Best Mobile SIM Providers in UK

Here is the list of top best mobile SIM card network providers in UK. Here is a small review cum opinion on best network in UK.

United Kingdom has four major network providers providing their services to many Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to serve 89.9 million subscribers in total. Here is the look at our top 4 best mobile SIM networks in UK.

#1. EE



EE formerly known as Everything Everywhere is a British mobile network formed in 2010 from coalescence of  Orange UK and T-Mobile UK.

  • EE offer some of the fastest LTE network covering over 80% of the state. It offers download speed of about 100 Mbps which are way more faster than provided by any broadband networks.
  • Network testing company RootMetrics hailed EE as the best network for speed, reliability, calls and text.
  • EE also offers freeview TV services along with other perks like free Wi-Fi services, pre-launch tickets for events etc.
  • Good rural coverage
  • The offers by EE are cost effective.
  • The customer care support is poor.

If you are based in England or travelling to England then EE is best network to be recommended.

Average 3G and 4G Speed

Average 3G and 4G Speed                       Source: 

#2. O2

O2 Network

O2 Network                   Source Downtoday

O2 is second only to EE in network coverage. It only acquired rights on 800 MHz 4G spectrum which sets it back limiting device selection options.

  • O2 customers also get access to over 10,000 O2 Wi-Fi hotspots in UK free of charge.
  • O2 offers excellent perks like Priority, Refresh, Wi-Fi and Evernote Premium which are certainly appealing.
  • It offers slow speed as compared to its rivals who are using 2.6 GHz combination.

O2 network may offer slow internet speed but overall user experience not disappointing.

#3. Three

3 Three

3 Three

Three 3 is one of the youngest network in UK offering only 3G and 4G services. Three’s network has undergone many major transformations and improvements.

  • It 4G LTE coverage is weak and so is the speed.
  • Three customer can use a Wi-Fi signal to call and text when there’s no signal.
  • Three has lot to offer than All You Can Eat data, 4G at no extra cost to Feel At Home roaming.

Three is worth a network to watch out for.

UK mobile network market share

UK mobile network market share          Source:

#4. Vodafone

vodafone UK

vodafone UK

Vodafone was UK’s largest network by revenue and customer base but increased competition has shaken its ground firm. But still vodafone has much to offer to its subscribers.

  • Very good 4G coverage.
  • Poor coverage quality and packages
  • Call drops and connectivity problems.

Vodafone has made good improvements and has something for everybody.


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