[Trick] Get 4G Internet Speed in 3G and 2G Data Pack

Here is a trick to convert your 2G and 3G data into 4G (LTE) internet speed on your Android Smartphone and access high-speed 4G browsing.

If you are looking for a trick to access 4G speed on your 2G or 3G data pack then today I am going to tell you a trick for the same. Theoretically, it is not possible to convert 2G or 3G into 3G browsing speed but the following tricks may make your dream come true.



  • Android device with 4G compatibility
  • Your device should be rooted
  • SIM card with 4G services available in your circle
  • Battery at least 40 %


How to Convert 2G or 3G Data in 4G Speed ?

  1. Download the three files
  2. Open 3G/4G Speed Optimiser App.
  3. Select max speed network speed as 12/28/7
  4. Check on Down Speed Increase
  5. Now apply the changes by clicking on apply tweak
  6. Open Script Manager App
  7. Browse to the downloaded Turbo Script file.txt
  8. Give root permissions or click on root icon and grant Super user permissions.
  9. Run the script and wait for a while.
  10. Scroll up and look for options fast, faster or fastest. Select Fastest.
  11. Reboot your device.

Make sure you made LTE or 4G as network mode in your settings. Open Setting > More > Cellular network/mobile networks > Network Mode/Preferred Network > 4G/LTE.


  • This post is only for informative purpose we do not endorse any of the app or file.
  • We cannot confirm that this trick will work for all devices and all mobile networks. Comment below for any assistance and query. Help us improve this post by commenting below.

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  1. kushma bhardwaj says:

    my Internet speed is very slow when my mobile is a 4 g and I do 4g recharge but it not running in 4 g speed

  2. arfu says:

    sir. i am using samsung galaxy grand prime 5.1.1 lollipop. can i support this step to make 4g handset

  3. amar chudhary says:

    Panasonic t44 Lit 3g ani 4g ug

  4. ragul says:

    this trick suits for which mobiles…………………………………………..

  5. mukesh says:

    Can he work mi note 4

  6. sunil bbn says:

    my samsung galaxy 7262 speed is very slow when mobile is a3G and i do a3G recharge but it not runing in 3G speed

  7. jiek aldiri says:

    my device is rooted and it says not rooted in the app

  8. Farzad says:


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