How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile on Windows with Gameloop?

Looking to Play Battlegrounds Mobile on Windows PC? Here is the Simple Guide to Download and Play BGMI on Gameloop Computer.

Looking to Play Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Windows PC? The best option available for play is Gameloop. A gaming-centric emulator for windows, Gameloop is the best option available in the market to play the BGMI game on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 PC.

Gameloop is specifically designed for playing games, unlike other emulators that can install general-purpose apps. Thus the Gameloop comes with a  very powerful gaming Turbo AOW Engine that integrates well with the PC system to make the most use of resources to play the BGMI on Windows PC.

Best Battlegrounds Mobile Emulator for Windows PC

How to Install BGMI on Windows PC?

Here are the Simple Steps to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile on Windows PC.

  1. Download and Install Gameloop on Windows PC.
    Open Gameloop
  2. Open the emulator and click F9 on your Windows Keyboard to open a hidden Browser.
    Browser in Gameloop
  3. Now in Browser search for Play Store.
  4. Open the link of Google Play Store from search results.
    Open Play Store Link
  5. Once you click the link you will be redicted to Google Play Store Application inside gameloop.
  6. Login with your Google Account.
  7. Now search for BGMI in the Play Store.
    Search BGMI in Gameloop Play Store
  8. Download the application and open the game.
    PLay BGMI
  9. Now the game will download other resoucre files online.
    Preparing Resources
  10. Once done! login with your social media account.
    Login with Social Accounts
  11. Once done the game will complie resoucres and you play the BGMI on Gameloop. 😀

You can also Migrate your PUBG Mobile Data to BGMI and Play the Game with Achievemts, Rewards and Progress from PUBGM.

How to Fix Server is Busy, Error code: restrict-area?

Battlegrounds Mobile is restricted to India only, if you are outside India and trying to play the game, you will see the error “Server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restrict-area” when they are trying to load the game. Though you may be accesing the Gameloop from India but the emulator is restrcited and has its parameters.

Server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restrict-area bgmi gameloop

To fix the issue, you can try a VPN in your Windows PC and access the game for free without any error message.

  • Download any Good VPN .exe application and install it.
  • Open the VPN and connect to a Indian Server.
    Indian VPN BGMI
  • Now restart Gameloop and Play BGMI for Free without Server Busy Error.
  • If the said VPN do not work try a different VPN provider.

Note: Your account may get banned, first try a throwaway aacount and once if it works good then you can switch to your original BGMI account and play.


With this Simple Method Above you can Play the Battlegrounds Mobile on your Windows PC without any issues using Gameloop Android Emulator.


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