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Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile Phone Browser. Access all Chats, Messages and Stories right in your Smartphone Browser.

WhatsApp Web is a simple browser client developed by WhatsApp which allows you to have access to your WhatsApp account on any Web Browser. Being the most popular instant messaging service, any changes to the App or release of any new feature impacts the users and user experience to a great extent. One such useful feature released by WA is WhatsApp Web -Web.WhatsApp.Com. It is a web-based service which lets users access WA over the website with all major features like sending and receiving messages. downloading and sending Media Files, forwarding messages and seeing others stories. Though you cannot perform Video Calls or Voice Calls on the web platform yet.

Pre-requisites for WhatsApp Web

Before we get started to access the WhatsApp web, you need to make sure that you are ready will all the necessary items.

  • An active WhatsApp account set up on a mobile phone
  • You’ll need a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed in Macbook/Windows PC
  • You’ll need a stable Wi-Fi connection to both mobile and system
  • working camera on the phone to scan the QR code

How to Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile?

Here are the Steps to Use WhatsApp Web on your Smartphone Browser.

1. Use any Good Browser Like Chrome or Mozilla (Not Work on Mini Browsers)

2. Here Turn on the Desktop Mode on the Browser Menu Option.

3. Visit WhatsApp Web on your Browser in Desktop Mode.

Visit Web.WhatsApp.Com

4. You will see a QR Code.

WhatsApp Web on Mobile browser

5. Open WhatsApp app on your phone

6. Tap on the Menu option on the App


7. Select WhatsApp Web from the list

8. Tap on the + sign from the top to add the computer device

9. Scan the QR code displayed on the browser using the WhatsApp Web scanner on the mobile

10. That’s all! the WhatsApp messages will be synced with WhatsApp Web and ready to access


Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile with APK

WhatsApp Web APK is the best utility tool which helps simulate the WA on a website, there are a number of services which let you access this feature on the App.  All you need to do is scan the barcode on the Whats Web App using your WA and gain access to all the Chats and Status. You can perform all the actions which can be performed on the stock WA.

Download WhatsApp Web APK

Features of WhatsApp Web

  • Text Messages & Voice notes.
  • You can share images and videos too.
  • Share WhatsApp Stories.
  • You can share your Live-Location.
  • Other features include WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp DP (Display Picture), etc.

WhatsApp uses End-to-End encryption so all of your calls, messages, voice notes, etc are safe, no one can watch them, even WhatsApp can’t put an eye on your chats. You can block the unknown users and also any, who is not your contact, after blocking they aren’t able to message, call you on WhatsApp and your profile picture will also not displayed to them, and also they aren’t able to view your stories.

Conclusion: With WhatsApp Web on Mobile Smartphones you can access your WhatsApp Chats and Messages on your Mobile Devices without any need of any Computer PC.

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