How to Blur or Hide Faces on Video on Android?

Automatically Blur the Faces on a Video or Hide any portion on the video with the help of this new dedicated face pixelating app for Android.

If you have videos with some random people to hide or want to blur some faces on a video than a recently launched app named PutMask as do the job for you. Pixelating faces on the photo is pretty easy but to hide/blur any face on video is not a very easy task compared to edit on a photo.

PutMask does this job smoothly by automatically detecting the faces on a video and putting pixelating it to hide the face. You also get a very good editing option to blur only a specific portion for the video, making it a complete video blur app for Android.

How to Put Blur on Faces on any Video?

Here are the Simple Steps to Blur Video Faces on Android Using PutMask App

  1. Download the PutMask App on Android from Play Store.
  2. Grant permission to the app and select the desired video from the Gallery
    Detect Face
  3. Click Detect Face, the app will detect all the faces on the video and provide you a square marker.
  4. You can click the marker to remove the blur on any face of your choice.
  5. Once your preference is done, click on the start tracking option.
    Select Faces to Blur
  6. Export the Video and you are good to go.

Putmask gif

Features of PutMask

  • Good Face Detecting: PutMask is able to detect any faces, even a small square with dimensions of 10 by 10 pixels and at any angle (full face, half face).
  • Manual Hiding: If you want to obscure something other than a face in a video, or if the app can’t detect a face, you can easily obscure it manually by tracking it with your finger!
  • Two-way video processing: The app can process the video forward to backward or vice versa for more detailed output.
  • Using Key Frame: With a keyframe, you can easily hide everything with smooth movement.
  • Edit Video Based On Frame Number: We show you the number of every frame so you can edit the frames one by one with our tools.

How to use the editing feature of PutMask

With PutMask, for the first time, you can obscure faces in videos with your smartphone automatically and manually, with very high efficiency,to protect your privacy and the privacy of others in the media environment.

Conclusion: The App also allows you to blur any particular portion on the video with the help of an option named keyframe. You can also resize the blur marker and move it across the video to follow a path.

PutMask is the best face blur app to hide the faces or any portion on the video without any issues.

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