[No Root] Block Ads on Xiaomi Android Phones Easily

Remove and block ads on your Xiaomi Redmi Android smartphone with this simple method without any App, Custom Recovery and No Root.

Ads! Ads! They are very irritating and can irk any user if in large numbers combined with wrong positions. The Internet is ever progressive and always looks at improving the stuff, same is the case with the Android smartphones. Google Ads and other 3rd party Ad publishing services which serve ads on Android phone always try newly updated methods in Ads presentation which many a time are very much rattling as they show up as banner ads near the useful clickable part of the App. Moreover, pop-ups and other interstitial Ads are enough to displease you by covering the entire working screen.

Today in this post I will tell you how you can block and remove Ads from your Xiaomi Redmi Devices without any Root, Custom Recovery or 3rd party app. All you need is to flash a zip with stock Android recovery.

Before starting the post let me thank the XDA Member for this wonderful zip to block Ads on Android Xiaomi Redmi devices.

Block Ads on Xiaomi Redmi Phones [No Root] [No Custom Recovery]

I have tested this method on Redmi 2 and it works well. You can try this on other Xiaomi Redmi. This tool doesn’t need any PC, root, custom recovery. Flash the Zip in Stock Recovery and you are done.

Note: The tool is very much safe. DigitBin is not responsible if any damage is caused to your device. We do not endorse the tool and also please thank the XDA Developer.

Flash Ad Blocker Zip

Flash Ad Blocker Zip

Step 1.

Go to Settings → About phone → System updates.

Step 2.

Here tap on three dots in top right corner and choose “Update package”.

Step 3.

Download Ad Blocker.zip file to your device and navigate to the file and tap on it.

Step 4.

Your phone will reboot and all ads will be blocked on your Redmi device.

Conclusion: To revert back to normal mode simply install Ad Restore.zip file in the same fashion as you installed the Adblocker file.

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3 Responses

  1. mcer33 says:

    My MIUI gives me just a message “Not possible to verify the zip file” in my language. after I selected the Ad Blocker.zip

  2. nonejk says:

    “Can’t verify the update” It’s not allowed to upgrade unofficial ROM package
    Please check and update

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