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Free Music Download Sites to Download Songs Offline. Free Music Downloader Sites are a great source to get your favourite songs on your device.

Do a Google search and you will end up with tons of websites offering free music and songs for downloading. However, not all of them offer these songs to be legally downloaded. Moreover, there also exists tons of streaming sites that allow you to play all your favorite songs. These include Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

However, for downloading purposes you’ll have to shell out some bucks. Also, not everyone is a fan of these streaming sites as it requires constant 24*7 internet connectivity. Therefore, in this guide, we have listed some of the best websites offering free songs for downloading purposes, legally. So without further ado, let us begin.

Best Free Music Download Sites

Here are the Best Free Music Download Sites to Download the Songs and Music for Offline Listening

1. SoundCloud

Let’s admit it. This one’s a no-brainer. Probably the best music and song site out there that not only lets you stream high-quality songs but also allows for downloading many of them. Most of the contents are uploaded by independent artists and some famous musicians too. You could even find some Bollywood remix songs on this site, although they are few in numbers.

Soundcloud is the universe boss with more than 150 million tracks under its hood. The SoundCloud uses a very good algorithm to suggest songs based on your behaviour. If a new song is uploaded and it matches your tone than within a few days of upload the App will show up the song. It is the biggest community of artists and new melodies are regularly updated each day.

Although most of the songs could easily be downloaded without any fuss, some artists make it compulsory that you end up liking their Facebook page or following them on twitter before downloading their songs. The site also provides quite a streamlined interface for searching songs. You could sort and filter them based on artists, genre, trending and the songs released under Creative Common License.

Visit: SoundCloud

2. ReverbNation

Unknown to many, many popular bands including Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons started their careers by hosting their songs free of costs on ReverbNation. Although you could find songs spread across varied genres, yet it’s most of the focus lies in Hip Hop and Pop culture songs. But still, the site is never short of songs, which is even more evident from the fact that it holds near about 4million songs in its catalogue.

Apart from that, it also has a separate page that lets you know who is about to be the next big star in the concerned music genre. If you wish to know even more about a song, don’t forget to check out its Discover section. To download free songs from this site, you’ll be required to refine results a little bit. The same could be done from the left menu bar. All you have to do is tick mark the Free MP3 Required section and click Refine Results. It will then show you all the free songs available for download.

Visit: ReverbNation

3. Amazon

It is no hidden fact that Amazon’s prime account lets you download and enjoy unlimited free music. But still, opting for a Prime account itself adds to the expenditure list and hence we can’t add it to the list of sites offering free songs for downloading. Can’t we?

Well, unknown to many, Amazon also has a huge collection of Free music that you could easily download. The only requirement is a free Amazon account for the sign-in purpose. Just head over to its free song catalogue, click on the Add to Cart next to the desired song and that’s it, the song is all yours now.

Visit: Amazon’s Free Music Library

4. Datpiff

This one is for rap lovers. The only site maintains a huge collection of rap songs spread across the late 20th century and 21st century. You could find a wide variety of songs uploaded by many different artists. On one section of the site, you can find tons of free songs uploaded by new and independent artists hoping to gather some name and fame for themselves.

In the other section, some popular rappers drop by now and then and reward their loyal and core fan base with rap or two now and then. Apart from that, you could also find some fan-made albums. So if any time of the day, you need to experiment with some new songs, this is the place to visit. Moreover, this site also has its dedicated music player that lets you stream the entire song first before you could download them. A handy feature from this site.

Visit: Datpiff

5. HookSounds

HookSounds is a Royalty-Free music website that offers exclusive, original and highly curated music. You can either choose to purchase a license or subscription or if you’re looking to musicalize your personal projects you can also get access to HookSounds’s tracks for free! HookSounds aim is to create non-generic music that can’t be found anywhere else. Most online content creators are nowadays looking for original, trendy, and unique music for their content, and that’s what HookSounds aims to provide. If you are working on content creation for your project then HookSounds is the best platform to get free music to enhance your project.

Visit: HookSounds

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive could be known as the hub for all kinds of free music. With over 2 million audio files spread across varied genres, users are spoilt for choices. Searching for tracks is pretty easy on this website thanks to its user-friendly sort feature. To begin with, you can filter the searches based on the year of publishing of the songs, creator, or even based on language. Other useful sort functionality includes filtering songs based on most listened-to tracks, media type, and the topic the song is based on.

