Fix Fingerprint Not Working on all the Xiaomi Devices

Fix Fingerprint not working, not responding and all other bugs and issues with the sensor on your Xiaomi Redmi & Mi phones with the complete detailed methods. Try the solutions below to solve the problems with the fingerprint scanner on Redmi and Mi

Fix Xiaomi Mi & Redmi Fingerprint issues with the best solutions below. Fingerprint Scanner or Sensor is the newest and heavily used feature on almost all the new smartphones. The Fingerprint acts as a tough layer of security for the device as it uses the biometrics of the finger to detect the original users of the phone. Sensor errors are common on Android phones and let us read them in detail.

Today in this post I will tell you the best solutions to fix all the Fingerprint issues on all the Xiaomi devices. As the Fingerprint issues are mostly due to software glitches, therefore, solutions to fix the fingerprint problem are generally same for all the Xiaomi Models. That is all the solutions below can work for all the Xiaomi devices.

You can try the following methods on Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 5, Mi A1, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 4, Note 5 Plus, Redmi 5, Xiaomi Mi6, Mi Max 2, Y1, Mi Max 3, Note 5A, Mi 6 Plus, Redmi 3S Prime, 4 Prime, Mi 6C, Redmi 3A, Mi 5S etc. Fix the issues like Fingerprint Not Working, Not responding, an error occurred with Fingerprint Scanner, couldn’t add fingerprint try again etc.

Fix all the Xiaomi Redmi & Mi Fingerprint Issues

Note: I believe that you have rebooted the device but the problem is not solved. If not yet, then first restart the phone and check for the fix. If not done with a simple reboot then proceed with the solutions below.

Solution 1. Clear Cache of the Phone

The below steps may vary for MIUI Versions.

Step 1. Open the Updater app.

Step 2. Tap the Menu button > Reboot to Recovery mode. Tap Reboot now.

Step 3. In the Recovery mode, you can use the Volume buttons to move the highlight, and the Power button to select. Here, select English.

Step 4. Select Wipe & Reset and select Wipe Cache.

Recovery Menu

Recovery Menu

Step 5. Tap Yes for confirmation.

Step 6. When the process completes, tap Back.

Step 7. Select Reboot and Reboot to System.

Solution 2. Try a Simple Fix

This simple fix can solve the issue in many of the devices.

Go to Developer options → Disable “Don’t keep activities”. Check for the fix.

If you wish you can also make Memory optimisation (High). Reboot the phone and follow regular fingerprint adding procedures.

For Developer option

  • First, go to settings- about phone
  • Tap 5 times in MIUI version after
  • You will get developer option in additional settings.

Solution 3. Switch to Guest User

  • Pull down the notification bar and here tap on the user account (right top). Switch to the Guest user, you can also find the option under Android Settings.
  • Try to add the fingerprint.
  • If the solution works, switch back to your normal user account and clear the internal storage and add a new fingerprint. Done!

Solution 4. Try a Workaround

Workaround I

Just change the Pattern to Pin and add the fingerprint. When asked to press Next on screen, Do Not Press Next! Put your finger on the scanner instead, and it will progress to the next page and follow the instruction until complete. The fingerprint should work fine.

Workaround II

Go to Settings → Screen lock and then Register unrecognized finger. Now don’t delete the fingerprints but remove the screen lock itself and then add screen lock and register your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprint Authentication

Solution 5. Reset the Phone

If none of the above works then resort to resetting the device. I recommend you to reset the device from the recovery mode.

Step 1. Open the Updater app.

Step 2. Tap the Menu button > Reboot to Recovery mode. Tap Reboot now.

Step 3. In the Recovery mode, you can use the Volume buttons to move the highlight, and the Power button to select. Here, select English.

Step 4. Select Wipe & Reset and select Wipe All Data.

Solution 6. For Rooted Devices/Flashed ROMs

Delete Some Files

Open the File Manager and go to data/system/

Here delete two files with extension ‘.key‘ and three files with word ‘locksettings‘in their full name.

Reboot the device and now again add fingerprint. Done Cheers! 

You can also Delete

Delete these files on your rooted Xiaomi Phone.


This could partially fix the issue.

Conclusion: With the solutions above you can fix any type of issues with your Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Fingerprint Sensor for normal as well as rooted devices. If you are still facing any issue I request you to post the problem in the comment section below. Also, visit any nearest Xiaomi Care for support.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. Do share your issue if not resolved with the solutions above on Mi Forum for more suggestions.

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20 Responses

  1. Arif kha says:

    Thankyou so much.

  2. Steven Joseph says:


    A while ago I changed my battery in my my RN4 and we’ll I assume I got a defective battery because the Temperature doesn’t cross 25 degrees.
    A few days later my fingerprint stopped detecting, I deleted and tried to add back new fp but no luck, kept failing.
    I went ahead and bought a new sensor,just installed and same issue.
    Also tried dev rom and stable and epic rom same issue. I did a hardware test and it says pass.
    Self test :Pass
    Checkboard test(number of dead pixels – 0

  3. bread says:

    Workaround II worked for me, thanks!

  4. Avishek tiwari says:

    I can follow alll the above mentioned method but there is no fingerprint option in screen lock.

  5. yamini says:

    Hi all, i also thought its a bug, but u simply need to keep on pressing finger on the sensor until ur entire finger print is recorded and u get the message it will take multiple shots before taking complete finger record and then ur data will be saved but u need to do it until the entire finger print is blued on screen

  6. Prashantkumar says:

    Yar i can access my main lockscreen by finger nd bt pin or password…
    But in the setting app lock form last 3 days i cant access in my applock by what is the sollution.
    I have note5pro 4gb64gb edition…plz help me out …

  7. amar says:

    thank you for sharing this solution on the finger print error issue that we are facing on the xiaomi devices. Good post.

  8. Sha says:

    I tried this also but still not done the problem is my4x engineering mode not available finger print testing option

  9. AMAL AP says:

    Thanks bro its works 😘😘😘

  10. Ivan says:

    Solution II worked great !! Thansk !!
    ps. there is no guest option in my MI 5.

  11. jack saint says:

    When i try to add my fingerprint, I deleted original because of slow response It says “Finger sensor is dirty, clean and try again” Tried many times but still get same reply. I can take photo with sensor button. Any suggestions appreciated. Redmi 3S.

  12. Tanz says:

    Thanks a TON . I was stuggling unable to add fingerprint. Your Solution 2 & 4 worked for me. Now I could add the fingerprint

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