20 Most Popular Torrent Sites 2024: Safe P2P List

Looking for Safe and Working P2P Websites List to Download Torrent Files. Here are the Best Torrent Sites.

Numerous BitTorrent platforms facilitate downloading movies, TV shows, games, software, and more through P2P file-sharing technology. These torrent sites, known for their convenience in file downloading, have become popular among users.

However, the desire to consolidate torrent download results from various sites into a single, easily accessible location led to the emergence of torrent search engine sites. These platforms empower users to search for files and swiftly download corresponding torrents within seconds.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent serves as a repository of information facilitating the download of larger files from multiple sources. In contrast to conventional online file downloads, torrents involve acquiring small fragments of a file from diverse origins.

Factors such as internet speed and VPN reliability influence the download speed, emphasizing the necessity of using a VPN when engaging in torrent downloads or accessing torrenting websites.

Types of Torrent Sites

Torrent sites come in different forms, with two primary categories being notable:

1. Public Torrent Sites

Public torrent sites are open to all users, offering a platform for downloading and sharing various files without requiring invitations or registrations.

These sites, while easily accessible and boasting faster download speeds due to numerous active seeders, come with risks. Public sites lack verification or reliability checks, increasing the likelihood of encountering copyrighted or malicious content.

2. Private Torrent Sites

Private torrent sites operate as exclusive, invite-only communities where users must register and maintain a satisfactory sharing ratio for entry.

These sites implement stringent guidelines to enhance security and uphold content quality. The advantages of private torrent sites include:

  • Quality control: Dedicated uploaders on private sites verify the authenticity and quality of available torrents, ensuring a high standard of content.
  • Enhanced security: The invitation-only model reduces the risk of viruses or malicious files, with active moderation further preventing illegal content distribution.
  • Specialized content: Private torrent sites cater to specific interests, focusing on niches such as software, ebooks, TV shows, or movies. Some may also concentrate on content from particular languages or regions, providing a tailored and curated experience.

Here is the Tabular Data for Best P2P Torrent Sites List

Torrent SiteDescription
[RARBG]A popular torrent site known for high-quality video releases.
[Kickass Torrents]A resurrected version of the original Kickass Torrents, offering a wide range of torrents.
[1337X]A comprehensive torrent site that provides everything from movies to games.
[YTS]Specializes in HD movie releases.
[Zooqle]Over 3.5 million torrents from everything from movies to games.
[Torrent Downloads]One of the best and trusted torrenting sites globally.
[The Pirate Bay]One of the oldest and most reliable services for torrent downloads.
[EZTV]A great place to visit for TV series lovers.
[FitGirl Repacks]It offers repackaging games, making downloads smaller.
[LimeTorrents]Provides free torrents for movies, TV shows, games, software, ebooks, and music.
[Torrends]Another popular torrent site.
[TorrentGalaxy]A new torrent website with a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.
[IPTorrents]A private torrent site that requires an invitation.
[Nyaa.si]A popular torrent site for anime.
[Torlock]A torrent site that offers verified torrents.
[Snowfl]A torrent aggregator.
[TorrentFunk]A torrent site that provides verified torrents.
[SolidTorrents]A DHT search engine that offers a minimalist interface and a shortlist of good torrent sites.
[iDope]A torrent search engine that provides direct magnet links to torrents.
[Demonoid]A BitTorrent tracker that first went online in 2003.

Best Free Torrent Sites

Here is the Ultimate P2P List of Best Torrent Sites that are Safe & Still Working


RARBG Alternatives

Operating on the BitTorrent protocol, RARBG stands out as a P2P file-sharing site that provides high-quality torrents across diverse categories via magnet links.

Renowned for its multipurpose nature, like The Pirate Bay, RARBG boasts numerous verified seeders, offering users a reliable and personalized experience.

Particularly favored for movie torrents, RARBG curates a list of the top 10 downloads in categories like movies, XXX, TV shows, music, and games.

Its user-friendly interface allows easy navigation through content or specific searches using an effective torrent search engine.

Despite its popularity, RARBG faces restrictions in many countries, necessitating a VPN for torrenting.

Users should exercise caution with RARBG clones, as several are identified as scam sites, making it advisable to stick to provided mirrors.

