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  1. Tedd says:

    Pure browser is my new daily driver browser, lite, functional, polished UI. Phoenix browser is also worth a try

  2. Bob C says:

    I noticed that all the Firefox-based versions include mouse-friendly navigation for Android TV boxes. This adds a drag-content feature that is faster than Chrome-based browser which only have remote-control up-down and page-up/dn button navigation for Android TV box usage.

    Unfortunately, unlike Chrome-based browsers, all the Firefox-based Android browsers (CM, Samsung, Lightning, Via, UC, etc.) suffer from content-crippling incomplete/bad rendering of sites like Meetup. For Meetup group pages, for instance, Firefox-based browsers do not display the READ MORE links or Meetup group Discussions.

    • Nikhil says:

      Thanks for the Note Bob

  3. mortal says:

    Useful post, thanks.

  4. Adder McCoy says:

    Very helpful report. I’ve used over 12 different browsers, and I ended up with a”Girly”name browser that’s running in 24/7 “Beast”mode. Mint browser and downoader. Major help with practically Everything. Now the Only reason it’s Not perfect(for Me) doesn’t cook dinner.

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