[Fixed] Writing Proxy Settings: Access Denied Error on Windows 11

Facing Access is Denied Error on Windows PC. Here is the Simple Guide to Fix Error Writing Proxy Settings Isse on Windows 11.

Are you getting a message citing “error writing proxy settings” on your Windows 11 PC? In this guide, I will help you with some troubleshooting tips to fix this problem. Normally, you see this error when you have incorrectly installed some third-party application. During the start-up of your PC, you may see this message.

Also, the error message shows up when you try to run any command through the terminal app. It is said by experts that the incorrectly installed apps may try to mess around with the Terminal when you try to execute any command. Often when you are using the Terminal without Admin access you may get an access denied message or the “Error writing proxy settings, access is denied” message.

Error Writing Proxy Settings

Best Ways to Fix Error Writing Proxy Settings on Windows 11

Here are the various troubleshooting methods that can fix Error Writing Proxy Settings, and Access Denied on Windows 11.

Reset IP Configuration of the PC

This is a working fix that has often helped in fixing the error writing proxy settings issue on Windows OS. Here are the steps to reset the IP configuration.

  1. Open the Command Prompt by using the Administrator rights.
    windows 11 command prompt
  2. Enter the following commands and execute them one after the other.
  3. Let these commands execute and then restart the PC. If you are not seeing any error message then the problem has been fixed successfully.

Perform a Clean Boot

This means you will disable the apps during startup and if you do not get any error message during the startup this indicates that the culprit for the “error writing proxy message” is some third-party app on your PC.

  1. Open the Run console by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Type msconfig and press enter.
    open msconfig
  3. On the system configuration dialog, box click on the Services tab.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog box, there will be a checkbox with adoption Hide All Microsoft Services.
  5. Click on the checkbox.
  6. Click on Disable All.
    hide all microsoft services
  7. Now, click on the Startup tab in the System Configuration dialog box.
  8. Next, click on Open Task Manager.
    open task manager from system config
  9. Under the Task manager, in the Startup tab, click on Disable.
    disable startup apps in Windows
  10. Now, restart the PC.

As mentioned earlier, if you see the boot-up was successful without the error message, then you need to hunt for the third-party app. Check if you have recently installed any application. Try removing that. You may also remove all the third-party apps installed on your PC on a trial and error basis.

Change the Default Terminal App of the Windows

Have you recently switched to some third-party terminal app on your Windows PC? Then that may cause you to see the error. So, to fix that you can try to switch back to the default terminal apps provided on the Windows OS.

  1. Press Windows + I to open the settings.
  2. Then click on Privacy and Security.
  3. Under that navigate to For Developers and click on it.
    for developers settings Windows
  4. Now, scroll to Terminal and click on the drop-down to reveal a menu that showcases two default terminal apps of the Windows OS.
  5. Select Windows Console Host or Windows Terminal.
    set default terminal app on Windows OS

Now, use the default terminal app when you try to execute any command.

Removing the Faulty Third-Party Apps

Here is how to remove an application from a Windows computer.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
    open control panel
  2. Click on Programs and Features.
    windows programs and features
  3. Look for the third-party apps you have recently installed in the list of apps currently installed on the PC.
  4. Right-click on the concerned app and select uninstall.
    uninstall Steam app
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and uninstall the app.

Access the Windows Terminal with Administrator Rights

If you are trying to execute any command through the Terminal app, but end up seeing the “Error writing proxy settings” message, then try to use the Terminal with Administrator Rights.

  1. Right-click on the Windows button on the taskbar or press the Windows + X keys.
  2. From the menu, select the option Windows Terminal(Admin)
    run windows terminal with admin access

  3. Enter the command that you were earlier trying to execute. It should now work.

Rollback to A Previous Version of Windows 11

If the above tips did not work in fixing the error writing proxy settings, then you may try to roll back the Windows 11 OS to a previous version. You can opt for this fix if you think it system build at fault which you may have installed recently.

If the installation was not properly carried out and was interrupted for some reason chances are that you will end up seeing the error writing proxy settings.

  1. Open the Windows settings by pressing Windows + I.
  2. Under the System tab, navigate to the option Recovery and click on it.
    Windows recovery settings
  3. Then scroll to Recovery Options and click on Go Back.
    rollback to Windows previous build
  4. If you see that the Go Back option has been grayed out then on your PC you are not allowed to roll back to any previous build of Windows 11.


Seeing errors right as you start up is quite irritating and also deviates you from completing your tasks on the computer. Also, when the terminal app is not accessible then you will be not able to run important commands on it.

So, it is necessary to fix the “Error Writing Proxy Settings” issue on your PC. I hope this guide will help you out.

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