Best Reverse IP Lookup Services to Track the Location

Looking for Location with the IP Address? Here are the Best Reverse IP Lookup Services to Track the Geolocation of the User with the help of IP.

An IP address is the internet protocol address, which is a serial number allotted to every device using the internet. This serial number is useful for tracking the location of the device. It is also used for recognizing networks. IP addresses are useful for establishing the whereabouts of the device. It is especially used for tracking cybercrime. To put it in layman terms it is like a unique identity card for your network. It is because of the IP Address that computers can exchange information.

So it is safe to say that the IP Address of any device is an important piece of information. But what if one wants to search for an IP address? And the more important question is why would anyone want to lookup an IP address? Well, the answer to the first question is that there are a lot of reasons why one would search for an IP address. For example, if you want to verify the location of an online friend. Or you could be a cyber expert looking for a criminal who has committed a cybercrime. And the answer to the second question is quite simple; if anyone wants to look for an IP address then there are a lot of services available online that allow you to do so.

Here is the list of some of the best Reverse IP Lookup Services Available Online.

  5. Telize
  10. Advanced IP Scanner

Best Reverse IP Lookup Services

Here is a list of the best IP lookup services online that we have assembled to make the task of finding someone’s IP address.

1. is a website that offers a safe and simple way of looking up an IP address. It does not breach the privacy of users and gives results from their database. It gives information on the location, area, city, coordinates, etc of the IP that was searched. This Malaysian company also helps users find the zip code, network speed, and domain name.

It offers to look for 50 IP addresses for free per day but if you sign up for the demo then the limit extends to 200. The paid version of the app is best suitable for commercial use which ranges from 49$ to 1849$.

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2. is an IP lookup service that claims to handle millions of IP search requests daily. On their website, they have stated that they offer bank-grade security as they use 256 bit SSL encryption. They also handle multiple requests at once to look for a huge group of IPs all at once.

Like all the standard IP Lookup services, provides the geolocation, time zone, currency, and network details of the IP that was looked up. It has multiple variants with the free one offering just the location data while the other paid variants starting from 9.99$ offering many more features. However, the free version can handle 10,000 requests per month which are sufficient for an individual user.

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3. is perhaps the fastest IP lookup tool/service in this list. It provides location, currency, and timezone results quickly and accurately with no fuss. It is easy to integrate with many channels and is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. It also provides search results from its database just like also supports multiple languages which include English, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Its free version handles 10,000 free requests per month which can only be used for personal use. It has a commercial version that can be used by enterprises. Its 90 millisecond response time is its crowning glory.

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4. is a simple IP database that provides information about the city, state, country, currency, zip code, time zone, etc of the IP that was searched. Its reputable clients include Verizon, IKEA, Ondeck, etc. It is a step ahead of other IP databases and tracking tools as it can provide the exact sunrise, sunset, times, and from a GPS coordinate or IP.

It has a response time of 40 milliseconds which makes it the best IP database and tracking API. It is available in several countries like the USA, France, Germany, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. It handles 1,000 free requests per day while the paid version starts at 15$ per month and goes up to 500$ per month.

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5. Telize

Telize is a completely paid API that gives users with location information and visitor IP address in JSON format. Its basic variant cost 7$ per month and the most expensive pack costs 100$ per month. Its old version was rebuilt on RapidAPI. Not much is known about Telize although anyone can give it a try.

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6. is a powerful IP address lookup tool that aims to provide a one-stop solution for all businesses. It not only allows the user to access the location data but also the currency, language, and time zone data of the visitor. It also prevents fraud and scams and performs threats evaluation.

It is a balanced API that gives users both options of data and security. It can help with personalizing content for the customers and redirecting them to the appropriate webpage of their language. Its free variant offers 10,000 lookups per month while the paid version ranges from 10$-100$.

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7. is one of the most extraordinary databases for looking up IP addresses. Launched in 2013, it was created by an ex-Facebook employee. It has mind-boggling statistics on its side which prove its dominance in the market. It handles more than 10,000 requests per second for over one lakh customers.

If this wasn’t enough it handles a whopping 20 billion requests per month for the elite companies of the world. Microsoft, Intel, Cloudflare, Bupa, John Deere are some of its customers. It provides accurate location, domain, and ISP data. It also has extensive documentation of its API which is a blessing for its developers.

Its free for use pack offers 50,000 requests per month while the basic pack starts at 49$ per month. If you want to try an IP Lookup service then you can trust this one completely.

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The API was launched in 2006 and is one of the oldest geotargeting websites. It offers free service to all and provides IP location, currency, and time zone. It is stable and has been consistent with its endeavor of providing free IP geolocations for the last 14 years.

It has a bit of old school vibe to its website and interfaces although it works perfectly fine. It integrates with PHP, XML, CSV, Javascript, JSON. If the old user interface is a deal-breaker for you then we suggest you opt for other IP lookup APIs. But if you do not mind the interface and want a simple IP lookup service with no complications then this one is perfect for you.

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9. is a giant geolocation API and database. It performs smart functions like doing risk analyses and providing location-based content. It uses machine learning methods to improve the precision of their results.

It provides location, security, and regular alerts. works closely with many ISPs to access loads of data. Its customers are tech giants like Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft. It does not offer a free variant and its basic pack starts at 8.29 euros per month.

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10. Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is an IP lookup software that was designed to work on Windows operating systems. With more than 45 million users it is trusted by many. It analyses and scans LAN and provides results quickly. It even gives users access to shared folders and allows them to switch on/off computers. This free IP Scanner is easy and hassle-free as it requires no installation.

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Honorary Mentions: Some other IP lookup services that did not make it into the list are, Google Maps Geocoding API,, Maxmind, etc. All of them work decently and can be given a try.

Conclusion: Therefore, these are the 10 best IP Lookup Services available online. Almost all of them offer a free variant and perform quite well.

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