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2. Kickass Torrents 

Kickass Torrents could be the answer if you’re on the hunt for diverse content. With an extensive torrent library boasting plenty of seeds and an active community, this platform stands out for its impressive collection of movies and TV shows.

Kickass Torrents has taken steps to enhance security by providing user verification information and detailing the seeder/leecher ratio for torrents.

This data empowers users to make informed decisions, opting for popular and secure torrents.

Despite its merits, Kickass Torrents has a drawback – the presence of ads and pop-ups that might disrupt navigation.

However, with an active ad blocker, users can mitigate this issue. Additionally, the platform faces bans in several countries, including Australia, Britain, and the USA.

The silver lining is that users can bypass these restrictions with a reliable VPN by rerouting their connection to a country where the site remains accessible.

Easy navigation and a user-friendly interface make Kickass Torrents a preferred choice for downloading games, music, apps, anime, books, movies, and more.

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3. 1337X

1337x.to | Torrent Search Engine

Counted among the most popular torrent websites, 1337X has garnered a significant fan base since its founding in 2007. Operating in numerous countries, this platform boasts an elegant interface with precise directories for seamless navigation.

While it faces bans in certain countries, it remains a go-to choice for many. Offering a vast torrent collection across various categories, 1337X caters to diverse preferences, whether users seek premium software, games, or movies.

The site’s commitment to diversity is evident, with new torrents regularly added, ensuring users can explore a broad spectrum of content.

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4. YTS


YTS stands out as the ultimate haven for movie enthusiasts among various torrenting sites. Operating across multiple domains, it has garnered immense popularity within the torrent user community.

As a successor to the YIFY group, YTS holds the second position among the most frequently visited websites, following closely behind The Pirate Bay.

Since its launch in 2011, this niche-oriented torrent platform exclusively focuses on movies, offering a comprehensive selection from the latest releases to classic and hard-to-find films.

With a user-friendly interface reminiscent of Netflix, navigating the website is a breeze. However, despite its popularity, it’s important to note that YTS has been implicated in indirect participation in anti-piracy measures, potentially compromising user data.

While acknowledged as one of the best movie-centric torrent websites, users are strongly advised to employ a robust VPN for added security when accessing YTS.

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5. Zooqle 

For gaming enthusiasts seeking an extensive library for downloading video game torrents, Zooqle emerges as a prime choice. This popular site hosts over 600 TV shows and a whopping 37,000 movies, and it boasts a collection of torrents not easily found elsewhere.

It has also gained popularity for software torrent downloads. With an impressive user interface and a convenient search bar, Zooqle ensures users can easily locate files of interest.

Each torrent has detailed information, including the resolution quality, upload time, and seeder/leecher ratio.

Additionally, the site offers a unique feature where users can search for movies or TV shows based on the cast, making it a versatile and user-friendly torrent platform.

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6. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads, a veteran player in the torrent scene, has witnessed a gradual decline in traffic over time. It currently boasts around five million monthly users. This decrease is attributed to the larger libraries of competitors like Pirate Bay and other torrent sites.

Moreover, government investigations have made it unavailable in numerous regions. Despite these challenges, Torrent Downloads remains a viable choice for more obscure titles across various categories, earning it a spot in our list of top torrent sites.

Whether you’re hunting for an old video game or a rare book, a quick search on Torrent Downloads might yield fruitful results. Notably, Asian titles appear to feature prominently in their servers. During our testing, average torrent download speeds ranged between 2 to 3 MB/s, and occasional ad intrusions were noted.

For those bothered by ads, NordVPN offers a solution with Threat Protection Lite, an ad-blocker that also safeguards against malicious domains.

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7. The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay

A torrent giant known to millions, The Pirate Bay has maintained its status as one of the world’s best torrent sites since 2018, available in 35 languages.

Despite a temporary shutdown in early 2020, it has successfully evaded multiple takedown attempts. With millions of torrent files estimated to be on the site, The Pirate Bay stands out as a secure platform, verifying uploaders to enhance user trust.

While no torrent site guarantees complete protection from malware, this verification minimizes the risk of infection. The Pirate Bay, with its vast community of seeders, ensures faster P2P downloads, even for older or less common torrents.

Its user-friendly interface allows for easy filtering of results by file format, quality, and gaming console, simplifying the torrent search process. The site’s minor downside includes a few ads, easily mitigated by using a trusted ad blocker.

