How To Get Back a Lost Snapchat Streak?

Do you accidentally delete your Snapchat streaks? Don't worry! This guide will teach you how to get back a lost Snapchat streak.

It is no secret that Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among young people today. With the app, you can send photos and videos as well as create streaks. Streaks allow users to compete and form friendships. The goal of getting streaks is often to rival your friends or to show that you have a close relationship with someone.

But, there was a time when we accidentally deleted the streaks that we had created previously. Well, that’s really a heartbreaking situation. Keeping this thing in mind, we have created this guide to help you all get back your lost or deleted streaks on Snapchat. So, make sure to read this guide on how to get back a lost streak on Snapchat.

What is a Streak?

When two people have sent Snaps to each other for a specific number of days in a row, their streak is calculated. Whenever they send a Snap, their streak increases.

How Do I Know if You Have a Streak?

When you open the Snapchat app, a streak appears next to the name of a contact. In a streak, a flame appears as well as the number of days it has gone on for. Those involved in the streak are the only ones who can see it.

How Do I Get a Streak Back in Snapchat?

When users are about to lose their streaks (near the 24-hour mark), Snapchat notifies them. In some cases, however, it is impossible to maintain your streak. If you have experienced this, make sure to try these steps and check if it helps to get back your lost stream on Snapchat. But, before we start, you must have to make sure these things:

  • At least one snap must be sent to a friend in 24 hours. It could be anything like a picture, message, or video from Memories that won’t count.
  • Within that same 24-hour timeframe, receive and open a snap from that same friend.
  • Snaps must be sent and received by the same individual, and group messages will not count.

So, now, if you are sure that you and your friend full these things, then let’s check out the steps to retrieve your streaks:

  1. Log in to your Snapchat account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the Supports section at the bottom.
  4. Go to I Need Help, then click Snapstreaks.
  5. Under What if my Snapstreak has gone? section, select Let us know.How Do I Get a Streak Back in Snapchat?
  6. Go to My Snapstreaks disappeared, or I’ve lost my Snapstreak.How Do I Get a Streak Back in Snapchat?
  7. Thereafter, make sure to fill out the form as completely as possible.
  8. When you’re finished filling out the form, click Send.How Do I Get a Streak Back in Snapchat?

Snapchat won’t be able to help if the hourglass emoji appeared before your streak ended. So, in that case, you have no other options.

Can Snapchat Support help me regain my Snapstreak?

If your claim is justified, you can restore your Snapstreak regardless of the reason you lost it. However, many users have been able to recover their Snapstreak after following the steps above. Your Snapstreak will most likely be returned if you accidentally lost it.

What Should I do if I Noticed the Hourglass Timer on Snapchat?

Look, we advise you to complete the questionnaire form honestly without hesitation. Suppose your hourglass icon appears, but you cannot respond with a Snap as, at that time, you have no data or no cellular service available. So, you must tell them all these things, and depending upon your luck, they will surely help you get back a lost streak on Snapchat.

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