Fix – “Couldn’t Sign in” Google Account Login Issues

Fix Google Account Login issues like Couldn't Sign you in for various issues namely; Problem Communication with Server, Error Establishing Reliable Connection, Couldn't verify Account Belongs to You and other such issues

Google is very strict in keeping its products safe and secure from all sorts of rouge and malpractices. If Google notices some weird behaviour with your account then its servers will block the login citing security and credential issues.

If you use your Google Account to log-in to various devices then Google bots may find the behaviour as potentially dangerous and thus may prevent you from logging in. Today in this I will give you all the possible solutions to fix the issue for of ‘Couldn’t Sign in to Google Account’

1. Couldn’t sign in. There was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers

Before we look deeper make sure you have good Wi-Fi or Data Connection.

Try a simple solution by restarting your device. If you have a sd card on your device, unmount it and wait for 15 – 30 seconds, remount and try to update again.

Clear the Cache for Google Services Framework

  1. Open settings of your Android device
  2. Open option called Apps or App manager
  3. Under ‘All Apps’ look for the Google Play Services app
  4. Clear cache followed by quick reboot

Re-Sign with Google Account

  1. Clear Google play store cache and data from the Settings > App Manager > All > Google Play Store
  2. Remove your google account from Settings > Accounts > Your email address
  3. Reboot your device and run google play store and log in to your account

Other Solutions to Try

  • Update the date and time on your device.
  • Try a VPN App like OperaVPN and then try Log-in
  • Remount SD card: Remove the SD card from the Android device. Wait a few seconds, then re-insert the SD card.
  • Disable the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Clear cache for Google Play Services app & Play Store app.

2. Couldn’t Sign in – Can’t Establish a Reliable Connection

For Non-Rooted Devices

For Account verification and authentication Google establishing a secure connection with its servers. The TSL certificate contains an expiration date which would be compared to the system date of the Android system.

If the system date is too far, the validation of the servers will fail, thus creating issues with android connection establishment. So check your system date and time before adding account.

For Rooted Devices

  1. Open Root Explorer app and grant SuperUser Access.
  2. Browse root /etc.
  3. At the top of your screen, you will see mount R/W. Tap on mount R/W.
  4. Open the first file with text editor.
  5. Add # (pound sign) on the first number.

Example: #

Save and reboot your device and you are Done.

3. Google Couldn’t Verify this Account belongs to you.

There is only one way to get back your account that is through an Account Recovery (“AR”) process.

Go to

Google will get few options to regain access to your Google account; Verification Code, Email Verification, Security Questions etc.

Google will not send a recovery link if fully satisfied with the ownership.

If there is insufficient information available, account recovery will be impossible.!category-topic/gmail/SzwFXkqLvr0.

If possible, use the same location and same device that was successfully signed in from previously. This will increase the chances of sign-up.

If you were hacked, answer the questions using the details that were used to set up the account. The more accurate the response, greater the chance of regaining the account.

Conclusion: With the above methods I can’t guarantee that you will find the fix but they are worth a try. Google generally uses cookies to check the device credentials. And if it finds something unusual than you may get the sign in error.

I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. I also suggest you to post your error with complete details of your device along with root status below if you needed some further assistance.

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