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  1. Antonio otaegui says:

    Is there any free app to strem south america channels

    • Mobdro Portugal says:

      Mobdro is a great free global television app.

  2. Steven Frazer says:

    Nice article, thanks for the info.

  3. Lisa says:

    Which apk / app has Swedish channels? I want 2 watch Swedish channels

    • Nikhil says:

      You can go with Mobdro.

  4. Marva says:

    I want to watch MSNBC. Is there an app that I can use.

  5. Daniel Taggart says:

    When working, OLA has the best live TV and over 1200 movies. The other streaming apps cannot even compare. Only problem is it goes off thw air 1/4 of thw time. Outstanding picture and even better with a VPN.

  6. ahmet says:

    Best Of World Live TV APK

  7. JohnB says:

    Any information an an app called “Vibe TV”.

  8. sahar says:

    which app/apk for malaysia channels

  9. Shamil says:

    How can I change the quality of videos

  10. King says:

    Currently Live net TV is not functioning

  11. Martin Schramm says:

    Great article Nikhil. Gald to read the complete article. I intend to use an android tv box. Would these apps work on it as well? I am particularly interested in having Jiotv app for my wife. could you please guide?

    • Nikhil says:

      Surely would work on Android TV. You will just need a Jio ID and Password.

  12. Jekan says:


  13. Barry says:

    Do you know anything about Total TV (not My total TV)?

  14. kundepin says:

    How to download app which is not in google play store but only website to my android tv box

  15. jelus says:

    hola,quiero saber si estos canales se pueden ver en un emulador android en la pc,grasias

  16. Mike Sunborn says:

    Please correct:
    1) Modro for the last year and a half only works on Android 4.2+;
    2) UK TV NOW now calls TV Tap and for the last year only works on Android 4.2+;
    3) Genius Stream still works with Android 4.0. Download new version 1.9 (much better);
    4) Red Box TV only works with VPN.

  17. katharmasthan says:

    I want Android mobile TV application

  18. Marcelo says:

    Which of the live free TV apps works out of the USA with out a vpn

  19. Gallote says:

    Have anyone for Brazilian channels with chromecast support.

  20. Karen says:

    I want to watch Wheel of Fortune. What app do I use?

  21. Alvinkenis says:

    I would like to know about ios? is there any free ios like this?

  22. KAMIL says:

    WWithout Internet Tv app

  23. Saimum says:

    HD Streamz should be #1.

  24. Hussaini Abdullahi says:

    The Redbox is the best but crashes to home tabs while playing

  25. Amar says:

    What’s about Oreo tv.

  26. Winfredy says:

    Thanks for coming up with the ranking of the streaming apps,i have been wondering were to get a live streaming app with many different channels. Now im at rest,all thanks to you. Live net TV is the number 01 to me

  27. Laura says:

    kodi for me is the best app

  28. Benny says:

    Genius;thop tv; are very bad; not friendly; not getting popular channels…

  29. David Benbow says:

    i have been a fan of OreoTV but 3 weeks ago it failed and not been able to get a channel since ! Is it down (and out) ??

  30. Abdul hathi says:

    In swift streamz app south indian channels only not working. How to fix this ?

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