And the icing on the cake? Well, it not only hosts audio files, but you could even get your hands on radio programs audiobooks, live music, and podcasts. Songs from various artists and bands including Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Coldplay could be easily found on the site and they all are available to download free of cost across different audio formats like MP3 and OGG.

Visit: Internet Archive

7. Jamendo

Well, nearly all the sites mentioned in this list offer free songs from many various musicians. But what if your ears would like to give chance to new and upcoming artists and songs that aren’t quite famous? Well, then Jamenjo is the place to be. It’s not that it doesn’t provide tracks of world-renowned artists, but it’s famous for hosting songs of lesser-known and newcomer musicians with equal importance.

Most of the content provided here belongs to independent musicians. So if you aren’t quite sure where to start considering that most of the tracks are new here, well Jamenjo has taken care of that as well. By default, it presents you with the list of songs available for free downloading based on the popularity and most viewed parameter. So if you are looking for something new and unique, then Jamendo is the site to have a look at.

Visit: Jamendo

8. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade has a rather uncanny method of functioning. As opposed to other websites on this list, you can download free music from this site, but with a catch. You’ll have to provide your email address and postal code to the author whose music you are about to download. The site also recommends the downloaders that play the word of mouth and share their views on the artists and their creations on Facebook and Twitter. One thing that makes this site apart from there, is that many independent artists launch their new tracks over here before releasing them to the mainstream media.

On your end, you’ll be required to drop in your comments on various social media platforms and share your email with them. But how does providing our email and pin code help these artists? Well, consider yourself an artist for a moment. Then the biggest issue that usually arises is deciding a place to hold concerts that attracts the maximum audience. So these artists could easily log in to their NoiseTrade account and have a look at the data from which region maximum people are downloading their songs.

Well, the site suffers from one minor drawback. You can’t just create a single account and download songs from many artists. You will have to provide your email address and pin code to each artist, every time you wish to download something. That’s just asking for a lot, considering other sites offers the same service albeit with much effort.

Visit: NoiseTrade

9. MusOpen

A non-profit organization, their aim is quite simple- to make free music available for everyone to download, without any restrictions. The site mostly focuses on classical music, so if you’re one of those Rock and Pop song lovers, probably this isn’t your place to be. With that said, the website makes it quite easy to search for your favorite songs. You can filter results based on artist, composer, launch date or even the instrument used in that song.

The site also gives tons of information regarding various artists, the songs they played, and even the instruments being used. Apart from that, you could even get your hands on the music sheets. So you could learn and listen to a particular track simultaneously. However, there’s a string attached. You’ll have to create an account to download any song. Moreover, you could only download 5 songs per day with that free account. To download unlimited songs, you’ll have to shell out some bucks, either the $20 monthly plan or the $55 yearly plan.

Visit: MusOpen

10. SoundClick

Similar to Soundcloud the site is used by independent artists to upload their works. But the strange thing is that the site is up and running since 1997 but not many seem to have much clue about it. Since it has lasted a pretty impressive 20+ years, it could easily boast of having millions of songs across Jazz, Classical, Country, Rock, Pop, and other genres. All these songs are available for download at 160kbps, which is quite a decent bitrate considering the service is being provided free of cost. Apart from that, the site has some exclusive features that you wouldn’t probably find anywhere else.

For example, it provides a forum where you can meet and greet new users and interact with them regarding the taste of music that you prefer. You could even send personalized greetings and ecards for Valentine’s or Birthdays having customized songs attached to those cards. On the other hand, you might end up with a few forgettable music tracks now and then, but still the number of good songs that it has at its disposal simply outweigh the few negatives.

Visit: SoundClick

11. Live Music Archive

The major USP of the site is the fact that it provides songs from live concerts to be downloadable. Many famous bands like the Grateful Dead, Blues Traveler, The String Cheese Incident have left their mark on this site. While browsing through the site still feels quite challenging, to say the least. This is only because of the abundance of songs that it has in store.

So while visiting this site, it is recommended to refine your search using specific filters otherwise. The songs are all available in MP3 or FLAC in a lossless format (negligible loss in sound quality but the file gets compressed). The major talking point of this site is the live music performances that it offers. Apart from that, there isn’t much to get excited about.

