Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, which one is best in windows 10?

New Windows 10 OS has new improved and inbuilt browser named as Microsoft Edge. We're here comparing the legendary browser Chrome and Edge.

When I installed Windows 10, I was quite surprised to notice the brand new browser Microsoft edge instead of any higher version of internet explorer. As I started browsing in the all-new browser, I found it very interesting to use.

It has a lighter size, blazing fast and all new Cortana is interlinked with it. Obviously, different users of Windows use different web browsers, but as per surveys and reports, Google Chrome is probably the most reliable web browser and fastest of all.

Mozilla Firefox is pretty good in terms of ease of reading and the add-ons it offers, etc., but when we dive deep into the performance, we can actually find that it consumes more bandwidth than other similar web browsers.

However, as Microsoft includes a new web browser in Windows 10, you must be confused between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This is where comparison in between the two comes in our mind. This article will help you to know about all the features of Microsoft Edge so you can compare it with Google Chrome and find which browser is best for you to trust.

When it comes to browsers, Google Chrome is believed to be one of the best browsers in the whole lot. It provides fast browsing, reliable security, and a lot of features, making it hard for other browsers to win the race. But, with the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge (codenamed Project Spartan) browser. The browser is fast, secure and adds new features that people love. However, the question remains, you can beat Google Chrome? Well, let’s find out about the three basic parameters i.e speed, security, and features:

Browsing speed:

Google Chrome can load web pages faster than any other browser. Researchers have found that Microsoft edge has improved a lot and loads web pages in approximately the same time as that of google chrome but Chrome is still faster even on slow networks.


Microsoft never compromises with the security, Microsoft has integrated well all the security walls with the browser Microsoft Edge plus the smart screen filter adds up to the security that stops the browser from installing or downloading malicious software and programs, which is absent in Chrome.


There is no doubt that Google Chrome offers plenty of add-ons to choose from and in private browsing is also there. But, Microsoft edge offers limited add-ons to be added to the browser to make it customized. Google chrome is easy to customize as compared to Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft Edge also has a feature to take notes in the browser itself which is currently unavailable in Chrome.


Microsoft Edge is proving to be a great browser, but is still in the early stages and lacks many things that carefully developed browsers do offer. So maybe it is too early to judge Microsoft Edge and put it against the giant browser. It is expected to have a brighter future, and we can compare them again. For now, Google Chrome is still the king.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is unfair because:

    Microsoft promotes Edge. It makes a taskbar icon and fullscreen automatic launch without your permission. It also uses it as the default program for opening pdfs.

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