Fi Menu you need to set 802.11 Mode to 2.4 GHz (B), Disable WMM, keep Tx Power to Low and set Channel mode to Automatic.
  • Under Storage Menu Disable Storage account.
  • Under Advanced Settings make Power save to max time available.
 Note & Conclusion: The hope the post was helpful. Do comment below any assistance required.

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Nikhil Azza
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117 Responses

  1. niitn says:

    as u said all done… yet youtube buffers and is really bad connectivit.. if i insert this jio sim in some other phone … works super… its troubling a lot.

    • Nikhil says:

      Might be some issues with the JioFi. Contact Jio Support.

  2. sunny says:

    My issues battery light blinking no internet access

  3. prahlad kumar says:

    I was bought a jiofi3 at 2000 price but after 2 month it was dead then I was given to the the jio care but they not give return to me after many days

  4. prahlad says:

    I was bought a jiofi3 at 2000 price but after 2 months it was dead then I was given to the the jio care in madhubani bihar but they not give return to me after many days

  5. saurabh says:

    Sir I have done hard reset even on computer i have done factory reset bit still my jio fi2 showing red light first I used to never get such problem but not I always need to restart or keep my jio fi2 full network

  6. cholan says:

    Hi. I am able to use the data from my jiofi device but the calls and video calls from the jio4gvoice app are not working. But the voice and video calls are working from whatsapp as it uses data. Let me know what should I do. Thanks.

  7. surya says:

    hi my laptop gain the good internet speed wia jiofi hotspot but my android phone not gain the speed even browsing or whatsapp msg and online games.

  8. Dilu says:

    After resetting jiofi3 how much time it will take to function properly as my jiofi is still not working only red light are glowing…in all indicator…plzzz tell me what to do now….as soon as possible..

    • Amal says:

      Me too having same problem. Have you found any solution.

  9. Sandeep says:

    My jifi is red signle why not working why

  10. Subrat says:

    My jiofi was stopped working with red stable signal of store costemer care update the my question is how can i upgrade my jiofi whiach is not working.

  11. Meher says:

    My jio modem is showing red signal. Please tell me what does I do.
    Awaiting your reply

  12. Amir gul says:

    I am using a 3g device when I connect with jiofi only internet connection works but 4g voice shows still not connecting although internet connection works just fine but I m not able to make calls how can I overcome this problem THANK YOU

    • Nikhil says:

      Under settings make sure you have granted all the permissions to Jio4G voice.

  13. BIMAL says:

    I use jiofy with my computer.But the internet speed is very slow like I have finished 1 GB.When I I reset The device the speed gets normal but then after 5 or 6 minutes it’s speed suddenly slows down again. MERA KISMAT ME HI NAHI HAI SHAYAD 4G CHALAANA:( .My money is getting wasted.

  14. Steven de Souza says:

    I have a jiofi which now runs without it’s Battery. However my problem lie here: How do I make my jiofi start up on its own when the power goes off?
    I keep my jiofi on the roof of my house to get it’s signal. It’s difficult to go to the roof to restart the device. Kindly help. I hate the on off switch… Wish the device always stayed on automatically after a power failure… Kindly help if you can.

  15. SUGU says:


  16. rohit says:

    My Jio fi is getting problems to switch on . while I connected with charger its getting hot no light blink.

  17. Raheesa says:

    Im not getting any network for mi jio fi….its really disgusting…we put recharge…n still no gud netwrk!!! Waste of money

  18. diwakar says:

    hi nikil ,

    thanks for the blog and support it helps a lot. i have got new jiofi 4 modem router and it has current version of firmware as : Amtel_JMR1140_R12.07 , can we upgrade the firmware and use the modem for other networks ? if so can u please guide me .


  19. Shikha says:

    My jiofi is showing no internet access detected,wont reconnect automatically..what to do

  20. AX ASHISH says:

    Sir I can’t find my reset button on my jiofi

  21. Amitabh Nigam says:

    My jiofy was dormant for a few days. Today I charged it but now after pressing power button , all four lights are blinking in different colours but the wifi signal is not received, as was indicated by power blinking in green earlier. What should I do?

  22. pyush says:

    my jiofi connect my cameras and charging 24hrs but automatically 2and3 hours after switch off why.

  23. Rajsekhar says:

    I’m unable to pair my mobile with Jiofi
    It gets connected for a second in jiofi and gets disconnected showing authentication error

  24. Akhil raj says:

    dude my problem was this……………………..
    my jiofi is connecting on my pc and one of my android device.
    and i can use internet through those
    but in one of my android os the hotspot is not displaying too……………
    guys plz help immidiately

  25. mohammed says:

    I bought jiofi just 1 week before, at the initial stage it was working properly with good speed and connectivity, but from day before yesterday the net speed is very low as well as connectivity range become to much low….

    Kindly provide good quality product to the customer, don’t lose company reputation by providing local products like jiofi moderm for 999 or 899 rupess.

    It will lose the customer because of small reasons, which will hurt the customers on their working and entertainment.

  26. Jagdeesh Naik says:

    I have JioFi 3 router and my mobile phone is Mi Max 2 (4G VoLTE). While calling through Jio4GVoice app, sometimes I get a message Unable to place call. Please connect to the JioFi SIM with which Jio4GVoice is configured. Would you like to call through phone instead? But the Internet is working fine i.e. whatsApp and other apps.

  27. Jiwan says:

    Sir, I am facing a problem with my Jiofi2 router that I am not able to connect with my mobile and other devices because it is showing tower in red color. Then when I opened my setting I saw that LTE Status Detached. What should I do to make it Attached.

  28. Ashwani says:

    Sir my jiofi is blinking red ….ND site is showing connection status detached .

  29. skanda says:

    i have an issue that my jio fi gets on but its not creating wifi and also i restarted it no improvement ony signal no wifi

  30. nakul upadhyay says:

    sir, my jiofi 3 is not turning on . when i do it charge it shows charging and get fully charged but when i turn it on it shows three times red light and just off. please help me

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