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  1. Jef says:

    For Method 2: Use app cloner. It has a greater compatability than parallel space.

  2. Aosa says:

    I tried two ways for the duolingo app and neither of them did work. The only thing that I managed was to unstall the app under a different name.

  3. Dart says:

    Hi, I tried the first option but I couldn’t find the option for ”simple edit” instead it just opens the lines instead to which I dont know where the app name is. How do I change the name?

  4. Sourav says:


  5. Robert says:

    oh. nice! Tks a million. I have installed plenty of apps from chplay and apknite (ksl classifieds, watch cartoon online, etc.), and have some questions related. This is one of them. Tks again

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