How to Change Reddit Username?

Looking to Modify Username on Reddit? Let us look at the steps to change your profile name on Reddit Account to Enjoy the Largest Social Platform

So you are thinking of changing your Reddit username? Well, the straightforward answer is ‘No.’ You can’t change your existing username at Reddit. Reddit is an American social news aggregator site that allows people to vote up or down for content posted by other members. The site is among the top-most visited sites on the web. Registered users can submit their content in the form of links, images, text posts, etc.

Sometimes big breaking news comes from Reddit. Posts are organized by varied subjects such as news, science, politics, video games, movies, and much more. So coming back to the highly Googled question on how to change username at Reddit. Then there’s no way around. Changing username includes modification of the current username in any way.

Why can’t you modify your username?

Changing or modifying the already existing username is not possible over Reddit. In fact, deactivating your account to recycle the username won’t work either. Reddit ToS doesn’t allow a change in username. Although, you can create a new account or keep them both with the same email address.

Steps to create a new account for a new username on Reddit

  1. Go to
  2. Move to the top right corner for Sign Up.
    Enjoy Reddit
  3. You can Sign Up using your Google/Apple account or by your email address.
    Use Email
  4. Once done with entering your email address. Reddit will ask you to choose a username along with the password.
    Choose Username
  5. Fill the desired username and password. Make sure it is strong, and you are done!
  6. At last, click on the Sign Up button and your new account is created.
  7. All set with the new username, and now you can submit for Recommended content.


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