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  1. Chandan says:

    I am using red light y2. 3days ago my fingerprint sensor did not work then I rebooted the phone so it work half day and after some time its disappear then I have done factory reset still my sensor does not work. Give me solution.

    • Nikhil says:

      You need to contact support

  2. Chandan says:

    I am using redmi y2. 3days ago my fingerprint sensor did not work then I rebooted the phone so it work half day and after some time its disappear then I have done factory reset still my sensor does not work. Give me solution.

  3. RAroHD says:

    Thank you nikhil worked every time like a charm

  4. Muaz says:

    Mi5 finger print not working

  5. Satinder Singh says:

    Sometimes done doesn’t detect finger prints then place put finger again and again it will detect. Like my mu 5 fone

  6. Dineshdamor says:

    fingherprint option missing

  7. Dolly Jain says:

    I have mi a3 and i have deleted my finger print option not remove and when now i am again try to add my same fingerprint it is not working and if i add other finger print those are also not working and showing couldn’t unlock try again or finger print sensor is dirty but i cleaned many times still showing same error and i have also reset my phone but finger print also not working… can you help me about this?

  8. Jo Sundaram says:

    Redmi 5 fingerprint sensor not working last 6 month please help insection

  9. Venkateswarlu says:

    I am using redmi y2 mobile.
    Unfortunately deleted my finger print option.
    How to get it.

  10. We says:

    Redmi 7 I’ve removed screen lock but not able to remove app lock, after trying to open any app still display read as enter app lock password couldn’t read fingerprint

  11. Christian says:

    I was about to send the phone back, but now magically the fingerprint sensor started working again! It’s magical

  12. Frank A. S. says:

    Solution 6 worked for me (LineageOS 16, Android 9)
    cd /data/system/users/0/
    mv settings_fingerprint.xml settings_fingerprint.xmlOLD
    cd fpdata/
    mv 0_38_0.BMF 0_38_0.BMFold
    mv 0_39_0.BMF 0_39_0.BMFold
    mv 0_41_0.BMF 0_41_0.BMFold

  13. xXG4Xx says:

    Very thanks dude!

    Y make wipe cache/dalvyk, and erase the files in root mode.. reboot and voilá!

  14. resalatk says:

    hi i have got a redmi note 8 pro. and i have setup everything, face unlock fingerprint, one day when i wakeup in the morning i tryed to open my phone but it didnt work i mean face unlock fingerprint hadnt work..why this happend any idea>?

  15. Frank A. S. says:

    Solution 6 worked only for a short while.
    Deleting ‘locksettings’. Then you have to configure lock mode anew, fingerprints ok. After a short while fingerprint does not work again.
    Then I disabled Settings/System/System Profiles. (I had used System Profiles to keep the phone unlocked when connected to home wifi)
    From now on fingerprints worked as it should. After a day I went to Settings/Security & Location/Advanced/Trust Agents and enabled ‘Profiles Trust Provider’. Fingerprint alright. After some time I enabled the System Profiles in Settings/System/System Profiles .
    Everything alright now since yesterday: Fingerprints, staying unlocked in home wifi.

    Probably the fingerprint problem arose because ‘System Profiles’ was enabled, but not teh ‘Profiles Trust Provider’

  16. tindo says:

    thanks digitbin. solution 4 worked on my redmi 4x. awesome!

  17. Dragan says:

    Im using for 2 weeks Mi Note 10 pro. Fingerprint sensor works but is realy too slow. Sometimes I must put my finger 3-4 times to detect. For the premium model of Xiaomi I think that is big mistake. Do you have any solution for me?
    thanks in advance…..

  18. matt says:

    i have an Mi6, and the sensor is not working and the option to open the phone and apps has completely gone for fingerprint recognition. i have reset to factory standard and downloaded everything again and still not working.

  19. Mumin says:

    ᗰY ᖴIᑎGEᖇ ᑭᖇIᑎT Sensor option is not showing in my settings what to do

  20. Ritik says:

    I am using Redmi Note 4 . I had use app lock In some mobile apps but now I use these apps then it’s not open and it shows could not read fingerprint so please you are ask me to solve this problem..

  21. khush bhatt says:

    thank you for giving solution😊

  22. Aniket says:

    In Redmi note 8 fingerprint not working and fingerprint option not showing in lock settings after software update.please suggest.

  23. MD sahin kadir says:

    Redmi 6 Fingerprint system problem

  24. Sue says:

    My phone has all of a sudden put finderprint on the lock screen without me setting the fingerprint option. I can get around by swiping at the phone vigourously a number of times to open it. Very frustrating! I don’t even want to use fingerprint option at all. Any solution?

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