How to Increase the Alarm Volume on iPhone?

Looking to Increase Ringer Volume for Alarm on iOS Mobile. Here are the Best Ways to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone.

Alarms are one of the most important features of smartphones these days. With most people sleeping late, it is difficult to get up on time in the morning by yourself. The alarm of your smartphone will ring repeatedly to wake you up. But it is of no use if the volume of your Alarm is down, you can not hear the alarm sound, and you will be late for your respective work or school.

This article is about changing the volume of alarms in your iPhone. How can you up the volume of your alarm on iOS and you can turn it down so you don’t wake up your roommate? All will be covered in this article. Please go through each section.

Steps to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone Via Settings

There are two ways by which you can turn up the alarm volume of your iPhone. We are going to discuss both ways. One way is to turn up the alarm volume by using the settings of the iPhone, and the other way is by using the volume keys.

Here are step-by-step procedures using which you can turn up the volume of your alarm on the iPhone manually.

  • Tap on Settings to open the settings of your iPhone (a gear-like icon).
    sound settings iphone
  • Scroll and look for the Sounds option in the settings and tap on it.
    change sounds level iphone
  • You will see a slider of “ringer and alert” slide it to the right of your screen to turn up the volume.

Your Alarm Volume will be set to the highest level. You can also lower the alarm volume by sliding the slider to the left side of the screen.

Steps to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone Using Buttons

You can also change your alarm volume using your volume buttons. As it is quite convenient for most users to be able to do that, you need to turn this feature on from the settings manually. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open settings on your iPhone, look for sound and tap on it.
    sound settings iphone
  • You will see a toggle button named “change with the button” beneath the “ringer and alert” slider.
    change volume with button
  • Toggle on the “change with button” option.
  • Now close the settings app and open your clock application.
  • Create a new alarm by pressing on the add sign in the top right corner (You can also edit your existing alarm).
    alarm app iphone
  • Tap on a sound tab that is beneath the label tab.
    chnage alarm sound with buttons
  • Select the tone you want to use for your alarm.
    alarm sound iphone
  • When the tone is playing, click up on your volume button to turn up the sound of your alarm.

You will be able to change your alarm volume up or down from your volume button now.

Final Words

A loud alarm is very important for people who are in deep sleep. But sometimes it can be noisy for your roommate too. This article has given both methods; by using them, you can turn up or turn down your alarm volume at your convenience. You are hoping that this article was a help.

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