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  1. Ramakrishna says:

    I’m unable to install any app because it shows screen over last detect. Pl solve this problem too over come.

  2. loi says:

    didn’t resolve for me. i didn’t have the option of the screen so i did each one list.
    still can’t open 1/2 of the software of the phone.

  3. Ramkrishna Sudhanshu says:

    CleanMaster is culprit in my case. once it is deleted , issue has been fixed.

  4. Muralikumar says:

    Yes. Ramakrishna Sudhansu, Clean master is the Culprit. After Uninstall of Clean Master my Gallery, file manager started to work!..
    Loi, Uninstall the Cleanmaster App.

    Thank you so much, Ramakrishna!

    • Asha Morris says:

      thank you…worked on mine

  5. Muralikumar says:

    Loi, I was searching to solve the problem from two days!. Thought to go service Center, My mobile is MOTO G3. After doing all the activities some apps not working means, that Clean master only!. once again Thanks to RAM.

  6. Aman Gupta says:

    Just turn off the suspend button or floating button on the screen and the problem will be solved

  7. Naresh says:

    Try this guys …install the app “install buttton unlocker” and enable it…thats all your screen over lay detected problem solved

  8. Zime Zulu says:

    i have been trying all the steps and i have switched off applications but nothing seems to b working plz help

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