Visit: Live Music Archive

12. YouTube to MP3

By converter you can easily convert YouTube videos to mp3 (audio) files and download them for free. If you find any music video on YT and want to get an Audio Mp3 version of the same then y2mate will come in handy. To convert a video, copy the YouTube video URL into our converter, choose a format and click the convert button. As soon as the conversion is finished you can download the file by clicking on the download button. YouTube hosts millions of music videos many of which are very rare to find on the web, y2mate will make your work pretty easy.

This converter allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with just a few clicks. It supports all formats, such as MP3 (128kbps, 320kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps, 192kbps, 256 kbps), AAC, MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, WMA, FLV, MO, WEBM, etc. You can easily convert thousands of videos from YouTube into your favorite songs.


13. Pagalworld

Though Pagalworld is not a legal music download site, it offers all the songs you are in need of. Just search for the song and ht the download button. The songs will be downloaded into your phone storage and you can listen to them on your music player. Pagalworld is the best website for the download of songs. It is an online music website that contains online ringtones, mp3 songs for free. The site mostly consists of Indian Music and Songs.

Visit: Pagalworld


Gaana is one of the largest music streaming services with over 150 million active monthly users. The service is free to use and comes all global music and songs. You just need to search for the song, and hit the play button. The website is free and you do need any registration to play the songs. The site comes with Ads to support the free version. There is a download option but you need to pay for the premium service. Though there are workarounds by which you can download the songs from Gaana for gree without any payments.


15. Spotify

Spotify is by far one of the most popular App in the music section. It is similar to Pandora and has features like Lyric Support, Sync, Curated Playlist, etc. You can also share the playlist with your acquaintances. The App has a very good interface with a powerful notification feature that alerts you on any new song released by the artists you follow. The mobile app allows users to stream single tracks and put together selected albums to build custom playlists. The service has more than 30 million tracks to choose from. The Paid version of the App allows you to go ad-free and play any song.

Enjoy this music streaming app, which is considered the best in the world due to its features. Here you are able to discover a variety of new albums, music, and podcasts. Here you are allowed to listen to the song by selecting different categories according to your mood. Apart from this, while listening to your favorite song, you are also given information about its lyrics. You can play music with your favorite categories like Indie, charts, chill, mood, hip-hop, new release, etc.

Features of Spotify

  • Unlimited Playlist Support
  • Supports Number of Devices
  • Lyrics On-Screen
  • Listen to others Playlist
  • Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode

Visit Spotify

16. Deezer Music

Deezer is a free music streaming and Podcast App. The App comes in two versions, paid and free. With the premium version of the App, you can have unlimited music downloads, zero ads, and offline mode. The free version lets you listen to songs with Ad support and also lets users use Deezer’s FLOW feature to discover new artists and create unlimited playlists. The service supports on-screen lyrics for all popular songs.

With Deezer, you can enjoy great music streaming app as well as experience listening to the songs in superior sound quality. The golden opportunity to listen to Fifty-Six Million tracks is in your hands as well as organizing your favorite music artist or genre. In addition, you can also share your playlist with your friends. Here you can get different types of all radio stations, audio channels, and be able to discover the podcast.

Features of Deezer Music

  • Free Music streaming
  • Millions of Track Titles
  • Create your own playlist
  • Quick access with the favorite option
  • Organize your music with genres, artists, albums, and more
  • Superior Sound Quality with 320 kBps play
  • The service supports a number of compatible devices like Apple Watch, Google Home, and Alexa.
  • Discover podcasts and radio stations

Visit Deezer Music

17. Jio Saavn

Jio Saavan is an excellent platform to download your favorite music for free. From Bollywood, Hollywood, pop to Sufi, you can find music of all genres on this platform. Jio Saavan is especially recommended for Indian users who are using the Reliance Jio connection. The best part about this application is that you can download as much as music you want without paying any subscription fee.

Visit Jio Saavn 

18. Wynk Music

The last name on our list of best sites to download music for free is Wynk Music. The platform contains music of all tastes, so doesn’t matter what type of music you like, you’ll find something on this platform. Downloading music on Wynk music is also a very simple and straightforward process. Just click the download button, and get started.

Visit Wynk Music

Conclusion: So these were some of the best websites offering free quality music for download purposes. More importantly, all songs could be legally downloaded from these sites. Which websites are your favorite and do you ultimately end up going to? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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