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  1. Arif kha says:

    Thankyou so much.

  2. Steven Joseph says:


    A while ago I changed my battery in my my RN4 and we’ll I assume I got a defective battery because the Temperature doesn’t cross 25 degrees.
    A few days later my fingerprint stopped detecting, I deleted and tried to add back new fp but no luck, kept failing.
    I went ahead and bought a new sensor,just installed and same issue.
    Also tried dev rom and stable and epic rom same issue. I did a hardware test and it says pass.
    Self test :Pass
    Checkboard test(number of dead pixels – 0

  3. bread says:

    Workaround II worked for me, thanks!

  4. Avishek tiwari says:

    I can follow alll the above mentioned method but there is no fingerprint option in screen lock.

  5. yamini says:

    Hi all, i also thought its a bug, but u simply need to keep on pressing finger on the sensor until ur entire finger print is recorded and u get the message it will take multiple shots before taking complete finger record and then ur data will be saved but u need to do it until the entire finger print is blued on screen

  6. Prashantkumar says:

    Yar i can access my main lockscreen by finger nd bt pin or password…
    But in the setting app lock form last 3 days i cant access in my applock by what is the sollution.
    I have note5pro 4gb64gb edition…plz help me out …

  7. amar says:

    thank you for sharing this solution on the finger print error issue that we are facing on the xiaomi devices. Good post.

  8. Sha says:

    I tried this also but still not done the problem is my4x engineering mode not available finger print testing option

    • Nikhil says:

      Customer Service is the last resort.

  9. AMAL AP says:

    Thanks bro its works ???

  10. Ivan says:

    Solution II worked great !! Thansk !!
    ps. there is no guest option in my MI 5.

  11. jack saint says:

    When i try to add my fingerprint, I deleted original because of slow response It says “Finger sensor is dirty, clean and try again” Tried many times but still get same reply. I can take photo with sensor button. Any suggestions appreciated. Redmi 3S.

    • Nikhil says:

      Call customer case support

  12. Tanz says:

    Thanks a TON . I was stuggling unable to add fingerprint. Your Solution 2 & 4 worked for me. Now I could add the fingerprint

  13. george says:

    my finger print doesn’t give any sign of sensor is it problem in the phone or the system. i couldn’t add any fringe print password.

  14. Maurice Fortin says:

    I WISH could totally turn this off 100% so that finger does NOT wake up screen at all, it is SO ANNOYING, I had seen plenty of people make this recommendation and Xiaomi never “responded” saying would add this “simple” feature…it should be a simple “toggle” to activate the feature or toggle to have it OFF for people who “do not” want it (so annoying as I have had phone “wake up” with nothing touching the sensor, and yet touch sensor again does not put back to sleep go figure).

    all the suggestions for disable it have no effect, just “take back of phone apart, take out the wire for the sensor, problem solved” or “put a layer or 2 of tape over the sensor”
    blekk and double blekk.

    figure it would be “easy enough” to add ability to “toggle off completely” as if you root the phone you can completely remove the code allowing the sensor to work, but if you “screw up” you just bricked your phone. a few lines of code would allow a “toggle”


  15. rafiq says:


    Thanks dude, fingerprint resurrected; I followed your last trick. Thanks again….:)

  16. rafi says:

    Thanks dude,

    I used the last trick; fingerprint scanner resurrected; Thanks again…nice forum

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