Amazon Prime Watch Party Feature in India

Now Watch Movies and Shows with Family and Friends Online With Prime Video Watch Party Features and Chat while Enjoying the Shows.

Amazon Prime has added another feather in its cap. It has released the Watch Party in India. The feature was previously only available in the US. After it became a hit among the users in the USA, Amazon decided to bring the popular service to India. The feature, only six months old, is predicted to become a hit in India too.

Talking about the Watch Party feature, this feature allows viewers to watch a movie or a show with their family members/friends at the same time, provided all of them have an Amazon Prime subscription. The feature also allows users to chat with each other through a chat bar. It will accommodate up to 100 participants. These Watch parties also support synchronized pause and play controls. The only drawback to this is that this is only available on web browsers. It is not available on the Amazon Prime mobile app or smart TVs.

These create synchronized streaming of a movie or a show that you can watch with your friends and family along with a chatbox.

Your Freinds need to have a independent account of Prime Video in order to join the Party.

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How to Set Up Amazon Watch party?

The process of setting up a watch party is simple too. All one has to do is find a show or movie they want to watch. There are hundreds of shows available on Amazon Prime. These include Amazon Prime originals as well. Once a show/movie is selected, the user has to click on the Watch Party icon. This will create a link which the host can share with the people he wants to invite to his watch party. The participants join the party through this link, and they are all set!

These create synchronized streaming of a movie or a show that you can watch with your friends and family along with a chatbox

Amazon Prime Video Starts Watch Party in India

Of course, it is understandable that all participants must have an Amazon Prime membership, or they wouldn’t be able to join. However, this is not too much of a hindrance for users. This feature has proved to be very useful, especially during the pandemic. There is no other way to pass the time than binge-watching your favorite show. The Watch Party feature will bring users closer to their family and friends. They can watch, react, and discuss all the highs and lows of their favorite shows together.

We suggest hosting Amazon Prime Watch parties rather than going to actual parties. It will keep you safe and happy at the same time!

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