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    bro when i buy jiofi2 it give 5mb/s but after 2months it down on14kbs/s how to solve it ?

  2. ravindra mina says:

    I am not able to hack my neighbourhood wifi of company tp link it has wps security

  3. Adwitiya says:

    sir, I followed the steps for android device ..the problem is that whenever I copy and paste the password on jio fi network it shows “authentication problem /secured with wpa2”,,,,pls help

  4. vastav singh says:

    it does not work when i select START JUMPSTART it moves 50%nearly written associating with network it desnn”t move forward from this

  5. shashank says:

    Can you provide me the link for Jio find 2 versions 1.0 unlocking

  6. prashant says:


    i want a different hack on my jiofi3 device. how can i make it completely open to all as i am using it for only wifi disk feature. now whoever sees jiofi wifi should login without any password – this i achieve by keeping security to OPEN, but real problem comes when they go to access disk (32GB memory card in it) , they have to enter administrator, administrator to access wifi disk. how to bypass this,


  7. jheel says:

    PLEASE don’t make such information publicly available. You’re NOT a real hacker- you’re using tools made by others to achieve your target. A real hacker writes his own code. And in doing so, assumes all responsibilities for the consequences of his work. On the other hand, kids download programs written by others and click on buttons. Clicking on buttons does not take ANY skill on your part, and you don’t understand the inherent responsibilities of the consequences. When you make this information public, school/college kids with absolutely ZERO knowledge of coding, begin to feel like as if they are “Hackers” and start attacking other people’s networks, which I’m sure you understand is a criminal offense in Indian laws.

    I am a Jio customer, and I PAY for my service. If you cannot afford it, you should NOT use it. If you cannot afford a laptop, you don’t break into someone else’ house and steal his laptop when he’s not looking. There’s a difference between ethical hacking (breaking in to a network just for the challenge, and then informing the manufacturer about the vulnerability so they can patch it. Then attempting to break in to the patched network and finding another vulnerability, reporting to manufacturer again, so on and so forth) and unethical hacking (breaking in to a network to steal data, use a connection you are NOT legally allowed to, steal money by MIM spoofs, etc). What you’re doing is absolutely unethical, and a criminal offense. You (and anyone who reads this and successfully breaks in to someone else’ network following these steps) are setting yourself up for prison time. And i repeat, clicking on buttons is NOT hacking.

    • Nikhil says:

      This is just for information purpose. We do not endorse hacking.

    • Livinlazer says:

      It’s actually a surprise that you are on this page then, for why bother seeing how to hack a wifi when you actually pay for one?

  8. yoyo says:

    is this also help to hack wps wifi that have mac filter

  9. Aman Chaudhary says:

    Whenever I am going to hack jiofi hotspot or WiFi it won’t be able to scan or hack .pls help me.

  10. Jio - Telecom Pvt. Ltd. (Technician) says:

    Any method is not working for jiofi i am jiofi firmware maker and i know how to hack the jiofi. hahahaha……………………

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