Fix Screen Recorder Recording Black Screen on Android

Screen Record Apps without Black Screen Problem on your Android Device with the Methods Below that too with No-Root Needed.

Some of the apps do not allow you to capture a screen or record the activity on the app. If you try recording the screen and open some restricted app than the video outcome of the said portion will be Blocked. This is mostly due to security and privacy reasons. But mostly this restriction is implemented to avoid piracy. As there are a number of OTT Apps available online, users can record the screen and distribute the content.

Today in this post I am going to tell you how to Record Screen on the restricted app and fix Black Screen when screen recording on some of the apps.

Note: Recording Screen on the Restricted App is not a Good Practise. I believe you are using the method below for personal use only. I am not liable for any damage caused.

How to Screen Record on Apps Without Black Screen Problem?

Here is the Best Method to Screen Record without Black or Green Screen on Android.

1. Download Tai-chi App and DisableFlagSecure apps on your Android Device.

2. Install both the apps normally.

3. Now Open Taichi App and Grant all the permissions if prompted on the screen.


4. Click on Manage Modules and Right Tick DisableFlagSecure app.


5. Now on the Menu icon the downright and click on Create App (+)

6. Now right check and select the app/s for which you want to take a screen record and click Create.


7. The Taichi will prompt you to delete the installed App, confirm it.

Uninstall the App

8. Taichi will uninstall the app and a new app will be created by Taichi.

9. Install the Created app by Taichi using Taichi Installer. (Grant Unknown Sources Permission)

Note: You may see a message box; The app isn’t found in the list of installed apps. Don’t worry just click OK and click on the created app to install with taichi Installer, it works.


10. Now return to back and open the App from the Taichi home screen.


11. Done! You can use Screen Recorder App and Record Screen on the restricted app without any Black Screen issue on Android.

Conclusion: With the Methods Above you can record the apps using Screen Recorder without any Black Screen issue, make sure you are using the app for personal use only.

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  1. Divyesh S. says:

    Hey please see this urgently I was recording a YouTube content to share on whatsaap but mu screen became black and it has been a night but now also the problem is showing help me please

  2. Tripp says:

    I have followed your instructions to the letter, and I’m still getting nothing but black screen. I was trying paramount plus. What could I be doing wrong here?

  3. Akhilesh says:


  4. Rock says:

    When log in to the app it says log in failed

  5. anand gupta says:

    this is also not working in some app .
    this is an old Techniques

  6. appclinic says:

    thanks for the tip. it finally solved the problem

  7. Gourav nainwaya says:

    Thanks bro 😊 it’s working

  8. Rocky pawar says:


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