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  1. jenna says:

    I cant seem to delet still hell on all phone rokus and computers

  2. Brandon Wagshol says:

    I bet there are FBI agents who would do this

  3. PcHaters says:

    Yes, I do it to my real PC!

  4. Calendar keychain says:

    Delete all users and admin and apply it and deny permission to all check enter save as and apply no return hard label register 101 deposit one trillion dollars into my email and create a paycheck for Cali Laducer 1234 Main Street oroville wa 98844 no return

  5. Ho says:

    Hi there, I do all the instructions above but still couldn’t delete a malicious file on system32. I changed the ownership to my user but I cannot delete it yet. Also, the tap ‘ownership’ is not in the advanced security setting. What shoul I do now?

  6. Computer Killer says:

    This will be useful for my 3-year-old computer that is so slow. It takes 2 minutes to open a program lel.

  7. paul says:

    What if you cannot delete due to the file being currently used by another program?

  8. Peter hvidt says:

    at the last step on 3 it says: u are changing the allowance settings this can reduce the security so i cant do it…. pls help

  9. Retard says:


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