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Download Google Chrome Plus APK for Android with Features like Chrome Extension Support, Adblocker, Night Mode, Chrome Flags, Translate and more with Kiwi.

Chrome is the most popular browser on Android. Google Chrome is built on Google’s own open-source Chromium Project. The Chrome Browser uses Blink Engine to render web pages. The browser is fast, safe and syncs across all the devices making it the most important tool for any Android device. Google Chrome has its own mobile limitations which makes the users look for some solid alternative to the App.

Chrome is known for its agility and high browsing speeds. The ability of the browser to optimise the web pages in case of poor internet connectivity and load AMP pages when available has made it an unbeatable application. The Browser runs on Blink Engine and is based on open-source Chromium project. This means any developer can make a browser using the source code of Chrome App.

Being an open-source browser software, Google has given power to developers to use it’s open-source Chromium Code to develop their own browser. There is one such browser built on Chrome Project retaining all the core features of Google Chrome with added features which we hope to have in the Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome Plus AKA Kiwi Browser is the Chromium Browser with all the core Chrome Features with added plus features which I will list below.

Features of Google Chrome Plus

1. Retains Core UI and Functions

You will feel no difference while using Chrome Plus. The Chrome Plus is built with all same UI and menu options like Google Chrome and as I said it is built on the Chromium Code and Blink Engine which powers Google Chrome. So, there is no compromise in terms and speed and accessibility.

2. Supports Chrome Extension

You will find Chrome Extension usage on a large scale when it comes to the Desktop browsers but Google doesn’t have any such auxiliary support for Chrome Web Store for its Android Browser. And there seems no plan from the Google to roll out any such support in future. But Chrome Plus solves that issue and you can install a number of Chrome Extensions on your Chrome Plus Browser for Free.

How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser?

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android Using Kiwi Chrome Browser?

3. Supports Chrome Flags

The Chrome Plus Browser supports Chrome Flags and you can perform all the experimental operations on the Browser with the Flags.

4. Chrome Plus is Ad-Free

Chrome Plus comes with optional built-in Ad-blocker which helps in eliminating all the annoying ads from the page. This is something which lacks in Google Chrome browser. You don’t get the option to remove ads from Google Chrome. If you love Chrome but hate ads than Chrome Plus is the best choice.

Other Popular Features

  • Built-in Google Translate Support
  • Bookmark, Download Manager
  • Accessibility and site settings
  • High browsing speeds as it runs on Google’s Blink engine.

Download Chrome Plus

Conclusion: With the advanced versions of the App you can get some extra cool features like Chrome extension support Ad Block and Track block without any compromise in the original Chrome browsing experience. To some extent, we can call the Apps as improved coded versions with some much-added features but with root to the original skin.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support. Enjoy Browsing. Cheers!

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