10 Best App Locks for Android

Looking for Best Free Apps to Lock Android Apps. Here are the Best App Locker for Android to Protect your Apps and Privacy.

Those days are gone, when we used to keep a diary to note down all our personal data. Nowadays, the majority of the public is dependent on smartphones to store all their sensitive data. Everything is stored in a smartphone, from messages, personal photographs, videos, bank details, and note-taking applications.

To keep everything secure on your smartphone from any unauthorized access, you must install an app lock. But which one is the best, among many options present on the Play Store?

We have shared the best app locks for Android that will keep your data secure in this post. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Here are the best app locks for Android that you can install to keep every piece of data safe and secure. 

1. AppLock by Appyhigh Technology


AppLock by Appyhigh Technology is a trustable application to keep everything secure. It can lock all the social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even your gallery and SMS. The application also lets you protect your smartphone settings and incoming calls via fingerprint and pattern lock.

The application guards your smartphone and keeps all the installed applications safe. Above all, the selling point about his application is that it immediately takes a picture whenever someone tries to access a smartphone through unauthorized means.


2. AppLock- Lock apps and Password

AppLock Lock Privacy

AppLock ensures that no one else can infringe your privacy, and access your sensitive data. It is the light protector tool that you can use to protect your privacy, including different applications. You can use this application to lock your social media applications, SMS, Settings, and even incoming call.

AppLock features a wide variety of themes that you can add to the lock patterns to keep everything light. The application also comes with a lock time feature that you can activate to automatically unlock your phone at a specific time.


3. AppLock – Fingerprint


As it is quite clear by the name itself, it is among those best app locks for Android that totally rely on fingerprints. It protects and locks applications, galleries, and your smartphone settings with a fingerprint. However, it also comes with the option of locking your data with a pattern and pin lock. So if your smartphone doesn’t feature a fingerprint sensor, you can go with either of these options.

The application automatically takes photographs, if someone tries to access your smartphone by indirect means. Further, it sends the photograph to your registered email address.


4. AppLock by InShot


It’s hard to keep InShort away from any Android application genre. Just kidding!

AppLock by InShot is one of the best applications to protect your privacy. It locks apps and hides photos, videos, and personal messages. There are three ways to protect your personal data, fingerprint, pin lock, and pattern lock.

In this app lock application, you can even activate or deactivate the app lock at a specific time. It also automatically detects whenever a new application gets installed on your smartphone and implements a lock to it as well.


5. Norton App Lock


There’s no need to introduce Norton when it comes to security, and keeping every piece of data secure. You can use this application to lock all the apps installed on the smartphone and prevent any unauthorized access.

Norton App Lock also has the option of parental lock. So, you can activate it, if you are giving your smartphone to a kid. The anti-theft feature of the application automatically takes a photograph whenever someone is not able to unlock the smartphone in 3 attempts.


6. AppLock Master


AppLock Master is the next name on our list of best app locks for Android. Similar to any applications present in the list, it also offers app locking features via fingerprint, pattern lock, and pin lock. There are lots of themes and fonts that you can apply to the pattern window to keep everything light. The application also features a lot of animations that you can add to the lock screen.


7. AppLock Pro


AppLock Pro helps to secure your lock screen password and fingerprint. It is one of the most used applications via which you can lock your photos and videos with ease. The application features a spy camera that automatically clicks a selfie and saves it in the gallery when an unknown person tries to access your smartphone.


8. AppLock by BGNMobi


This application will keep everything stored on your smartphone safe and secure by protecting it with your fingerprint, password, and pin lock. It will guard Social Media apps, Messaging apps, galleries, Contacts, Settings, and any other application you want.

The application ensures that you can easily hand over your smartphone to your friends without worrying that they will access your personal stuff. Furthermore, it comes along with a wide variety of themes and prevents uninstalling apps.


9. Private Zone

Private Zone

Private Zone is one of the best applications to guard your application, as well as protect your privacy. The application lets you customize your lock mode, lock different apps under different circumstances. Private Zone makes it a cakewalk to hide pictures in our vault from your gallery.

Don’t worry about your crucial and un-shareable stuff in our video vault now. Private Zone also guards your secret videos against prying eyes and nosy friends.


10. Go Security

Go Security

To conclude our list of best app locks for Android, we have Go Security. It is among the most focused & leading security app on the Play Store. It comes along with security functions like protection from malware, fake apps, Trojan detection.

Go Security also features a memory booster, battery saver, app lock, and safe browser to ensure your smartphone offers the best performance. With this application, you can lock every app you want to hide from your family & friends, keeping your privacy safe from any unauthorized access.


These are the best app locks for Android. All of them have their own pros and cons. So, you can go with the one that satisfies your needs the most. Moreover, don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding the article in the comments.

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