Big mistakes people make while using Google Plus

Mistakes which restricts the visibility of posts in communities i.e your post is visible only to you and which even results in disabling of G+ features.

Google Plus is one of the best place for sharing and communicating using photos, videos, gifs, polls and links. It is an effective way for small business to communicate and converse with potential customers. And with Google Plus comes Google Plus Communities. These communities are groups with specific subject which could be anything from humour to technology.

Mistake 1: Biggest mistake people make while using Google Plus is they share same content to several communities. Sharing same content for example a pic in more than one community will activate G+ filters which results in marking you as spam. On further such activity you may face restriction from Google + which includes limiting your post visibility in communities (your post may not be visible to others except you in community) or disabling some of your G+ features.

Mistake 2: Sharing links from a particular commercial websites including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or engaging in unwanted or mass solicitation, is not permitted. It is also against G+ policies and community guidelines. If you continue to do so you may be barred from community and also restricting your post visibility in communities.

Mistake 3: If reported of using abusive and harsh language or posting pornographic content you may face suspension from Google Plus.

Mistake 4: Sharing a lot at once is also not preferable, you should keep a gap of about 3 hours after sharing a couple of post in communities. You should also participate in conversation.

So, avoid such inadvertence mentioned above which may disable some or all of your G+ features or may even result in suspension of Google Plus and other Google services.


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