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For people seeking high-definition episodes of their favorite TV shows, EZTV emerges as a top-notch torrent site. While its library may not rival giants like The Pirate Bay, it excels in its TV show focus, offering a go-to destination for HD releases.

EZTV, driven by its active community, boasts a commendable seeder/leecher ratio and garners approximately 20 million visitors monthly.

Whether you’re seeking the latest releases, older titles like “Two and a Half Men,” or even more obscure shows like “Midsomer Murders,” EZTV caters to a broad range of preferences.

While occasional ad intrusion can be a minor nuisance, the library’s size and decent download speed, ranging from 2 to 3 MB/s, ensure a satisfying binge-watching experience.

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9. FitGirl Repacks

Serious gamers seeking the latest and most authentic gaming torrents need look no further than FitGirl Repacks.

Renowned for delivering games that closely mirror the original, FitGirl asserts that most offerings are 100% lossless and MD5 perfect. Notably, these games are compressed to nearly 90% of their initial size, facilitating faster downloads.

Each game on FitGirl comes with a summary detailing requirements, features, installation time, and a comprehensive game description.

With a convenient “Monthly Archive” section, users can effortlessly locate specific games. FitGirl stands as the optimal torrent site for gamers desiring authentic, safe torrents of both the latest releases and classic titles.

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10. LimeTorrents

limetorrents alternative

LimeTorrents stands out as a premier torrent site for new releases, offering a seamless interface and an impressive seeder/leecher ratio for recent torrents.

Established in 2009, LimeTorrents boasts a library that rivals The Pirate Bay. With an average download speed ranging from 3 to 4 MB/s and close to 20 million monthly users, LimeTorrents delivers a solid torrenting experience.

Although currently banned in the UK, France, and Australia, access is still feasible with a reliable VPN. Noteworthy features include the ability to stream movies directly on the site, saving time on downloads.

While streaming proves reliable, LimeTorrents ranks lower on our list due to a scarcity of seeders for older torrents and occasional ad intrusion.

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11. Torrends

Torrends functions as a torrent search engine that aggregates torrents from popular sites such as The Pirate Bay and 1337x.

This time-saving tool provides users with the convenience of accessing results from multiple sites in one place.

While the download speed and other relevant metrics mirror those of the specific site Torrends.to pull data from, the platform stands out for its seamless design and minimal ad intrusion during testing.

With nearly five million monthly hits and a unique trending data set, Torrends.to proves advantageous for users in search of obscure titles, consolidating all results efficiently.

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12. TorrentGalaxy 

As a newer yet prominent player in the torrent scene, TorrentGalaxy hosts a diverse array of content, spanning movies, TV shows, music, software, and games.

Recognized for its high-quality torrents, particularly in the realm of TV shows and movies, the site offers an Online streaming option, allowing users to stream video content without the need for complete downloads directly.

TorrentGalaxy goes the extra mile by providing detailed descriptions and user ratings for each torrent, empowering users to assess quality and reliability before initiating downloads.

Committed to user safety, the site actively moderates its content, promptly removing any torrents reported to contain malware.

While pop-up ads are prevalent, utilizing an ad blocker or a VPN with a built-in ad blocker, such as CyberGhost, proves effective in safeguarding downloads and blocking intrusive ads collectively.

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13. IPTorrents

Venturing into the realm of private torrenting sites, IPTorrents stands as a prominent player, distinguishing itself as one of the largest private torrenting platforms.

Entry to such sites requires an invitation, ensuring a more exclusive user base. IPTorrents prides itself on a substantial library, an active community, and a notable absence of intrusive ads.

The private nature of these torrenting sites enhances safety, creating a more challenging environment for users with malicious intentions.

A significant advantage lies in the generally higher streaming speeds observed on private sites compared to their public counterparts, attributed to members adhering to seeding quotas. For those willing to invest, IPTorrents stands out as one of the premier private torrent sites.

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14. Nyaa.si 

When it comes to seeking out favorite Asian content, Nyaa.si emerges as the go-to destination. It offers an array of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content, including software, anime videos, and audio. The majority of Nyaa.si’s offerings center around anime.

The website showcases an appealing user interface, ensuring easy access to its diverse content library.

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15. Torlock 


For those prioritizing safety while downloading torrents, Torlock proves to be a prudent choice. This P2P site goes the extra mile by compensating users with $1 for every reported fake torrent, underscoring its commitment to user safety.

