iOS 15 Battery Discharging Quickly: How to Fix

Is your iOS 15 Battery Discharging Quickly? Here are Best Methods to Fix Heavy Battery Drain on iPhone Running on iOS 15.

After updating to iOS 15, are you experiencing battery drain.? Well, you are not the only one to face this issue. In this guide, I will tell you some simple ways to fix the battery drain on iOS 15. Also, I will explain the common reasons why the battery drain issue may happen on your iPhone.

iPhone does support a sufficient amount of battery charge that can last a busy day. However, unsuspecting factors like software bugs in the beta iOS, background services, automatic app updates, location services may be active and consuming the juice of the iPhone.

Why Battery is Draining on iOS 15?

I have listed some of the known reasons that I have experienced as well which depletes the battery of the iPhone.

  • Background app refresh is enabled causing the iOS to work even when you are not using the iPhone.
  • Location services are on even when any concerned app is not in use.
  • People often face battery drain issues when they install any developer beta which is notorious for bugs and glitches. Maybe your iPhone is still running on iOS 15 developer beta instead of public beta or iOS 15 stable OS.
  • If auto video previews are enabled on iOS, then that will also fetch a preview of video clips even if you have no intention to view which in turn will consume the battery power.
  • If a certain app may be responsible for draining the battery, then maybe the app needs to be upgraded to the latest build.
  • iOS app icons may have some animation effects which is another factor contributing to the battery loss on the iPhone.
  • The battery may have been genuinely depleted through years of usage if your iPhone is quite old. Normally, all the iPhones of older generations can easily support the new iOS 15. So, a few years old iPhone running on iOS 15 experiencing battery loss can be attributed to an overused battery.

Best Methods to Fix Battery Draining on iOS 15

Let’s get to the troubleshooting part now and fix the issue for Battery Discharging Quickly on iOS 15

Enable Low Power Mode for iOS

When you enable low power mode, iOS limits the background activities of the iPhone. This feature helps conserve the battery life and enhances its longevity. You have to enable it manually every time and if after recharging the iPhone battery is above 80%, then the Low Power mode will disable on its own.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Then navigate to Battery and tap on it.
    Open Battery settings iOS
  3. Next, tap on the switch beside the option Low Power Mode.
    enable low power mode iOS battery

Turn off Location Services

Location services are used mostly by the food apps or cab booking apps. They are useful only when you are using them actively. Other times, the location service is enabled they will keep consuming the battery.

To turn that off,

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on Privacy.
    open privacy settings
  3. Then under that tap on Locations Services.
    tap on Location services
  4. Tap on the switch to disable the feature.
    turn off location services

Selectively Disable Background App Refresh for iPhone apps

This means there are certain apps which you may not be using all the time or not even every day. So, turn off the background app refresh for such apps. You will end up saving a considerable amount of juice on your iPhone.

I must mention that when you activate the Low Power mode on iOS, the background app refresh is disabled on its own.

  1. Open the Settings app > go to General
    navigate to General
  2. Tap on Background App Refresh
    open background app refresh iOS
  3. Under that, you will see a list of installed apps on your iPhone.
  4. Then tap on the switch beside the option Background App refresh to enable or disable it for that specific application. Repeat this for any app you have on your iPhone present in that list.
    disable background app refresh iOS apps

Disable Automatic Video Previews in Safari Browser

When you are browsing the internet through the Safari browser, you may come across videos playing their previews or automatically running in PiP mode. Of course, you are not going to watch all the videos. This interference is disturbing and also consumes a significant chunk of battery and drains your iPhone of juice.

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Go to Accessibility and tap on it.
    iOS accessibility settings
  3. Then tap on Motion.
    tap on Motion
  4. Under that, disable the option for Auto-play Video Previews.
    disable auto play video previews

Update iOS

As per my previous mention, it may be a bug in the iOS, that may cause the battery draining issue on the iPhone. Users do face this problem when running iOS beta builds.

So, updating iOS should fix the battery loss.

  1. Go to Settings > tap on General
    navigate to General
  2. Then tap on Software Update.
    iOS software update
  3. You will be notified if any latest update is available.
  4. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to install the update.

After updating the iOS build observe if the battery drain issue is still persistent or whether it has been fixed now.

Disable Automatic App Updates on iOS

iOS apps frequently get updates and it is not possible to manually update the apps right when the updates are available.

So, users enable automatic updates which will update the app on its own. This significantly cuts down on the battery power. Often your iPhone may already be low on power and having apps updating in the background will further deplete the battery power.

So, it is wise to disable automatic app updates on the iPhone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to App Store and tap on it.
    open app store settings
  3. Then under Automatic Downloads, you will see two options Apps and App Updates.
  4. Tap on the switch beside the two options to disable them.
    disable apps and app updates

Replace your iPhone Battery

If your iPhone is quite old and is in use for a few years, then genuinely its battery may have depleted. You can check that by visiting the battery health option in iOS.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Battery
    Open Battery settings iOS
  3. Tap on Battery health.
    battery health capacity iOS
  4. As you may see mine is showing 87% which means the battery health is quite good.

If the battery health is showing a low percentage, then go to the Apple service center and get the battery replaced. When the battery is on the verge of depletion none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting would bring any results. The iPhone will frequently keep losing battery power.

So, these are some of the troubleshooting methods that you need to follow to fix the battery draining issue on iOS 15.

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