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  1. Sripriya says:

    Hi, I tried and solve my problem. But all functions are not working in status bar. And NFC automatically on and unable to off bc it’s not working

  2. lucky says:

    I have same problem in microns canvas Q380 I tried everything possible help me

  3. lucky says:

    Micromax canvas Q 380 same problem pls help

  4. Kelvin says:

    Option one worked for my Infinix x600 4G model. I didn’t even need to go into safe mode. Thank you sir. Cheers.

  5. Sjivo says:

    Hey there peeps I ve got a solution
    So u have to switch to guest user then go back to owner user
    Then dats it

  6. divya says:

    by resetting in recovery mode can i restore all my data?

    • Nikhil says:

      You need to take the backup first then you can restore the data.

  7. Jack says:

    Please explain “empty your device memory” in method 2.

    • Nikhil says:

      Empty your internal storage.

      • Corsair says:

        Empty the internal storage? How do you do this? Not sure you what you mean by this step. Do you mean clearing the “cached data”?

        Internal storage contains Android System files, Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, and Other. So what exactly am I removing in this step?

  8. Aye says:

    Thanks a lot, option II worked. I was almost factory reseting my phone then I just chose to try one last time to look for a solution! Thanks again

  9. paris says:

    thank u so much for not helping at all

  10. Gourav says:

    Your solution did not work. Safe mode is not scrolling down. And patterns lock is also not solved issue.

    • Nikhil says:

      reset the device in recovery mode.

  11. Bella says:

    Solution 1 fixed the problem for me. Brilliant! Thank you so much for your help.

  12. Siva says:

    First option : guest mode, I am in Oreo,how to go to guest user account, when I open the settings, there is a users option and I clicked on that, there is no guest account. How to enable the guest account.

    • Ajeesh says:

      Gys here is the other solution but not worked on Ressurection Remix . first I have experienced same problem but fix it through ranaming an system app.
      I think the solution worked for only rooted device.
      Step 1
      Download Es filexplorer or root file explorer then go to device folder like ‘/’on Es then go to system/app search for ‘Setupwizard.apk’ then raname it with “”. apk.bak then goto your settings apps Setupwizard clear cache,clear data then just reboot and rename the SetupWizard.apk.back into SetupWizard.apk then fix the problem.
      The solution is works on Lineage is 14.1 android nouget. May be the solution worked on other ROMs.
      Note:in Ressurection remix based on Android 7.1.2 this solution not worked . because I cannot see Setup wizard app in system/app or System/prive app .

  13. pradyut says:

    Thank you so much, the first solution worked for me.

  14. Elle Alessaundra says:

    thank you very very much.. i jumped straight to option 3.. and alas! IT WORKED!! i removed my SD card and sim cards first and backed up and sync all my phones data..At first i thought it didn’t coz while it was like still the same while I’m setting up my phone again.. then it was like phone is back again to normal…
    Thank you very much!

  15. N says:

    How did you find guest mode on Alcatel fierce 4? I can’t find it anywhere

  16. chinemerem says:

    the same thing happened to my gionee p4 then I decided to go and change my screen touch immediately i changed it my status bar starts to pull down so i advice you to go and change yours it must work

  17. Robe says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m on, PMEUHL_2.41.401.41 firmware and last TWRP recovery.
    Tomorrow morning notification bar (in portraid mode) doesn’t work anymore. In lock screen it works like as usual, also in landscape mode!

    I already had this error a few weeks ago and I fixed it upgrading to original htc stock (htc recovery, ruu, ota, etc).

    Any idea how to resolve this annoying issue?


  18. Bhargaava says:

    I have already go through these options but no use. My mobile is ten or e.
    Now what to do

    • Nikhil says:

      Factory Reset from recovery.

  19. suraj says:

    This is happening in my Datawind UBT3G7x. Neither Home button, nor The System status bar are working.

  20. Eunice cherice says:

    setting a screen lock was not of help on my phone of Tecno k7

  21. Danny says:

    No user option in my tecno k7,and setting a screen Lock was not of help either

    • Tolulope says:

      Same here too….I’m using K7 and i can’t find user option also

  22. Gavin says:

    Thanks Solution 1 worked for me. You would think Sony would have this on their boards.

    Thanks team

  23. DW says:

    For those using LG G3, you would have noticed that you can’t even find access to factory reset when this happens…

    To get factory reset, type*#546368#*851# where 851 is the last three digit characters of the model number.

  24. John Dyson says:

    This didn’t work for me but I found changing the home launcher to another one and back solved the problem.
    (In settings search home then chose home app)

  25. C.P.Palanichamy says:

    There are two small applications in the playstore called status bar launcher with blue coloured icon with down arrow mark. Another similar application called notification drawer with red and black colour. Just nstall it and keep it in the home screen. Just press the application that will pull down your notification drawer partly. Then you can pull down as usual.
    These two are good applications. But not popular. I tried all the methods and thereafter using these application which are serving the purpose. Use it and get rid of this issue.

  26. Lawrence says:

    After booting my infinix the screen is empty n the light is On, one home button is showing n I can’t drag down noticification, alarm do come in n calls after that it’ll go back to normal empty screen without showing me Screensaver n menu pls help

  27. Jyoti M says:


    I was talking on phone and when i hung up,this is what happened..when i tried clicking on settings-Users – its not opening. So as per your article, i went on safe mode but there also Users is not opening.
    2nd option – pattern lock, i did and then rebooted, still the same problem. I dont want to do factory reset as i ll lose all data. Why is the users section not opening? Plz help me with it as i think thats where thr issue is. I am also able toHEAR notification alerts but not able to see them!?Can u plz help

  28. Satvik says:

    Thank you so much. You got it so easy

  29. Calvo says:

    Am so grateful

  30. Naman says:

    hi!! I tried resetting my device but after some time it is also behaving the same.
    Notifications are not showing notification bar is also not pulling down. What should I do??

  31. GIDWANI SUNIL says:

    As per the instructions regarding pulling down the notification bar, it is not coming, as I tried a lot in Samsung A5 2016 but I am not able to get it

    Can you guide me some another method
    Thanking you

  32. Idris says:

    Well thanks, i had to go through the third solution to get it done with the ALBA5 ANDROID. Thanks, this help.

  33. Mirajs says:

    Hey, I was just puzzled about how to reach Users menu in Android 8.0.0, and tried a lot of different things in order to my status bar menu on my HTC starts working again. In the end I found out that it was caused by Ice View – uninstalling the updates and forcing to disable was sufficient to solve the issue.

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