A notable feature is its retention of the “.com” domain name, indicating its well-established status. Torlock’s extensive library prominently features music, eBooks, and anime series.

The homepage conveniently showcases the most recent and popular torrents in each category. However, caution is advised, as many new releases fall under copyright protection, making their download illegal.

The site impresses with detailed file specifications for each torrent, including file size, upload date, seeders, and health, ensuring transparency in the downloading process.

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16. Snowfl

As one of the most reliable torrent search engines, Snowfl excels in simplicity and functionality. The website boasts a minimalistic interface, ensuring easy navigation for users.

Using the search box to conduct a torrent search is straightforward. Correct spelling is crucial, as the engine doesn’t provide autocorrections.

Results offer the option to either visit the torrent site directly or utilize the magnet link for a seamless download experience.

A single ad appears below the search box, providing unobtrusive access to necessary information such as seeder and leecher ratios, along with file sizes.

Despite its reliability, Snowfl remains unblocked in most parts of the world, making it a trustworthy choice for those in search of torrents.

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17. TorrentFunk 

TorrentFunk emerges as a popular torrenting platform, boasting an extensive database that caters to the preferences of torrenters.

Offering a diverse range of quality content in categories such as software, games, movies, shows, and music, users can effortlessly find nearly any desired title.

The platform’s verified status for torrents aids in distinguishing safe links from potential threats, while user comments provide additional insights.

Information on seed numbers and torrent health is readily available, enhancing the user experience. However, employing a VPN is strongly recommended due to intrusive ads on the site.

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18. SolidTorrents

SolidTorrents operates as a torrent search engine that aggregates torrent links from external sources, delivering the associated files to users. The platform boasts a user-friendly and tidy interface, facilitating easy navigation to locate desired content.

Various filters, including year, rating, and country, enhance the search experience. Despite its appealing interface, our tests revealed that SolidTorrents features outdated content across all categories, making it unsuitable for those seeking the latest movies or TV shows.

If you’re in search of up-to-date content, we recommend exploring our comprehensive list of free movie sites. Additionally, the platform’s library is relatively limited, primarily comprising TV series, movies, anime, videos, music, and software.

However, it does offer a selection of movies and shows in multiple languages from diverse countries, such as Japan and India.

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19. iDope 

Completing the roster of the best torrent sites, iDope stands out with its swift downloads and the predominant use of magnet links. This allows users to obtain desired content without prior torrent downloads.

The user-friendly interface facilitates easy access to trending movies and TV shows. Although facing limitations such as a scarcity of seeders and a capped video resolution at 720p, iDope remains a go-to platform for high-quality video content.

As with TorLock, users may encounter challenges in downloading videos in 1080p, but the platform compensates with a diverse array of top-quality videos at 720p.

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20. Demonoid

The final selection on our compilation of top torrent sites is Demonoid, a reputable platform that emerged online in 2003 and has weathered legal challenges for nearly two decades.

Despite facing periods of adversity, including a prolonged 2-year downtime and the unexpected loss of its founder, alias Deimos, Demonoid made a triumphant return in 2019, now accessible through multiple mirror links.

Although restricted in the UK and Ukraine, the majority of global users can readily access Demonoid’s extensive torrent database, which encompasses diverse content niches and delivers above-average download speeds.

While the site’s overall interface may lack visual appeal and pose initial navigation challenges for some users, those who acclimate to it find the effort worthwhile for the wealth of content it offers.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, exploring the diverse landscape of torrenting platforms reveals a wealth of options for users seeking various forms of content.

The best torrent sites in December showcase a range of features and characteristics, catering to different preferences and needs. From the privacy-focused SkyTorrents to the exclusive realm of private torrent sites like IPTorrents, each platform offers a unique experience.

Users inclined toward anime can find a haven in AniDex, while those prioritizing security may turn to Torlock. The inclusion of specialized platforms like TorrentGalaxy for streaming options and FitGirl Repacks for authentic gaming torrents adds further depth to the torrenting ecosystem.

While public sites boast accessibility and speed, private communities enhance security and content quality. Ultimately, whether one seeks movies, TV shows, games, or specific niche content, the curated list provides a comprehensive guide for users navigating the dynamic landscape of torrent sites in December.

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